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Post Buy Question: Can we edit Tag page with Page builder ? if yes, how ? (edition tag.php of template ?)

Thank you for your answer

Hi, sorry the answer is no. You can’t do that.

Another question, why your widget “Enva Recent Comments” display also comments in moderation? How to disable it? Thanks a lot

something new to this bug?

What version you use?
In 1.5.0 version this bug have been fixed.

Hey! So I’m kinda fixed on buying this theme. I got a friend who is using this theme and my question is: Is there anyway to make the background “fit the screen”(scaling or something)? As it is now he have filled with background color.

Please go to theme options panel and look into the css editor.
Add this code:
body{background-size:100% auto;}

Excuse me, I wanted to ask one thing: The theme allows you to install plugins for custom sidebar? I need multiple sidebar on the basis of the published article. I’ve always used a plugin but it does not seem to work with this theme.

Nevermind, I solved thanks to another plugin!

Hi, I would like move a little bit the logo from left side of the header to the middle. How and where can I do this. My web is this: http://smellofprovence.com/ Just to have a idea of what I´m talking bout. Thank for your help Regards.

Hi Patrika,
Please go to theme options panel, add this code to css editor:
.logo a img{margin-left:148%;}

Could you please say what will be included to your next update of britanews? And would it be ready this month? i want to start but are still waiting for custom taxonomies and so on… :) Thanks!

Sorry to have made ??you wait a long time.
It’s page builder for a list of custom post type and taxonomy.

ok thanks :) I installed it. How does it work?

Simple, just update the latest version Britanews themes (it’s available now) in page builder, there is a option to fetch category and custom post type to list on.
The block that support listing article are:
- Post Default
- Post Classic
- Post Masonry
- Grid Post
- Post Glass style
- Post Carousel

Hello, did you solve the problem??

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Hi, have you updated the theme to the latest version?

Hello, using the theme I noticed a problem, then maybe it is right to notify:

In my home I put a post style glass with pagination enabled. The problem is that if I click on the pagination numbers, the home Refreshes and sends me back to the same page.

Example: I’m on page 1. If I want to go to page 2, the page sends me to 1. That problem can be?

Thanks, Anna.

Hi Anna, sorry for this bug.
If you are willing to wait, you can get a version that has been corrected in the next version.
Hopefully the first week of February could be released.

Hello, towards the middle of February I will have to change the server and transfer the domain. Do not worry, I can wait for the time being, hoping to solve the problem.

Otherwise, if the bug will not be fixed, I’ll be happy to send you my data, as I have suggested in the previous comment.

I will wait with patience, in the meantime thank you for availability.

Ok, thank you :)

How do you turn off FitVid Plugin, its conflicting with my Layers Slider Please Help!

You can try to remove this css code in style.css:

.flex-video iframe, .flex-video object{
Hope this help.
But if doesn’t, please contact us via info@envalabs.biz

Is there no option to show latest posts in sidebar?

Navigate to appearance > widget.
You will see several recent post widgets there.

How to activate the template made on page builder? Cant find any option. Please help

Hi, if you watch the video, you will understand how to do that.

1. After you create the page using page builder, you should create new page. In the sidebar of page editor, there is option to choose the page template. Choose the “page builder” template.

2. There is button called “Add Template” above the text editor, below the page title form. You can click that button and it’ll show you the page builders template you’ve created.

I wonder how can I change and where can I find the file for the Page Builder Post Default? Need to translate to Portuguese and change some information. Thank You!


The page builder is when you create the page, default page. You will see the page builder under the text editor, and you have to click “use page builder”. And it’ll appear with several core modules.

The language file is stored in “lang” folder, you will see there is files named default.po, copy that file and rename it to your international language code.
Example: po_BR.po (po is the language code, BR is country code)

I would like to get some information from the post default format edited by bilder page. I would like to remove the image, and change the option the_excerpt for the_content. Is this possible?

Sorry Ceduardossilva, we do not provide customization services.
We’ve been providing a variety of options available post.
Please read the support policy

hey, I want to buy this template but is it easiy to translate it any other language myself?

Lastly, when I update the template, what will do to my changings like pages built by me?

Enva Banner Ads cannot show the image, is there any bug?

Ok I solved the problem but banner cannot get center and it seems very different in categories page and in post pages

Hi, brktn, sorry for the late reply.
I promised to more quickly respond later.
Thanks friend :)

First of all congratulations for this awesome theme.

I’m having some problems with the mobile menu. Texts for the different categories are overlapping and I am not able to put icons on that menu as you have in your demo.

Could you please give some advice on these issues?

Thaks in advance

When you gonna fill the menu label, please add this code:
<i class="”fa" fa-home="" />

You can use other icons.
Just refer to fontAwesome website:

Thanks for your quick answer. Finally I made it work via <i class="fa fa-cutlery" />My Txt Your clue was fine indeed.

in the bonus file i saw some HTML files that have various completed templates. Is there a way to upload and use them or do you have to build page from starting point that is provided when you download.

We provide a variety of alternatives to the bonus html page.
Please make the creation of such options.
Thank you

Gallery does not seem to be working when I create one; tried adding images from library and uploading new images but it’s not displaying.

Hi Cline,
We’ll help you, please go to our support forum (http://support.envalabs.biz/) for more.

Thanks :)

I would like to get some information from the post default format edited by bilder page. I would like to remove the image, and change the option the_excerpt for the_content. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible.
But we do not recommend.
Because britanews themes have been designed to display pages that have been adjusted.
Please go to our support forum (http://support.envalabs.biz/) for more :)

Hi, first of all, thank you for this excellent template,

I’m just confronted to one problem, and i’m sure there is an obvious simple solution. When activated, the template makes the menu item of some plugin disappear, ie, if i have a plugin like calendarize it activated, when I activate britanews template, the template menu appears, and calendarize it menu disappear from the admin panel, same thing happens with plugins like game schedule, once the template enabled, game schedule menu disappear, I guess it’s a position conflict that has a probably simple solution.

You are welcome. Hope you happy :)

I am ! 5 stars for britanews !

Thank you. The new version (1.5.0) had been released. Hope you more happy :)

Loving the theme and using it since January, but I wanted to check if there is a way to add Google Ads with the template builder, I can add them on the sidebars, but I would like to have ads in between sections in the main page.

Hi friends,
Turn the Show Ad in Article toggle ON, and the script code will appear.
Just put the ads html code into it.

For more information, please follow this link:

Hi, I don’t mean inside an article, I want to place an add in between sections(page builder) So I can have ads in the main page(Home), alongside the ads from the sidebar.

Alternative solution for you, you can use the “text” on page builder.
Input html code ads there.
Hope you happy after :)

Hello, I noticed the release of version 1.05 of the theme. I was wondering if with upgrade of the theme, I would have lost the template built with Buinding page, widgets and the custom sidebar.


Hello! You are very kind :) I installed the new version of the site. I do not know if you remember but a few weeks ago I wrote that I have a problem with pagination. Unfortunately not resolved even with the new version. I honestly do not know what to think, I’m sure that is not a problem of the theme (this is a bug is fixed by version 1.0.2), perhaps it is Wordpress? I do not know :(

Thank you for the continued availability!

I should add that the problem occurs only on the homepage. if I create a new template (with pagination of grid), and I plug it into a newly created page, it works.

Hi Nana,
For better response, all support now conducted through our support forum http://support.envalabs.biz/

If you get any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us :)