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Hey Shinystuff…..

I know what you mean. I think a lot of what you mention does in fact work, you just have to do it a certain way, but I do know what you mean. This theme IS one of the best looking themes, and I’ve tried to encourage the author to improve and support it better, and even more people would then by it, similar to how the GoodNews theme is being improved and supported.

But, sadly this guy I don’t think really knows what he’s doing, like this theme is simply a poor copy of his previous theme of his with really little different contrary to his claim.

Anyway, sadly that’s what we are stuck with…. :(

He doesn’t understand that this design has the capability to go the distance for those who want a good simple news design, like Karma’s went the distance for a good business design. But, they’s kept improving Karma, thus it’s made a lot of sales. This guy needs to do the same to his Broadcast theme. But, like I mentioned, I think he’s an amateur still in developing Themes. He has a lot missing compared to other themes.


This theme is quite old and what you see is typically what you get here on themeforest. I’ve improved all my theme’s up to a certain date point then I began working on my new theme. Some authors instead continue to develop older theme’s I choose not to go this route. I try to help buyers as much as possible with support. I’ve already answered several of your questions regarding this theme please be understanding this is just one person doing all this work. Thanks for the purchase.

bstalder Purchased

I am frustrated that this Theme is no longer being updated with new features. I will never purchase from this developer again. Takes the money and runs away and creates new themes with new features, but forgets the old ones…


This is not true, Once a theme is finished. It’s finished. Just like your favorite musicians we must move on to create new things.

While some developers do just work on “1” theme and put everything they learn into that theme. There are others who create a theme update it for the bugs and consider it done.

If you want to add new features you can hire a developer for this. Thanks for the purchase.

asktate Purchased

Hello, I am having trouble getting the video slider to work. I uploaded the file like it said in the help. I also disabled ALL of my plugins and it still is not working. Can you help me?


If I haven’t replied back to your email by now please re-send it. Thanks.

asktate Purchased

Can you reply to my post please?

Skyali Hello, I am a buyer of your work and I must say bravo!:) But I am very annoyed because I’m planning to go tomorrow, and I can not change link header that points to the home >>>

I would like the link Header points to a page of my blog

I hope you can answer quickly

Thank you for all


Sorry for the late reply, I thought you’d submitted a email. Please re-submit your email with a link to your website. Threw the contact form on the profile page.

This may be a dumb question, but I have having the hardest time tyring to find where in the CSS that I can change the color of a hyperlink in a post?



Great theme. Big fan. Just having one kink. Our featured slider is all out of whack. sportsbank.me

Any idea what the issue is? I’ve reloaded our style.css, all of the includes, the thumb.php, but nothing seems to be working.



Send the link to me threw the contact form on my profile page. Thanks.

Hey SkyAli, I’ve purchased London Live – but for some reason Sky Panel does not working. It does not show anything in Sky Panel as options. Can you help?


Check the documentation under “Common Problems”

I already did. There is no answer of this problem.


A lot of users just upload the complete zip file they downloaded from ThemeForest. But the actual way to upload is to open the zip file you downloaded from ThemeForest. And only upload the zip file “Broadcast.zip” or upload the “Broadcast” folder found inside the file you downloaded from ThemeForest. Do not upload all the contents of the zip file you downloaded from themeforest this will only result in javascript errors. If this does not work for you. Then it’s a plugin causing the problems you’ll have to disable each plugin and re-activate one by one to see which one is causing the problems.

page1pro Purchased

How do I changed the color of hyperlinks in this theme? I purchased it, but I can’t find a setting for hyperlink color…

Thanks Shawn



Does this theme come with a demo content populate feature so I can just edit page names and images? Thanks


Yes. Check the documentation for this.


What is the font used in the logo? Is it free?

Hello Skyali,

I just bought your theme and want to change the footer and the “Others categories”. But I don’t find in the PHP scripts make this change.

Thank you for your response.

Here is my website to better visualize my problems: http://negronews.net

You can access the footer in footer.php. The other categories are in the includes folder.

Theme Update

All theme’s have been updated regarding the “cheating uh’?” This will no longer be a problem. Please re-download your theme and re-upload to your website. Thanks.

hi, when i add a featured image to the post, it doesn’t show up in home page, which could be the problem?


Will need to see website. Send threw email Thanks.

Hi Skyali, The slider does not work after deleting categories. But all the articles has been modified with the remaining categories but the slider still not working. You can observed this problem on my website negronews.net. What is wrong in your opinion? Thank you for your quick response.


Looks like a javascript error. You’ll need to either re-install or test to see if it’s a plugin causing the problem by disabling all plugins and re-activating them one by one to see which is causing the problem. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for purchase :-)

micahblu Purchased

Hi Skyali,

I really like this theme! However I am having trouble with the embed video feature.. I’ve placed the embed code in the posts (also in the set featured video widget) to no avail, absolutely nothing shows up.

The embed code is from vimeo and while I understand that wordpress is removing it from the post (becuase vimeo uses iframes for their embed code) I was hoping that the “set featured video” widget would bypass this, but it does not appear to be working.. I also made the post sticky but no difference..

I really appreciate your help!

Best. -Micah Blu

Hi. Just trying to install your theme. First problem is, I can’t upload my own logo. I hit the upload button, the standard WP media window comes up. I select logo on my HD, then when I hit the INSERT INTO POST , the pop-up screen goes blank and stays that way. I DID NOT upload the entire zip file. Only the Broadcast folder. Thank you. D

Does this theme support child themes?

I bought the theme and put the images does not appear that says

Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/local/apache/htdocs/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/imagens-de-possiveis-iphones-5-ja-estao-circulando-na-web1-1024×768.jpg) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/:/usr/lib/php:/tmp) in /home/a7694743/public_html/wp-content/themes/Broadcast/thumb.php on line 791