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Hello does help me, I need to put an icon before the top menu. And a search after the second menu of the site, could tell me which files should I change to make these changes?


Have you tried going into header.php and placing your icon after the icon function. You can use the standard image code.

I domĀ“t localize the icon function, you can show for me please?


not sure what you mean?

Hi, I’d like to know if you can add unlimited number of categories (boxes) to the homepage? Thanks.

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I’m having major bug issues here. Please review the sites as there are too many bugs to list:


Your prompt help would greatly be appreciated

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Really having serious issues with the theme my featured slider has stopped working, and I’m having issues with the skyali control panel its all in links. I want to do a complete reinstall of the theme. I need some advise on what files from the zip folder I need upload. and what files from the zip folder do I not upload EG help folder etc.

Many thanks


Check the documentation for this one.

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Where can i edit the 468 by 60 banner on the top on the page?


You can do so in the options panel. Appearance >> Broadcast Options

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Thank You for the speedy response! Great theme

Hello. I’m embedding Storify code into my posts and it isn’t displaying correctly. Do you have a fix for this issue?


How can i secure my template if the permission have to be 777, do you know any way.

Im experiencing that i have allot of malware files coming into the template from the folder you say have to be 777 permissions

sorry that comment was not to your them

I sent an email last week that i needed some help still no reply, can someone help me out thanks, I added a plugin and it’s not showing up right on the theme, http://eventproper.com/wordpress/dir/add-your-company-now/ sidebar is broken up and it should look like this http://codecanyon.net/item/wp-business-directory/full_screen_preview/2203258 when i put any other theme it looks great, thanks

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I can not get the theme to load correctly. It only shows the shell. No graphics display at all. Can you advise?


Have you tried applying content to it?

Hey there – love your themes!

Quick question: Does your theme offer in the post ‘related news’ underneath the post, an option to include more than three related news snippets?

Thanks in advance.


no sorry not built into the theme, you’d have to manually change it via query.

Can you tell me how to change the background to a repeating png file



you could try custom coding it in the style.css


Any chance of an answer please


answer is below.

Hello when i try to share any post on twitter the sharing link is going direct to main website, is that possible to going direct to main post? thanks


Not quite sure, You can check the plugin index on wordpress.org . You’ll find far more plugins there. Thanks.

I fix it …........... the problem was with permalinks


Great, Glad you figured it out.

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Hi Skyali,

I sent you already two mails; I bought this theme; but many features don’t work, starting by the slider (the long style). I know you are busy, and you receive lot of emails, but if it’s not urgent, I wouldn’t do a pressure.




Most likely you’re experience a bad install. I’d recommend reading the documentation and start from the first step. Thanks for your purchase :-)

Hi there, I just cannot get this theme to run quickly. My tech guy has tried everything but it is so slow to run. I changed theme and it went from 30 secs to under 2 seconds with the new theme. Could you help?


Not quite sure what you mean by run quickly. The speed of your website has nothing to do with the theme. You could try reducing some of the images by lowering their file size but this will only take you so far.

Hi there, before purchase your theme i’d like to know if it is responsive layout thanks


No sorry no responsive on this one.

are you planning to add responsive functionality?


Possibly but not anytime soon. Maybe future.