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Hi there!

Where in this theme do you update the Copyright settings?





ecstatic Purchased

Really!? Great theme but you should think of making it an up-datable field.


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Hi Skyali ,

I have sent you a list of my problems with this theme via the contact form in your profile .

Please get back to me :)

Thanks , Amir

Hello I have a problem with the slide from the wordpress theme. There seems to be a difference be tween the ones i downloaded and the ones i saw here. Can you help me please.



You may have a post stickied thus making the slider not appear. Remove the sticky from that post and it should return. For future purposes submit all issues threw contact form thanks.

I want to show the spotlight on only the post pages. I tried to include the file in the single post but it did not show up.


You’ll need to write a if statement threw php if you do not know how you’ll need to contact a developer as this is a customization.


I got this working untoldscifi.com/trailers/dark-shadows-trailer-is-here/



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Hi ,

If its possible please reply to my previous message . I have emailed it for you .



Will reply as soon as I can.

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Thank you buddy :)

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I saw in an earlier comment that version 1.3 was available, but I have 1.1 and the download is 1.1

Can I get 1.3?


1.3 is for London Live not Broadcast.

If the images are not working after migrating the web to another server you must chmod to 777 NOT ONLY thumb.php and cache BUT the content of cache also.

That was my problem during all of these days.

Rated One Star based on the lack of response to queries in relation to Theme.

Seriously get the feeling it’s sell and run from this guy and no consideration to after sale support.

Mails sent, a one line response. Follow ups sent.

Zilch response.


I don’t even see a email under this current name? Also are you sure your submitting the email using the account that you purchased the theme. If I can’t confirm your purchase the message gets filtered as spam. Try sending it again. Thanks.

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1. Is there a setting that I can change my individual news feed (category) pages so they show different widgets than the home or do away with them altogether and make those pages full width or 2 column pages?

2. Is there an area that I could change the # of characters that appear under the blog posts that appear on my home page?

3. I’d like to make the category heading on the home page links to those news feeds (category pages), what’s the easiest way to go about that?

Thank You


All support is done threw my email. Please be sure to submit your inquiry to my email using the contact form located on my profile page.

Hi, SKY PANEL does not work. SKY PANEL screen is coming up with no options so no edits can be made. I have looked in the ‘common problems’ section and still nothing. Why is this happening??

If I replace the theme do I lose ALL of the already existing content, posts, text, images, photos??


It saves your settings so it won’t overwrite anything or lose any options. But all you have to do is check the documentation under common problems “admin panel not working/showing” should find your answer.

Uploading the ZIP file via the Upload Themes sections gives me this…why?

Unpacking the package…

“Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home/national/public_html/wp-content/themes/Broadcast/

Theme install failed.”

i think i got it…thanks.

Hello Skyali, I wrote you about a month ago regarding some modifications. If you look at page 8 of this comments thread, you’ll see I wrote you with my ASCD account. So please help me even though I am writing from this account, which is my primary.

PROBLEM : On the homepage, I need to modify the banner slider region. I imagine the modification is quite easy. In the left is the image or video, the middle are the thumbnails, and to the right is the truncated description for the active item. How do I increase the description text? If it is, for example, 150 characters, how do I increase it to 300?


Sorry I may not of written you back due to the none purchased badge on your name.


That’s ok. If you recall, I wrote you some time ago explaining that it was bought, but with a different account. But, the problem is resolved now :)

Thanks Skyali.

I got it figured out. I had to modify the following in functions.php:

function skyali_excerpt_length($length) { // return 40; return 80; }

I also made a modification in featured_long.php:

<?php echo excerpt(55); ?><?php _e(’ [...]’, ‘skyali’); ?>
<?php echo excerpt(150); ?><?php _e(’ [...]’, ‘skyali’); ?>


Thanks for sharing.

Hi, I hope you’ll be able to help me with a bit of customization. Regarding third category displayed on the homepage, left column: instead of having one post with a large thumbnail, I’d like instead to simply list posts as they appear on the right side, like this:


Can you tell me how you’d do this? I’ve been trying to sort it out myself but my php skill are not up to the task.


No sorry currently I’m not doing custumization’s. This one simply can’t do for explaining. You’ll need to hire someone.

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Hey. I installed this theme but I have some errors, which interests me most is that the text of each entry I get bigger than it should and much separation.

See right as seen in my blog


All support is done threw my email. Please be sure to submit your inquiry to my email using the contact form located on my profile page. If you’ve done so already please be patient I’ll get to you as soon as I can.

Love this theme. Have been using it for a while on one of my sites. Just wondering how to set up notifications to people when there’s a response on their comment.



Honestly not sure, It auto emails me when I have a no comment. Maybe you have these settings turned off?


I don’t understand. It auto emails you if you have no comment?

What I’m looking for is if someone comments on a blog post and then someone else (including myself) comments on THEIR comment (a reply) that they get an email notification telling them there is a reply on their comment.


Here is the official page by wordpress.


I didn’t mean no comment, I just ment to put comment.

Hello… How do I fix the LOGO so it doesn’t have a “BORDER” around it in IE8 & IE9 ?

Also, the Social Icons Widget, the PNG “Icons” themselves in IE7 & IE8 the light grey “circle” in the middle becomes BLACK ….?

Could you fix or tell me how to fix these? Thanks :)

See http://www.whatisrightandwrong.com if you need a reference.

Oh, one other thing…..

I noticed that when a person “adds” a plugin or otherwise, that they aren’t often using the themes defaulting formating. For example, if you look at my Contact Form, and also my Mailing List Form, I had to figure out ways myself to modify the forms, and I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m just trying things.

One particular issue is the default TEXT and the default FORM FIELDS . It would be nice if the default text was a nice size and also the Form Fields we could use the default forum format for fields. Like, of these two forms I had no “borders” around the fields, and so I spent forever trying to figure out how I could even add that. But, then it’s not the nice fields like the forum has.

Anyway, if there’s anything you can do in that area. Thanks.


All support is done threw my email. Please be sure to submit your inquiry to my email using the contact form located on my profile page. If you’ve done so already please be patient I’ll get to you as soon as I can.

I am interested in buying this template but i am concern about the following:

1- i need to be able to upload video so, will i be able to ? 2- How many Video will the template hold as i do not want to upload links to you tube i want to store them on my own database? 3-? regarding comments i do not want people to leave comments will that be possible to switch off?


For each post the video has one slot. Yes comments are possible to be turned off.

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I want to install a plugin that adds “likes” to comments, (the plugin is called comments-likes)

In the plugin file I notice the display of likes is done by: add_filter('comment_text','cl_display');

Can you tell me where can I modify the comments file of your theme in order to have this working?



The comments template is in functions.php or comments.php. That’s where both files are.