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Welcome back Kriesi. Another stunning theme :)

Kriesi’s back! Another great looking file. ;)

So stylish and clean like always :)

Nice one, love the F(*#&ing mega menu :D

Another mega-seller…what’s new?

Bam! 1st :P

Thanks dude ;D

Great looking theme, mate. Love the overlap on the footer.

Your best theme so far. Love it.

Thanks everyone! Feels good to be back :)

I’m shocked…I mean…how in the world did you know my real name is Sparky??

I would have gone with “Skippy”, but “Sparky” is funny too :D Nice touch lol.

I think back in wordpress 2.0 there was a similar default message when you saved something. Nostalgia 2.0 :D

Very nice and clean theme – I’ve added it to my faves. I will sell this to the next one that asks me for a cool WP-site ;)

Question: Are the shortcodes integrated in tiny MCE like this: ?

Yes they are :D

Man Kriesi, you are such an amazing designer/developer, all your work is so inspiring

excellent – nice unique slider

‘Background Color Auto-Detection’ is the coolest thing and I’ve never seen it in another theme. Bad to the bone! 5 Stars! Thanks for the great support already ;)

Damn I love it. When can we expect the HTML version of it?

Good luck with sales. Sorry I forgot you are Kriesi, you dont need luck ;)


I have a few pre-sale questions:

  • Does the theme function without any bugs with W3C Total Cache enabled?
  • Is the mega menu part of the theme (built in as suppose to the theme supports it) or do I need to purchase some thing like UberMenu?
  • How many wordpress 3 menus does the theme support?
  • Is it possible to incorporate a background image like – Formula 1 has, while using a background color?
  • Is it possible to have a gap between the top navigation menu, and the the slider content below it? Again, like they have done on the website Formula 1?
  • Is it possible to remove the search bar and the rss feed from the header with out much of a hassle?

Thank you.

1.) cant answer this yet. I am using wp3 supercache and didnt encounter problems while testing, as more people buy the theme I can tell you if it works without any bugs when total cache is enabled

2.) Mega Menu is built in, no need for any plugins whatsoever

3.) Its built for one main menu if its that what you mean.

4.) yes works out of the box

5.) yes: with a one line css modification that lifts the menu a few pixels (it is already positioned absolute so thats an easy task)

6.) yes: once again either a small css change or just remove the code in the header.php file.

If you have problems doing the css changes, which is very unlikely feel free to use my support forums for help :)

Dude! I’m just about to release a theme with a similar style slider(full viewport with bg color), you beat me to it! ;)

biste pleite? ;-D

awesome theme!

Hi Kriesi,

Some Pre- Sales Question(s) here:

I like this theme first of all!

That thick border in the drop down menu is bothering me though. I assume that is an “easy” css fix to get rid of that if I wanted to right?

Can I disable the custom framework in the admin area to change options etc. in case I want to deliver this to a client so they won’t mess around with it?

yea, thats quite easy. the border is a div with a transparent png, if you just set the background color to white thats it :)

And yes, this is my very own brand new custom framework. If you want to have a look at the options panel just check out the screenshots I have uploaded to themeforest :)

Hello Kriesi are there any screenshots available of your framework – how does the

Yep there is one screenshotof the backend availabe if you click on “screenshots” instead of live preview :)