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Great, sharp looking theme. Question, though : admin panel not working for me in Safari desktop and mobile. Firefox is fine. Specifically, only the top page shows..Anyone else see this? Tim Http://thejapanobserver.com


Hey! could you drop me your admin panel access data so I can take a look myself? I will have a look what could cause this, probably another plugin that is interfering…


Hi Kriesi,

I am not able to get you that info just yet. For your information, though, I have turned off all Plugins except Akismet and the problem remains, i.e. can’t use theme’s admin panel in Safari.

Give me some time and I will get back to you (I am in Japan, btw.)

The theme, as you have heard from others, is game-changing and with added features (shortcodes, self-hosted video, and perhaps some more widgets) the theme will rock.

Here’s what I like so far: 1) The slide shows. I have set up a frontpage slide show here (http://thejapanobserver.com). Frankly, I have never been able to get such a good-looking slide show with any other theme. 2) The way you manage the slides on each page and post (I think) is very easy and very powerful. The input is quick and commonsensical. Having the ability to position captions and having more control over the transition effects would be nice, though. :) 3) The way you have a pretty narrow setting for the sidebar is quite unique, I think. I like this sohisticated minimalistic look. I have yet to really do a lot yet (not into the portfolios, etc) and look forward to discovering more that I like.

Somethings that I could wish for: Perhaps more detail in the documentation. For example, I don’t think (apologies if I missed it) there is anything about how to import the dummy data. It would be nice to hear your recommendations for plug-ins that work well with the theme or from other users.

All-in-all fabulous 5-star work.

Be back about that Safari thing. Is it really just me? Can some other user confirm that they have no problems with Safari and the admin.


Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it :) I was also able to reproduce the safari glitch and will update the theme as soon as I’ve found a solution :)

Sorry to nitpick on an already beautiful feature-rich theme, but toggles and tabs shortcodes would be nice too, IMO of course. I can’t wait to get this theme for a client.


fair enough :) added to the todo list :)

Another game changer :) :thumbsup: !

Finally !! :D

Good Luck

tonvie Purchased

I’ll add a friendly +1 on Cline123’s comment about adding tabs and toggles perhaps in the next update :)

I’m too busy having fun with everything else to be too concerned about that right now though! Cheers.


alright, will add them to the next version :)

Long time no see :D
love your works :)

Question about Mega menu:

1. Does the mega menu require JavaScript. it seems not. But please confirm. 2. Does the Mega menu convert the new WP 3 custom menus to a mega menu? Or only Pages and Categories.

It is hard to understand exactly how flexible this is from the information provided and this is a real reason to buy for me.

A screen shot of the mega menu options would be very helpful.

Many thanks.


No the menu does not require javascript, although javascript makes it a lillte smoother and better aligned :)

The mega menu hooks into the wordpress 3 menu manager, where you can then create mega menu dropdowns, create columns, link lists and text blocks that also accept shortcodes.

This is a shot of the menu manager before you check the mega menu checkbox: http://docs.kriesi.at/broadscope/documentation/assets/images/screenshot%202011-03-06%20um%2020.21.39.png

this after you checked it: http://docs.kriesi.at/broadscope/documentation/assets/images/screenshot%202011-03-06%20um%2020.21.55.png

Great theme Kriesi. But I have no idea why it only has 4 stars :( come’on buyers!


Thanks Kailoon! ;D

Great Theme! Good to see you back on Themeforest with a new theme!

Looks pretty good.

Does this theme come with shortcodes for video? Or even youtube/vimeo support within the lightbox?


The lightbox supports youtube and vimeo yes :)

Like your work man.

I have a quick question for you . . . Does the Mega-Menu support icons? I just briefly scanned the comments and demo and didn’t find anything. It looks great, would be even better with icons.



currently it supports icons only if you apply them vis css. I kept the megamenu very simple to use on purpose, with as less distracting fetures as possible, since it seems users new to wordpress dont even get the default wordpress menu manager…


Thanks. Fair enough.

Love the theme, before I purchase, is there a way for me to edit the php/css files to make the blog post in full-width?

basically, i like the blog section, it’s only when you click on “Read More” is when I would like it to display full-width.

also, can the background color be changed into a background image instead?

thanks, Kris


1st is possible with little php and css knowledge. If you cant get it to work on your own me and my support team will help out :)

2) background images can be applied out of the box for the boxed version and easily via css if you need one for the stretched version :)


I read that you will be having an update, I will purchase this after the update, cuz I too would like the “featured image” to take effect. Plus this will give me time to edit some images for this theme =)

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Hi amazing work! I am loving it, thank you!

For some reason when I add my logo there is a border around it. I tried changing border none to 0 and still am getting the same thing. What should I do to the style.css to remove the border around the logo?



hey, just noticed the glitch. update tomorrow will fix that, however you can alredy do it yourself by adding:

top .logo img{

border:none; }

to your custom.css file :)

Hi, Kriesi,

How can I have a test drive of the theme framework? 35$ is not a huge price to have a drive :) , but would be nice to have a chance to test the theme before you buy it. There must be a reason why just a few authors offer test drive?



Well, I guess the reason is that its quite an effort to create a secure test driveing site :) unfortunatly I didn’t setup something like this yet, sorry.

Is possible make a related post in the blog (Single Post Area) like your theme Habitat.

Backend does not work ;0( I can’t save any settings and barely get any options…very weird…


dropped you a mail ;)

Well, I guess the reason is that its quite an effort to create a secure test driveing site unfortunatly I didn’t setup something like this yet, sorry.

Sorry Kriesi, but you didn’t get the point , i am afraid. You do have a demo site ready :) http://docs.kriesi.at/wp/ I do not see big efforts here :)

We do see the frontend. Why don’t you let the users have a look at the admin panel and framework as welland live test. The only thing you have to do is to reset every 30 minutes or so.

You find videos, pictures and text explaining how the admin panel works ? The next step should be test drive.

As long as the security is concerned ,I am developer myself and I do not get what do you mean by “quite an effort to secure test driveing site”?

Can you elaborate please?

P.S The theme is one of the best I’ve ever seen , and I might buy it anyway!


90% of the security updates nowadays seem to fix problems where users have acess to your backend. I am not sure if its really enough to just have an up to date wordpress installation. You have to remove upload options and be very careful in general if you really want to let people perform tasks that affect the database. Since I am by no means a security expert I might just be plain wrong and everything is easy peasy but since my live previews are all hosted on one site as well as my homepage and 2 other project sites I am very careful :)

If you have any resources on how to setup a secure multiinstall for such a purpose I will definitley give it a try :)

Just noticed that the time showing in the Twitter widget when turned on is UTC time and not my local time which is UTC +9 (Japan) which I have set up correctly in the General Settings. Hopefully you can fix this in an update. Thanks!


Hm not sure if I can fix that easily, since I just display the time that twitter passes me via api. I will have a look into that nevertheless


Thanks for looking into this. In 90% of the themes I get on Themeforest which have dedicated Twitter widgets, this is not an issue. I also own your Habitat and just installed the update and tested its Twitter widget. Looks like it is the same one used in Broadscape and the problem is the same. Installed a recent purchase (Vectors) and found that its Twitter widget showed the time correctly. I imagine all themes with a Twitter widget must be trying to do the same thing viv a vis the Twitter api. I look forward to this getting resolved. Tim

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I’m getting the logo border issue on Firefox 3.x and all IE. Firefox 4.0 works fine. Kinda of a CSS noob. Can you help me out with how to remove border via CSS ?

Great theme btw.

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@ricksta121, I believe if you go to Kriesi’s support forum, we have a thread started about that issue…