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I’m kinda shocked this theme hasn’t gone platinum yet, and 4 star rating is crazy! Am I crazy?


I’m really interested in buying your template but I would like to know first if it includes toggles and tabs shortcodes, and if there is a possibility to display a video under the slider on the homepage.

Thanks in advance for your response.



The version that i just uploaded includes shortcodes for toggles and tabs yes. Due to the nature of the slider the slider itselft currently can only hold images that open videos via lightbox.

If you want to post videos anywhere in the content you can just use the default wordpress way of doing that:

Where is the option for a text logo? I don’t want a picture logo.

To be honest, I didnt think about that since almost no one ever asks that :)

However you can do that by opening the broadscope panel-> layout and styles and at the textarea for Quick CSS input add:

#top .bg-logo a {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
    text-indent: 0;
    width: 500px;

Hey, Love this theme but am having the same problem a previous member commented about with Safari. Can’t see the admin functions.

I saw on your website forum that you are posting an updated version. Hopefully will be posted soon. Anxiously waiting.

Update is available for download and should fix any errors you encounter in your safari backend :)

Have purchased two of your other themes, they are among my favorites!

A few quick questions:

1. What are the options in terms of widget positions (is there a left and right sidebar?) And if not, will you provide a code example on how to add?

2. Is multi-site capable / ready?

3. Are there any built in color picker options for the header or footer (like avisio) or body bg or content display?

4. Also, has the updated version that I’ve been reading about available here on TF now?

Thanks in advance.

1.) its only a left sidebar but with minimal css knowledge you should be able to align it to the right as well :)

2.) Yes, it works on multisite installations

3.) Yes, pretty much all options that avisio had and a few more. Also all of these options are better integrated into the framework

4.) yes. it was approved 2 minutes ago :)

Hey everyone: the latest version was approved for update: it fixes a number of small bugs and adds some new features like tab and toggle shortcodes :)

Updating is highly recommended :)


The update (v1.0.2) is fabulous. Thank you!

I especially appreciate the following:

- removed border around image links (as noticed in logo img) - fixed safari backend javascript error which prevented using the option pages - set fixed height for content preview images to prevent flickering - improved twitter widget with better caching capabilities and time formatting - pages that are used for special tasks (eg blog pages) can have a header image applied as well now, instead of always showing the default header - added shortcode for: tabs & toggles

These raise the level of the theme even higher.



Kiresi, Is there an easy way to change the order of slides in a slider? If not yet, this functionality would be fabulous! Tim

Hi Kriesi! – apologize my english – I would to buy your really beautiful theme. I would to ask you a little question. I dont want the caption in the frontpage slideshow. Can I make this? thank you

yes. if you dont enter a caption none will be shown :)

Thank you, in certain theme this is not possible!!! :P I goes to buy your theme, now!

Is it possible to put video at the home featured?

you can embed one via lightbox but direct embedding doesnt work at the moment…

Is it to hard to implement that?

not that easy I must admit, especially if you want to add those videos dynamically from the wordpress backend. If you arent good with php you will definitley need a developer to implement it

Another masterful theme from Kriesi. I’ve been following the comments waiting for the first updates to kick in. And as such, and this is a little Off-Topic, I hope the” thejapanobserver ” is doing O.K, I see that Sendai was at the epicenter of the Japanese Earthquake. Tim, I hope your’e alright out there!

Thanks for the friendly comment! The update is already available for download :)

Just one pre-sale question:

Is the mega menu part of this theme or do I need to purchase some thing like UberMenu? Thanks.

The menu is part of the theme, no need to buy or use any 3rd party plugins

I would like to buy this theme but I need to know if I can put a video in the slider in the home page.


Karmen Olmo

Hey Karmen! This is currently only supported via lightbox, sorry. You can embed images that link to videos and the will open in the lightbox.


Dnn Purchased


I add multiple images in the gallery within a command post and insert only one inside thepost, the rest is in the gallery.

It is normal that the images are in the gallery are not seen by viewing the lightbox? (sry for my bad english)

Not sure if I do understand that correct but yes thats the default behaviour

I just purchased this today and went to install it on clean Wordpress 3.1 install. I get these errors.

Warning: require(AVIA_BASEframework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\Hosting\4472178\html\wp-content\themes\broadscope\framework\php\inc-autoconfig.php on line 138

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘AVIA_BASEframework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php’ (include_path=’.;C:\php5\pear’) in D:\Hosting\4472178\html\wp-content\themes\broadscope\framework\php\inc-autoconfig.php on line 138

What you are expierencing is a bug that sometimes seems to occur on windows servers. It will be adressesd in the next update, however you can fix it by opening the file: framework/php/inc-autoconfig and delete line 53 and then 18-27 (basically the fist if/else statement must be removed so that the code within this statement always executes)

I really like the theme, very flexible. (request 1) Except the footer. Can we have control over the amount of columns and sizing of the columns? Some of the widgets really don’t work due to column size. (calendar and search or a really super skinny google calendar)... (request 2) Using the tabs and toggles admin creator in both safari and firefox seem broken. I can not make any of them. (request 3)Creating a custom footer menu and putting it in as a footer widget makes it inline. I could fake that with a html unordered list but could it be made work as requested? I am sure I will have a few more observations the more I work with it. It is a great theme as are your other themes I have used in the past. Keep up the great work. btw. working in MAMP but that should not be a issue, Yes/no?

Thanks Again.

Working in mamp shouldn be an issue, however the shortcodes work fine for me in both safari and firefox. Since I cannot reproduce any errors I will have to wait til someone experiences the same problems or you have the installation online.

Currently the footer is indeed not that flexible, but if you want to change the columns you can easily remove one of the widget areas from footer.php and change the div classes for the other from one_fifth to one_fourth. that should act as a quick fix. I will probably add a feature to controll the footer from the backend if more people request it :)

hi kriesi

excellent new theme – thank you! i have a quick question, please

i am using a temporary url while i build, and have edited the functions.php to create new [Post] shortcode so that images i place in the pages have relative rather than absolute paths

works great and i’m doing this because i may need to move it before launch

as for the portflio ‘featured images’, though, when i try to place the image in the ‘images’ directory inside the broadscope dir, and then link to that url, it doesn’t seem to be able yo find it

please advise; great work :)

Hm not sure how I can be of service here without being able to take a look at the installation myself. Are you sure the image paths are correct? Cant imagine why images in that folder shouldnt be displayed for any reason…

If your temporary url is an online server that I can access you might want to drop me the link so I can take a look :)

Great theme. Is it possible to replace the Homepage slider with your content slider that doesn’t take up the full width? I need a slider with a column to the right on the Homepage and saw you have a slider that will fit the width of a column. THANKS .

Yes thats easily possible since you are choosing which page to display on the frontpage anyways. If you choose a page that doesnt have a fullwidth template applied you will get a page with sidebar on the front :)

Any plans for a html version?

Hey! Not really sorry. Allthough I have a html version that is about 80% complete nowadays html templates dont seem to sell anymore, and completing it would probably take another 20 hours of work and documentation that wouldnt pay off…

sorry for that

Hi kriesi,

Just installed with no problem.. Awesome theme.

Thanks, Marc

Great! Glad you like it :) If you want to make a vote I would appreciate it :)

Cheers! :)