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This is a SUPERB looking theme! I’d like to use it for one of my clients but have a question: Can you have multiple sidebars? eg a separate sidebar for the About page, a separate sidebar for Products, one for the blog…? My client promotes different things in her sidebars in different parts of her site.

thanks Fergie

Hi Kriesi, just looking at the theme demo on an iPad. The mega menu doesn’t appear to work. I’m not getting any drop down at all from it. Something to address in an upgrade? Cheers Fergie

Hi again, ignore my comment about the mega menus and iPad. They did work after a but. May have been a slow connection at my end.

Hey Fergie, glad it worked on your Ipad as well ;D

To adress you other questions: Yes you can have different sidebars for different page templates (like blog, basic page) and can also choose to create unqiue sidebar areas for any page or category with a backend menu :)

Warning: require(AVIA_BASEframework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\XAMPPLITE\xampplite\htdocs\broadscope\wp-content\themes\broadscope\framework\php\inc-autoconfig.php on line 138

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error when i activate theme – WP 3 .1 PHP 5 .31

Hey. What you are expierencing is a bug that sometimes seems to occur on windows servers. It will be adressesd in the next update, however you can fix it by opening the file: framework/php/inc-autoconfig and delete line 53 and then 18-27 (basically the fist if/else statement must be removed so that the code within this statement always executes)

This is possibly one of the best themes I’ve seen here! Very good job! Hopefully I can finalise the design choice this week :)

Just noticed this on the contact page: When I select boxed layout, the twitter column gets squeezed and becomes unappealing. Is there a way to maintain that width, and reducing the width of the body area instead? Seems like the smarter way to go.

of course its possible, basically 3 cahnges to the css file, however your preview pictures might be cut off unless you also set new widths for wordpress to generate (which is also only on change to the php settings file, but i thought it would be easier for users to not have to change anything by default)

Looks awesome! This could be the solution for me, finally. ;) Does BroadScope support localization?

It doesnt have a localization file included yet, but it comes with all the necessary coding (using only __() and _e() functions to output html so the localization tools can detect those strings)

Thanks K. Haven’t ever tried that myself yet. Will do some research. Are these files in your plans anywhere in the near future?

Yes, I will probably provide one in the near future, once I have found the time to create it myself :)


there is no frontend-styleswitcher in package, but in features description you write: ‘Style switching with color picker and multiple layout and font options.’

After buying i have understand you mean sw for backend. But this line was a reason why i have buying your template.

I need for client pressentations the frontend-styleswitcher – other templates like ‘Prestige’ have a styleswitcher inside. Is there a possibility, that you integrate the styleswitcher in this template ? Is very important for me!

Thanks and greets

The front end styleswitcher is only used in the demo to demonstrate the capabilitys. I can send you the plugin i put together for that if you drop me your email via my profile pages contact form

Contact page has just writing in it. how do i make it so there is a fill form like the example??

Open your wordpress backend and select the Broadscope theme options. Click “contact and social stuff” and set the page that should display the contact form. Thats pretty much it :)

Hi Kriesi, Like the Broadscope theme. I purchased the cleancut-them some while ago but it didn’t worked well with video. I didn’t used it. Broadscope looks like it can do the job. I have some questions before I buy it: Is it possible to play selfstored videos? Can it handle Quicktime mov and flv. Can it play in lightbox? and finally one more question: Some foolks asked it earlier: When wil it be possible to play video in de frontpageslider?

greetings Georg

I am still using the prettyPhoto lightbox, on the project page you can take a look which options are supported:

this is currently the only way of displaying videos in the theme. I am not sure if the frontpage slider will display videos anytime soon due to the nature of framework and slider code. cant make any promises here.

Best regards Kriesi

Oh…and one more thing:

You use two colour schemes: light and dark. Is there a way to customise the background?

greetings Georg

Yes, you can do this from the backend if you choose to use the boxed layout by default. if you want to set the background from the backend and use the stretched layout you would need to remove a line of code but thats pretty much it. Or you simply use the built in form to add some quick css fixes. Plenty of options :)

Hello! Great theme! I have a border around my logo? Any way to disable that? I fiddled with the CSS with no luck… Thanks!

the latest version of the theme fixes this problem. you can also simply add the following line to your /css/custom.css file:

.logo a img{border:none; }

@kitz: I don’t see any border around your logo-

I bought Twicet a year and a half ago and used it on one of my sites for about 8 months and use it still on a different site for a client.. Amazing how much your work as a developer has evolved in the last year and a half, you have truly upped your ante! amazing work. Am thinking about getting this one.

Glad you like it :)

Ooh, I do have one question for you – can you have blog entries & a sidebar on the front page w/ this template?

Yes, this is in fact the default setting :)

On a separate note. I actually live in Sendai, Japan, where the recent earthquake and tsunami occurred. I am all right thankfully as are close family. Thousands of others are not. Please see my website using the Broadscape theme and share if you can. Thanks everyone.


I Kriesi, I have installed your theme but I have problem. This error appear Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Query::is_attachment() in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/ on line 96… What can I make to resolve it? Thank you very much. Nico

Sounds like you are not using the latest version of wordpress? Do you use wordpress 3.1?

hi, ..i love the mega menu! it possible to put several collums of like 21 pages in there, in three collums, 7 rows each? thank you!

Yep thats possible :)

Kriesi I’ve resolved the problem upgrading WP 3 .1! bye bye nico.

Oh, thats wht I just suggested earlier ;D

Great then! have fun using the theme ;)