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Can this theme have the option of having a “Related Posts” feature for each blog post? And Can I put a customized background image into the site?

Hello, great looking theme with an immense amount of features. I am wanting to purchase this theme however I first have a couple of questions about how your “framework” functions.

I recently became aware of parent/child frameworks such as those offered by studiopress or iThemes, which apparently allow you to not worry about redoing site changes when major updates are required. From my understanding, with these frameworks, all site edits are stored in the child theme while the updates are done through the parent.

These new frameworks are awesome sounding to me, because it’s a pain in the a$$ for me to try to redo my website every time wordpress does a major update resulting in my theme author doing a major update and requiring all of his theme users to basically redo their sites from scratch.

I haven’t updated my website since wordpress 3.0 came out because I had so many modifications to my site done that I wouldn’t have the slightest clue on how to get them back. Partly because I paid to have some modifications done and partly because I just don’t think it’s as simple as copy and pasting of code since new elements are brought into the equation with updates.

So basically, I’m asking if the Avia Framework utilizes this “parent/child” framework? And if I purchase your theme, will I have to redo all my theme edits every time you release a major theme update to accommodate a major wordpress update? My limited understanding of code makes the process of redoing all my site modifications a huge hassle and worry.

Also, like some of these framework offerings online, do you plan on releasing “Avia Framework” specific plugins/widgets? I love that idea as well, because it makes things so much easier knowing everything works and will be updated.

Sorry for the lengthy comment, I just got exited when I read that you had your own framework and wanted to know if it was similar to the other frameworks I’ve been reading about. If so, that would be awesome because your theme is much better looking and extensive than most. Thanks Kriesi, keep up the hard work :)


I would like to make my logo a little larger than the theme lets me, is this possible? Could you give me a description of where and how to make coding changes? Otherwise really nice theme. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chanel

Hey Kriesi,

Hope all is good, really nice work here and I’m interested in purchasing this right now, I just wanted to know if its possible to place like an intro video in the slideshow on the home page. Either directly uploaded to the server, or linked from Youtube or Vimeo

Waiting for your reply


Keep up the great work.



Dnn Purchased

Hello Kriesi. I have two problems with the theme: 1 – I can not put the images occupying the whole width of the site (I read the tutorial and what I saw, I did all right) / 2 – after updating to WP version 3.1.1, I had problem when editing the homepage, when I try to edit this page opens another page post, I have sent to repair the database and the problem persists. If you want, while the login site for you to see. Thanks

Support requests

Hey Guys! I am currently rather busy with updating older themes and building new ones. If you need help please use the Forum at if you purchased the theme. My support staff will take care of your probelms :)

If you have any presales questions feel free to ask here or drop me a mail, I will try to check the boards at least once a day.

Cheers! Kriesi

Love this theme. For some reason I can’t change my star rating. I accidentally clicked on 3 stars as I was trying to rate 5. And now I can’t change it.

5 stars! Great work!

Unfortunatley you cant re-rate a theme. so I guess I have to live with that 3 stars :D

Glad you like it! Cheers

could add a dropdown field in the contact form? how could I do that?

How do I add a toggle? I don’t see any reference to it in the documentation but it is on the Live Example.

What is the shortcode for this?

Hello? Any help would be nice…

Also, I’m running into an issue where the cufon styles don’t always load in IE. Any in other browser the font styling seems to occur at the end of the page load and there is a wierd transition between the standard typeface and the cufon change. Can this be fixed?

A response to this questions and the previous post is appreciated.

Hi Kriesi, Just purchased this them and am getting an error importing the Dummy Data. Please send me an email address, I can send you a screen capture. Or better yet, is there a manual way to upload dummy data via FTP .? Thanks, and awesome theme. Cheers. Jiwaji

On my blog page I have the blog template selected and I have it as the blog page in the theme options. When you go to my blog page it shows the full post and I only want it to show like half the post with a read more button. How can I fix this?

Also my home page is lookin like a normal page and not like the template example. How can I get my home page to look like yours?

Hello, any reason why when posting my url to facebook no image is displayed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, I’d like to LOGO to show.


We just purchased this theme.

but couldn’t find font in it.


Have recently downloaded the theme but we are very much confused on how the things works and how setup the pages for our site

If you could provide the theme with the sample data you have in “Live Demo” that will help us setting up our content

Please do the needful


Support requests

Hey Everyone! If you have purchased the theme and need help please use the Forum at My support staff will take care of your probelms :)

If you have any presales questions feel free to drop me a mail via my contact form

Cheers! Kriesi

Hi, Kriesi. I’m thinking of purchasing this theme. I’d like to know from you (or anyone familiar with this theme) if it’s possible to set up slideshows on different pages and to adjust the height of these slideshows without messing with the css.

Oops. Nevermind. I see this question has already been answered.

Theme Update

This theme recently received an update. If you are currently encounering any issues with the theme please re download your purchase from themeforest and update the files mentioned in the versions file that comes with the download ;)

Support Requests

Support for all my themes is available only at the support forum I’ve setup at my website:

The reason I have choosen to use my own forum is quite simple:

Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there. If the answer is not available my support team will take care of you ;)

Pre Sales Questions

Please use this Contact form if you have any pre sale questions:

Not getting any response on your support forum…. Here are my problems with the theme:

I am getting some errors with Broadscope that need to be fixed.

1. My Cufon fonts aren’t loading after upgrading to WP 3 .2.1 2. I am getting the following error in FF: uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [href$] Line 0 3. Also, it seems that when I update a page in the Admin Panel, when the page begins loading after the update my browser focuses to the next browser window I have open…very odd. 4. This error is also coming up in IE8 Message: Exception thrown and not caught Line: 16 Char: 15120 Code: 0 URI : /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.6.1