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Too bad it isn’t resonsive :(

Hello, I am having problems with the mega menu. I can not insert all the items I want, they just dissapear when I “save ” new menu. Can somebody help me? Thank you Carmen

BuitenAardig – thanks for this I was about to buy and realized that its not responsive reading your review/comments.

Does this theme allow more than one portfolio?


gibt es eine deutsche Übersetzung (mo,po) für das Theme?

Gruß Frank :)

hey! Lieder nicht. Wenn du ein ähnliches theme mit besserer funktionalität und ähnlichem aussehen + deutscher übersetzung haben willst kann ich allerdings unser Enfold theme empfehlen :)

Hi Kriesi, can I put Revolution slider in place of slider in homepage? How can I do this? Thank you. Nico

Hey! by installing the revolution slider plugin you should be able to pick the slider in the template builder at the “plugin additions” tab ;)

Hi, I am unable to login to your support site but I am having an issue with a fresh install of WP and this theme in that the theme flickers quite dramatically when the page loads.

It doesn’t seem to occur at all on the demo site.

Could you offer some clue as to why this could be happening?

Did you get a chance to take a look at this at all?

Yes, but it seems to work fine for me so I figured you already solved it?

No problem – I think it only happens when logged in as admin.

There is a big problem, with wordpress 4+. I cannot click on “add media”. It only add # to the end of the url. Can i ask, how i can resolve it? Thaml


Please update the theme to the latest version. That should fix any issues you are currently experiencing :)

If that does not help feel free to open a thread in our support forum at with a link to your site so we can take a closer look at the issue :)

Cheers! Kriesi

Can we upgrade to Wordpress 4.1.1?

let me know!


Hey! No reports that indicate otherwise, everything seems to run fine ;)

any plans to make this responsive?

Hey! I am afraid that this will probably not happen. The html structure of the theme does not allow to add responsiveness with a few simple css rules and since we got a lot more requests for other themes its currently not very likely that we will find the time to make this happen. Sorry for that…

I have Broadscope 1.4 and WP 4.2.1 but have noticed problems w Broadscope for about one year now.

I see that there is a Broadscope 1.7.1….where do I download this from as I haven’t received notifications about updates and functionality is being more and more compromised.

I am unable to get into Kriesi’s Support Form….the login won’t work.

Will need to dump the Theme altogether otherwise.

With thanks

Hello? Anybody out there? I’ve tried numerous ways to get an answer re Broadscopes 1.4 and 1.7.1

Hey! You can download the latest theme version here:

Many thanks! Much appreciated :)