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1. Would it be possible to put a “Log In” spot at the top? Only in text I don’t need a block. I’m not that familiar with wordpress so I’m wondering if it can be done on my side.

2. Is it possible to use an image in the background?

Thank you

@Jason – you will have to edit the php files to place the login link there. Yes you can use an image as a background – feel free to post a ticket after your purchase at http://support.themesector.com!

See you there :)

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Hello, I’m setting the theme to my liking but I’ve noticed that I have problems with the feed, as feedburner does not display the featured picture of each post, as I can show featured picture of each post in feedburner?.

Thank you.


Feedburner doesn’t catch the featured image. You can just disable featured images from the theme options so that it doesn’t show up on single post page and then manually add photos to the post content.

Good Mourning!

I have been noticing your Mag themes and have been tempted to purchase Avenue, These are the coolest Mag themes on Theme Forest.

My goal is to create a subscription based Mag any thoughts on how a Membership Plugin would function with this theme?

I am a Securities Trader and have developed a proprietary technique to display price action on Forex, Equity’s Metals and so on. Have a little stable of nice trading/magazine domains. One problem I have run into is Tim Thumb crops my images bottom and right my images are of stock/forex charts with time scale on bottom and price scale on right so I’m losing important parts of my images. Does the theme use Tim Thumb? Do you offer suggested image sizes for the theme? Would you consider looking at 1 or 2 of my images and determine how they would display in the theme? Is self hosted audio and video an option, it would be nice. I’m familiar with SoundCloud I have never gotten there WP audio player shortcode/plugin to work, only there embed feature typically placed in a widget area.

Thanks in Advance!  Nick Kroker

1. Broadway doesn’t use TimThumb. 2. You can use a membership plugin for membership aspect 3. Suggested image sizes can be offered after you purchase the theme and open support ticket at our support site. 4. Self hosted audio and video can be supported using wordpress plugins


Congrats for this theme, it looks really nice. I only have two questions. First, is it possible to easily turn off post date and poster info in theme panel? And second, you mentioned that your next theme will be responsive, so, any eta for it? :)

Thanks in advance, ogenox


1. Yes, post date and author info can be disabled theme options. 2. Our next theme will not be a mag theme but all our following themes will be responsive. ETA till next month, 1 month.

ogenox Purchased
all our following themes will be responsive

I just purchased this theme, to motivate you to speed up that process. :D

ogenox Purchased
Yes, post date and author info can be disabled theme options.

OK, I purchased the theme, now just tell me where can I turn off this:


Only thing that is possible to turn off in Post Settings is author info box.

Or tell me which file I have to edit, because I failed to find it.


This is single.php file. Just remove div with class post-meta and everything inside it.

Hi ogenox, you cannot turn this off simply, you will have to edit the code. Please open a ticket at


and I’ll be there for you :) All the best

This template support Custom Menu?.


Yes, it does! :) Both for top and main navigation.

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is demo content available for this theme ?? if yes then please tell me where i can found it ???

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@ThemeSector, ThemeSector-Mel

Thank you guys, I removed post-meta data from posts. :)

How easy would it be to replace the current banner size in the header with a 468×60 banner and expand the space allowed for a logo?

Also, can additional category sections be added to the front page?

Hello, I just purchased the theme earlier today but i’m having trouble with my sidebar being pushed below the main content of the post and my footer is not aligned w/ the main body. This only happens when i am not logged in on site. But everything is normal when i’m logged in. I don’t know what’s causing this error, i didn’t do any customizations yet.

Considering buying, but have a few questions:

-How much flexibility is there in the layout? I’d like my landing page to list blog posts, but have the featured slider above it. Is this easy to accomplish, or am I stuck with one or the other?

-The sidebar widget headings are slick. Would that style be applied to the top of text widgets as well?

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My logo is move to a little bit right how to fix it

Very nice template. Good work!

@ kpopparazzi Please open a ticket in the ticket system, the item comments are not the place for support!
@ udorn Please open a ticket in the ticket system, the item comments are not the place for support! I need your website URL to check your request.


does the author not answer pre-sale questions?

Really unfortunate that these guys are ignoring pre-sale inquiries. Pretty solid way to lose sales.

Big Fan of ThemeSector. They make pretty themes :) I especially love this theme (switched from Avenue to Broadway). Everything works great except for my top navi (can’t make it work… when activated, it pushes the header banner behind the Main navigation menu). Not that it matters I don’t plan on using the top navigation anyway :)

my site w/ Broadway theme http://kpopparazzi.me