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kpopparazzi, how easy was it to add additional content blocks to the front page? The theme creator seems to have gone silent on pre-sale inquiries.

@joeydave,adding content blocks to the “magazine style” homepage is easy… it’s a Broadway custom widget that you can drag and drop to the homepage and select the category that you want to show on the blocks. (u can set ur homepage according to ur preferred style and choose between magazine or blog style – i am using magazine style homepage).

kpopparazzi, thanks!

Several questions:

- For the Facebook section of the Social tab widget, I entered my FB username, but it doesn’t link correctly. It takes me back to my main domain. I removed the FB username until this is resolved.

- Is there a way to change the color of the widget headers to match my top header?

- The featured image is stretching when it’s too small. How do I make it stop stretching the image in the post? http://www.bentocentral.com/2011/04/jiji-3-in-1-bento-box/


rkfiles Purchased

In avenue theme the home page column-1 block can have any number of posts, is it the same in this theme? Is there a number of posts option for the widget?

TiaID Purchased

Im having issues with the media widget … it does not let show the latest media I have added. It does not show anything

@scandalouswomen, @sharilyn, @joeydav: The support system counts for you as well, so please don’t use the item comments for requests and questions. Head over to the support system. Thanks!

@kpopparazzi Please use our support system for requests! The item comments are not the place for support.

@sullenandhostile for the facebook issue I need your website URL and login details. Please use the support system. Widget headers are controlled by the image Broadway/images/widget_title_bg.png. For the image, please upload an image that is big enough to fit the content frame to prevent stretching.

@ rkfiles no

@ TiaID please open a ticket in our support system, the item comments are not the place for support. Please also attach your URL and wp-admin login details.


I’d like to know if the image resizing is done through the “featured image”. I could just put a picture in the post and this picture would be automatically resized to the thumbnail? like the theme magzimus or magnifica. Please tell me

What do you mean by login details? For my wp-admin?

@ sullen yes @ belindaidolos automatically resized, yes

turkgen Purchased

When given the new version?

turkgen Purchased

I look forward to the new version!

@turkgen is there something specific you need in the new version? You can check in the item details if it is released :)


I have followed all of the instructions and have disabled all plugins etc but for some reason the widgets on the home page will not work.

The only thing that will work is the home page couresel. The featured slider will not show at all via the broadway settings. Neither will anything show through the home page settings. I am using magazine settings.

If it is any help the Page title “Home” is also displaying on the page too. Which I am sure should not be showing.

Otherwise this would be a great theme, and once over this issue I can get on with putting the website together.

I have previous content on there, but due to the problems has started a new home page to test on and gone through settings etc and set that as home page (but had same issue with previously set home page).

I have also resized thumb nails with the plugin on the instructions and that worked, but for some odd reason still having this issue with home page.

Help please.

Is the theme compatible with BuddyPress?

perfect theme, I love it

Very happy with this theme purchase. It is highly customizable from the back end, love the flexibility. Looks great and I’m getting many compliments on it. Very good value.

For me, the only thing it’s lacking is a Pinterest and Send To Facebook button in the social sharing (there is FB Like but no share).

Hello, I’m unable to generate thumbnails. What can this problem be?

Hello nice looking theme, I am really interested in purchasing it however I just noticed in Internet Explorer 8 it does not display correctly right now. any future work to fix this?

@easybizsizes can you please go to the support system and open a ticket there? The item comments are not the right place for such indepth support.

@marandacarvell thanks for your feedback

@discusclub please try regenerate thumbnails plugin and check your folder permissions for the folders wp-content and uploads

@hbbd thanks for the heads up!