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If i can see moar peoples websites using this i may buy…...



Needs to see moar websites using this

i would like to see some websites using this before i buy

Putte Purchased
You can go to one of mine http://www.hkaranas.se

We choosed this becasuse the high traffic capacity and it seems to keep the promises.

@¬†Augustus you don’t need so write this three times :)
@ Putte thanks for letting us know! Great job!

Can there be an update for the “Social Media Support” feature to add Pin Interest as another form of social media sharing option to our articles and what not? I think it’d be a great way to modernize a great theme like this with it’s fullest potential. Definitely love the theme, thanks ThemeSector!


Is there a way to, on the homepage, just show the latest posts listed downwards? (no other category)

Thanks, Daven

wepost Purchased


I’m finding terrible and totally unacceptable problems to edit and program the “Broadway” theme. The theme seems to be sort of incomplete. We demand that to be fixed immediately or I will cancel the payment.

What is it happening?

1. I’m not being able to work with both menu, I cannot even develop the superior menu that was supposedly to be on top.

2. The footer looks to be corrupted. The screen visualization is NOT at all configurated.

How and when are you gonna be able to solve those problems? We are using the theme to develop a work for one of our clients, so it’s extremely URGENT !

@ Californiaa Thanks for the feedback, at the moment this is not in the pipeline but we will consider it!

@ WunDaii You can always use the blog page as your homepage!

@ wepost Hi wepost, first of all please remain polite and dont’ “demand”.
Before we will agree to check if there is an update needed we will have to figure out that the problem is really on our side and not on yours.
Maybe you just set the theme up wrong, because as you can see we have never had such a terrible feedback like yours and the theme has a 5 star rating. So honestly, I doubt there is a problem with the theme, especially not being incomplete or corrupt.
Please head over to our ticket system and open a ticket where you will show me your website url and attach your wp-admin login details.
Make sure you read the entire documentation as well.
PS: If you cancel the payment you will get blocked by themeforest forever :) That’s how the marketplace works, feel free to check the policies.
All the best,


Very nice theme, I really want to buy it… when do you think this theme will be responsive.

Also can you do the top Product Slider To Use ‘Auto Scroll’ on your next update…

eeb1 Purchased

Theme is nice but the service in the support forum sucks! If you have CSS knowledge and know PHP and HTML this is a good theme for you but if you don’t you you will have issues with the support people. To help me they have asked me three times to enter my purchased code to answered a question about a missing attachement page for images. All wordpress themes come with an image.php page for you pictures to show in an attachment page instead of the lightbox this one doesn’t have one and the owner or who ever it is that runs the forum can’t tell me where it is after entering the purchase code three time.

Very disapointing.

Hi there, I really love this theme. Is there a photo gallery page? I lvoe the entire layout but need a photo gallery for my website. Please could you confirm before I buy the theme. Thanks. Katherine

Need help a newbie with WP and I would like to build the site to look like the demo. Any manual that I can go through?

@ buju thanks for your feedback! I don’t think “responsive” is in the pipeline at the moment.

@ eeb1 the reason for this is mainly that we have to verify that you actually purchased the item. If you refuse to enter the correct purchase code in order to verify your legal purchase I cannot help you. Sorry that’s the rules :(
Anyhow, since I see that you are verified here I can tell you that I am working for three elite authors at the moment and none of them have one theme with an image.php file :(
I also was an author on here and did never create such a thing myself since the themes automatically use either archive.php or attachment.php

@ kapcha There are tons of plugins out there for galleries, also WordPress has a native feature you can use without even installing a plugin :)

@ nitepiper Please open a ticket in our ticket system, I can send you demo content :)


Hey I have two questions, 1) When I upload my own logo, the banner ad at the top gets thrown underneath the logo, which is weird. 2) Is there a way to take off the author tag and date posted on the posts on the homepage? I would rather not display that seeing how my name says, “admin.”


have this theme a mobile version?

brownd92 Purchased

Hi there, On the home page when I enable “Show Featured Slider” all the images come up on the screen full size where they should be thumbnails beneath the slider. Any Ideas?

jdunns4 Purchased

I’m having the same issue as brownd92. This theme looks fabulous but the image resizing doesn’t work. Also, the 728×90 banner gets pushed down behind the menu area. Hope these are simple fixes!

debux Purchased

Please let me know how to get the demo content for this theme?


Last time i bought a theme from themesector(boulevard theme) , the fonts messed up in firefox when used along with CDN network and its plugin (any cache plugin).

Is this broadway theme the same ? Anyone tested this in Firefox with any CDN plugin? Hello admin will you check and tell ?