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@ apanter0216 Your logo is too big. Check out the knowledgebase in the right place for support for infos about the author removal.

@ edesignscompany no, it just works everywhere, no need for a second version.

@ brownd92 Try Regenerate Thumbnail plugin

@ jdunns4 Open a ticket in the right place for support, thanks!

@ debux In the support system.

@ hdalive We did not test that.

For support please go to http://support.themesector.com

Hello, I have the correct Flickr username in place, however, the system isn’t pulling in the photos: http://www.cochranautoblog.com. Can you please help?

Great theme, thanks in advance!

Does this theme come with a demo content populate feature so I can just edit page names and images? Thanks

@cochranauto I am taking care of you in the ticket system already

@blissent yes

OK, where do I track the progress, thanks! :-)

Maybe I missed something somewhere…but why is this package $35 on your website, but $40 when you click to purchase and it brings you to this site?

Hello, I’m unsure why this black line is showing up in the Header Banner Code area: http://www.cochranautoblog.com. Also, what freedom do I have here, I’d like to place a table with individual images and links on brand images. I don’t seem to be able to do this as of now. Can you please upgrade or make that happen, regards.


There’s absolutely no need to yell at me here. I don’t know how ”@cochranauto I am taking care of you in the ticket system already” asks me to post in a troubleticket forum or the like. Where in the ticket system, does that mean you have a ticket open and if so what is the link and what is the progress for fixing the issue? Am I to open up the tickets? You are confusing me and this makes me unhappy as a buyer.

It’s been posted here: http://support.themesector.com. Please explain yourself the next time, thanks!


I have two open tickets (#2147 and #2148) and have had them open for 5 days. They should be simple to answer.


Since the beginning, I have attached the Item Purchase Code and your system is telling me that it’s unverified, but that is all that I’ve received from ThemeForest.

Can you please respond, thanks!

http://support.themesector.com/tickets updated with NEW tickets, per your request.

2178 Flickr Images aren’t being pulled into widget Updated 12 mins ago by cochranauto.

2177 Black outline around Header Banner Code Updated 13 mins ago by cochranauto.

@ cochranauto Sorry, where did I yell at you?
Haha I only informed you kindly that I will not answer your questions here because I am already answering your questions in the ticket system. “Taking care” is not really a phrase I use when I yell at people to be frank :)
Please also stop spamming the comments here, this is not the place for support, and since you are already part of the ticket system I guess you should know that? :)
See you in the ticket system! And sorry for not responding over the weekend, support only happens on weekdays :) Thanks and please chill, it’s not good for the heart!


OK, thanks, it’s not SPAM , just need to get your attention, there are two outstanding issues and I can’t move forward without their resolution.


I just bought your theme and i have some issues about menu. i use greek language and it shows like this way.

bruno21 Purchased

Hello, I purchased the Broadway theme but I can not put the stuff from the top which is above the logo, I’ve edited the menus but the top menu does not appear:

HomeTypographyFull WidthPage Links404 PageContac

It will send a private message with the URL of the website.

jhulott Purchased

I have been playing with the theme. It all works fine until I add a featured image to a post and then I lose 3/4 of the homepage… Any ideas. I registered at the support frum but can’t add a ticket.

good job …. attractive and good theme, but it would be better if it were responsive.

Anyone know how to use the built in review system of the theme? I looked everywhere can’t seem to find how. Submitted a ticket regarding this simple question hours ago but support hasn’t answered yet. Maybe there’s someone here who knows? Thanks.


I have this error message when i apply the theme :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_post_format() in /homez.406/clementpe/www/wp-content/themes/broadway/header.php on line 201

Can you help me please ?