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hello and sorry for my bad english i want just to ask if the review rating User rating are ready for googme snnipet for optimise the seo

Hi lahosahara, sorry I don’t know that, I don’t know if it’s possible.


I’d like to know few things regarding this theme.

1) Does it fully support the latest WordPress 3.4.2.? 2) Can I take full advantage of a Video site using this theme? 3) Is there a Child theme included, if not do you provide details how to create a child theme for this one? 4) Do you have theme customization videos?

Thanks Neevin

1) you can see the supported versions in the right sidebar.

2) what would a “video site” be? You can do what you see in the demo.

3) No and no

4) Yes, we have loads of videos in our documentation.


Please kindly make it supports WordPress v3.4 – I have just installed WP database and I can only use theme that supports v3.4. Thank you.

tquill Purchased

The featured slider on my page is screwed up in chrome. It’s supposed to have 4 preview pics below the slider… but mine has 3, and the 4th is on the next line.


tquill Purchased

I’ve also noticed that the twitter part of the FB/twitter/RSS is not updating the number of twitter followers.

@ tquill please see the image below :)

See you there!

I am having struggles with this theme. The images on the main page pop out of the box they are supposed to be displayed in and show up in the middle of the page.

I have been on the theme support website at least 20 times trying to figure it out without a response. I know you guys are busy but what do we need to do to get support?

Hey! I uploaded the theme and since then it takes like 20 seconds to load, SUPER Slow!!! It runs fast when I activate a different theme. Why is that and what can I do about that? Thanks Syl

Kentopher what are the IDs of your 20 tickets? I gladly check out if I accidentally missed all of them while answering every ticket on each weekday :)

sylviacoaching please check the image:


How can i get support for this theme?


Hi, I desperately waiting to buy this theme. However the only problem is it’s not updated for WP 3 .4.2. I’d like to know how soon you’ll be updating this theme to WP 3 .4.2.

Thanks Neevin

johnyonutz I hope that’s a joke…

Hi neevin, users reported that they are successfully using the theme with WP 3 .4.2 – I’m afraid we did not test it officially yet.


When will you be testing with Wordpress 3.4.2? Do you plan to stay up with the Wordpress releases in a timely manner?


Thanks for the heads up, I will forward this.

Got a few questions. Will there be future updates to keep it compat. Can I make the homescreen a blog and would it suit a tech mag


I’m in love with this theme and drop in twice a week to see whether you’ve updated it but you haven’t, since 25th October 2012, and still supports WP3.3. When can we see an update for WP 3.5?

Thanks Neevin

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I have a problem, the top menu not appear. Already Selected but still does not appear. The logo is out of place and 468×60 banner disappears when I put the top menu.

how to solve?

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Hi there, Can you tell me how can I remove the featured image when the post is opened. In fact, I want a featured image stay on the main page, but not when I get into the post. I hope you understand me :) Second, Is it possible to remove the date and the post author? It would be good if the date is not written anywhere and who published a post also. Thanks