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ironika Purchased

I try everythings, read the comments and go into your support page but the slider dont go in my page you can see here pokerenelmar dot com, can you help me please.

Cadu87 please open a ticket in the support system with your website URL and wp-admin login details, I’ll gladly check it out!

backgroundmusic please also open a ticket :)

ironika please open a ticket in the support system with your website URL and wp-admin login details, I’ll gladly check it out!

Livia329 Purchased

Hello. Will this work with WP 3.5.1.

I also have an issue of images disappearing every so often for no apparent reason but shall contact you via the forum for that issue.



It has not yet been officially confirmed, but users did report they successfully use it on the latest WP version.

I’ll check the forum for your ticket :)

mexultra Purchased

Hello! As I can add more text to the inputs of the main page

mexultra in index.php find

get_the_excerpt(), 14


get_the_excerpt(), 16

depending on the layout you use and change the number to a higher number, then you’ll have more words :)


mexultra Purchased

1.-how I can make the biggest area of entries in homepage, and reaches up to 600 width?, I want the text reaches the right sidebar. 2.-As I can do bigger pictures of the entries in the homepage?. thanks for you answered.

Livia329 Purchased

Hi again. I’m just wondering if you have plans to make this theme responsive and if so, any sort of aprox. timescale?


Would this template suit Videos post displaying my videos plus news features as well?


The Twitter counter on the sidebar stop counting after 172 followers. I have more than 1000 followers but it keeps showing 172 no matter how many followers I have.

I’m using the version 1.0.2


mexultra please open a ticket in the forum, thank you! :)

Fraawgz Nope that’s not in the pipeline, thanks for asking!

GoLamAFC It will suit whatever you want to do with it :)

jerrystrazzeri please post back with the account that purchased the item so I can verify your purchase and entitle you for the free support.


Can we get some updates like responsive

Hi socialforsw, thanks for the feedback, we will consider that but cannot promise anything :)

neho Purchased

Great theme!. how can I make a post sticky on the homepage and the slider?, thanks.

neho you can define the post as sticky when editing it in the dashboard :)

Hello, i’m having problems with top menu. it doesnt appear and if i add pages in this menu the only thing that happen is that my logo is moving to the right. Why? Thanks a lot.

anacalero please post back with the account that purchased the item. Thank you so much!

Hello, Love the theme layout. I enjoy the fact that I can change the background color, however, is it possible to change the color of the body as well? Also, can I change the menu bar with one I designed with CSS? Thank you.

Hi sportszone! Yes you can change everything with css! After purchase feel free to open a support ticket and I’ll tell you the custom css to edit those areas. Cheers!

Featured image slider doesn’t show thumbnails below it. I would open up a ticket in Theme Sector but when I reset password it won’t let me log in.

http://www.cedarscene.com You can click here and see the issue below the featured images is blank.