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Good evening Does this template support Arabic language

Kentopher we will need your wp-admin login details, please try opening a ticket again!

krisberg Purchased

Hey guys really like this theme and its perfect for my website, however the downside is that it is not responsive. Will there be a responsive update for this template?


I’m afraid a responsive update is not in the pipeline. Thanks for the interest tho!

All the best

mexultra Purchased

when will be the update for wordpress 3.6?

We are working on the updates. We already updated our Avenue theme and will update the other two as well!


Hi there,

I like this theme so much it’s wonderfull but there is a 2 proboem with it. 1. Out of date i’ll wait for the update and officially worked with WP 3.6 then buy it 2. Some extra functionality like buddypress support, sing in/sign up and profile account menu it will great to see it in next update of this theme

I also wonder to see some extra features like support other popular plugins

Thanks for the feedback!

Do not buy this theme. It is no longer compatible with current versions of Wordpress and the publisher refuses to fix incompatibilities.

thank you for the feedback matt, we’ll take a look at it. For now please use versions that are confirmed to be compatible.

Thank you!

lgeylan Purchased

server after you change the theme automatically küçültmüyor.show photos featured slider thumbnails do not appear in the section. www.kampanyavadisi.com – lgeylan55@gmail.com

JustFU Purchased

I can honestly say that I wish I never purchased this theme. Money down the drain and wasted.

It started out as a great theme. I loved the look and functionality of it, but the vendor hasn’t updated it since it’s release that I remember, so it hasn’t really worked correctly for a few wordpress updates.

I will never purchase from this vendor again.

Igeylan I don’t understand your question, please open a ticket in our support forum! :)

JustFU sorry to hear that. If you consider asking for help before banning us from your mind, feel free to visit our support system!

lgeylan Purchased


Igeylan I don’t understand your question, please open a ticket in our support forum!

Hi, our ticket system is here: support.themesector.com

Will this template ever be updated again? Otherwise people shouldn´t be using it and no one should buy it as it is nowhere up to date!

Hi, feel free to visit our ticket system and we’ll see what we can do. Other than that, please look at the compatibility list on our item details page and follow those version numbers!