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Hey dude. Really awesome theme. BUT I would like to know how to create more sections so that I can make a “Musicvideo” section, a Photo gallery section and so on.

Let me know ASAP!!

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Hello! How do I hide the ‘download’ button?


as I put a contact page with a form and an image gallery? are flawed in this

www.r8a.com.co albeirofr@gmail.com thanks

Can you add a music player to this theme? Because the live preview isnt working to tell

Does anyone know why a link to my “About” page is hovering below the menu? This one links directly to the page, instead of the “About” section. How can I get rid of this?

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Hey :)

nice template! Works fine! But how I can hide the undermenu? I have the main menu as in the example page. But if I want to fill in “About” I have to create a new page, fill it with text/images and so on and after that a new button appears on the website under the main menu… But I don’t want this button. Please help me.

VallyH Purchased

Found the solution! For everyone who has the same problem, please do this: Go to your pages/sites and make an quick edit -> set the hook at “privat” – DONE!

how do I make the sub items on my menu show as a drop down instead of directly underneath the main items? My menu is all over the page because too many items are showing at once.

Hello, I have a problem. After upgrading Wordpress for 3.9.1, images in homepage (parallax) the portfolio don’t display more … I’ve done everything, but I can’t make the images come back a appear again in their proper places, it seems q are no ‘detached Picture ’... I need urgent help! Please! Thanks in advance, Lucia Nahás

Nice Template! But it doesn’t work very well on iPhone :( I’ve notice that just before buy it. Any chance for a update to solve those issues? Thanks!

hi i want to buy this theme but first i would like to know if it works with wordpress 3.9.2 ¿??