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Hi this theme is terrific, I saw a website called, can anyone tell me if this theme was used to build that site?

thanks so much.

So much potential here. Man, kinda sad. I purchased it, so the jokes on me I guess. Has ANYONE successfully added a video player or successful twitter and instagram FEED? I’d be willing to pay.

Hi, I bought this theme with a different ThemeForest account, but I’m wondering why the home page didn’t import when I installed the demo XML content.


Geneart Purchased

@LEROS: This site was built with a theme called “Ironbound”...


Giffdev Purchased

I accidentally deleted the “soundcloud” category and now the dom for my music iframe posts won’t show up, even after recreating a category called Soundcloud. Anyone know how to fix this? I need my music player to show up!

Dear sir My order was mistake please kindly cancel my order. I didn’t download yet. Orderid : 28598610 paypal orderid: RCD5187015

demo broken

demo still broken