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Great portfolio for artists! :)

Thanks :)

Great Portfolio theme! GLWS!

Thanks my friend :)

Wonderful work, wish you a lot of sales.
Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros :)

Simple but a wonderful way to show portfolio, good design and well featured product. GLWS.

Thanks my friend :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks my friend, too you ;)

Looks awesome. Clean and simple ;)

Thanks my friend :)


Is it possible to create a Page designed as http://templates.crtvmax.com/bruma-wp/category/quote-posts/ - where content are in several for example 3 separate content block ( like in above link)

This are quote posts and it is a category archive page – ok

But I want to create a page with +2 content blocks, so it looks like in above quote post archive.

Is this possible with your Theme? Or if No, is it possible to easy do myself?

Thank You,

Nice theme – and very fast loading!:P

YES, exactly! Great. I bookmark this for my next project! Nice, easy design and super fast.

Ok, i will update the template at tomorrow for this property.

Hi, your wants are ready now. Theme updated for you :)

Great work, glws :)

Thanks :)

great portfolio theme, very simplistic. Like the style. GLWS ;)

Thanks my friend :)

can we make certain portfolio sticky or featured? i want two items to always be visible no matter the category chosen.

Also is there .gif support for the portfolio thumbnails?

I’ve added it to the update notes. Within a few days I will prepare as desired. Also, yes. You can use gif thumbnails.

using some kind of plugin can we link portfolio links to outside links? see image http://screencast.com/t/ERlSdwzF

Not possible now. But, i can make it for you.

Hi. Bruma is a really nice theme.

I just installed it and scrolling is not working. Can you help me? http://www.hippi.co

Hi, I’ve fixed this issue and I will send an update today. If you’d like, I can send updated files by e-mail. Thank you.

Hi, issue fixed. Please update the template.

Thank you. I’ll update the template.

when will u add woocommerce integration?

I’m making this plug-in ( WooCommerce ) support. I think that will last until exactly one week. Also, if you take now will need to download the files again after the update. It’s very simple. Will replace the old files with the new files.

ok i really love the design and would like to buy now but i found several bugs. you cannot use site on ipad. the scroll and touch is too buggy. Can you please check mobile experience, thanks

Ok, i will check. You are right ;)