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alfozaie Purchased

Hello, your last theme update broke variable products. Could you please fix this asap. I have verified its the theme because i switched to the default wordpress theme and the older version and they both work.

Please fix variable products in the latest theme build.

Thank you.

Hey !
In order to better investigate the problem, it would be better if you could open a ticket on our Helpdesk. This way we can grasp all the needed details. We’re waiting for you there. :-)

Hi, I hope you are doing well.

Pre-sales questions:

1- Would you please tell me more about ad placements? Do you support jpg, gifs and from adsense?

3- On the demo, I see there’s a leaderboard ad between latest reviews and news&culture. a. Can I place more than one ad? b. Can this space be divided into more columns with Visual Composer? c. Can I place ads between any block of news? How flexible is this?

4- On the demo there is a Latest articles section, showing two columns of news. Can I place an ad between each row?

Thanks a lot


Thank you for your interest in your theme, we really appreciate it! :-)
Now, regarding your questions, I’ll answer them one by one:

  1. The ad area in the header is fully customizable, its content depending on the code you insert in there;
  2. I’m afraid that you can’t split the space using Visual Composer, but you can insert there multiple Text/Image blocks in which you can insert ads in each of them; here’s an article regarding how the home page has been built, and you can also find more details regarding the Custom Page Builder.
  3. Unfortunately there is no possibility of inserting ads between each row of articles; you can insert though ads between different article sections.
I hope my answers helped, and don’t hesitate do ask for more information.


1. Which type of files do you accept as ads? JPGs, GIFs and AdSense too? 2. So with this Custom Page Builder I can insert columns and text blocks within them? For example three columns in a row with and ad in each text block?