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hiperfm Purchased

Hello Pixelgrade team…

We love your theme… And our radio website looks like this now… :) http://www.hiper.fm

I would like to send a suggestion: Make an option to have a wider body in the articles…

It would be very nice…



Hi. Thank you for your appreciation. We kindly ask you to go to help.pixelgrade.com on our Forums and add your feature request so others can come and vote on it, so we can prioritize (https://help.pixelgrade.com/support/discussions/forums/289831)

I have a problem after update Bucket. Now in single post there is a problem with image above text: http://www.fandroid.com.pl/oneplus-one-bez-zaproszen,9009

Hi. It seems that we are not getting the correct image size. Can you please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WP admin access and FTP? Thanks

hi, how can i change or hide featured and read more + text on billboard slider ? i change code in billboard_slider.php but dosent work.



But i dnt want to disable smaller articles, i need change just “featured and read more” text.

how can i ?



Anyone help ?



You can go to theme-folder/theme-partials/acf-layouts/billboard_slider and search for those two strings. You can change them from there.

I hope it helps,

A couple of quick questions…

Does Bucket support percentage reviews instead of the point/decimal out of ten seen in the demo?

Also, I know you folks don’t support bbPress, but how hard is it to integrate if you know HTML and CSS?

Thanks, Mark


Hey Mark,

We’re using a 1 to 10 scale for reviews – unfortunately we’re not support by default the percentage reviews. You may change that with some custom work.

Regarding bbPress – I think it shouldn’t be that hard – it may work pretty good by default.

I hope it helps,


Thanks for the reply, George.

How much work do you think it would take to do percentage reviews? I’m guessing since you support point/decimal reviews that only the output format needs to be changed a little. Correct?

george-olaru Author Team

Hey Mark and sorry for this replay! I estimate around 1-2 hours of working – unfortunately we’re not offering custom work to our themes right now. I recommend you Envato Studio for this. Cheers

Nice theme! how are your popular posts by day, week, month, all etc ranked? is it based on page views or comments or likes?



Hi. They are provided by the JetPack plugin via a complex algorithm.


ok and that is based on how many views each page has had during that timeframe?


Yeah – you may read more about JetPack here http://jetpack.me/ Cheers

i can t complete the installation from the zip file to my wordpress blog , “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” what s up ? cheers


Hi. You need to extract the archive you have downloaded and only use the bucket-installer.zip archive. This is the actual theme. The zip you download contains also the child theme starter, documentation and license. Cheers

I’m having problems with the images on the homepage for example in the latest articles section being blurry, even though they look fine as the featured image when you are actually on the page so they aren’t too small. You can see this by going to http://fuzed<dot>co/sneakpreview (Replacing <dot> with . of course). How can I fix this?


I took a look at your website and everything seems to look fine. If you still have a problem with this, you can open a ticket on https://help.pixelgrade.com and we’ll take a closer look at this problem. Thanks.

Please how do I upgrade the theme from the old one and still keep all My settings. ] Thank you


Hey dandellscreations!

If you haven’t made changes in theme files (like footer.php, header.php or any other theme file) you can make a safely upgrade of your theme.

See more about updating a theme here.

Thanks, Alin