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dwbsrl Purchased

I would like to buy this template; I can’t see an author page, there is no author page in this template ?

Hello! First of all, thank you for your interest in our theme, we really appreciate it. :-) Now, regarding your question, unfortunately we don’t have a feature like this implemented in Bucket.

Hi Pixelgrade is there any chance to get your support in order to solve a problem with your theme? I’ve tried to keep in touch with you during 10 days, sending you emails and by contact form. unfortunally no one has replied to me yet. wuold you be so kind to give me an email or something to take contact with? Thank you


Hey Luigi!
As far as I know we’ve already discussed the issue in an opened ticket on our Helpdesk. If the problem still persists though, feel free to get again in contact with us, so we can find a solution.

Good morning, I’m seriously thinking to buy your theme but before the purchase i need some more information:

1) would be possible to use a sticky sidebar on the right? are u thinking to do it in one of the next updates? 2) would be possible to remove the graphic on the footer that shows the number of posts published? 3) is possible to modify the slider dimensions? 4) is possible to dont show views and comments in the homepage? 5) is there any problem if we r going to use disqus to manage the comments? 6) about the adv system, are the ads managed by a plugin or directly in the theme’s control panel? is possible to have different settings for mobile and desktop? im worried about the 728×90 on header. Any chance to add a banner on top and bottom of articles? 7) about the review plugin, is it going to show the starts on google searches?

thanks and have a great day Vittorio

Hello Vittorio!

1) We don’t have yet implemented a feature like that in Bucket, but in case we’ll notice that there are more customers asking for it, we might implement it- we can’t promise it though.

2) The graphic can be easily removed by using the following custom CSS:
.site__stats { display: none; } 3) The slider’s dimension can be modified using custom code. Here’s the code for that, remaining to adjust the dimensions according to your preferences:
.rsOverflow { width: 790px; height: 495px; } .arrows--outside .rsArrow { height: 80%; } .rsArrowRight { right: 180px; }

4) I’m afraid that I didn’t completely understand your question regarding the views on the homepage. Could you please explain me a little ? As far as the comments are concerned though, they can be removed by removing the Comments widget from Appearance-> Widgets.

5) I’ve seen several customers who bought Bucket also using Disqus, and it seemed to be properly working, so you can use it.

6) Bucket doesn’t have any pre-installed plugin for ads, or any adv system. The ads can be introduced using a text widget in which you will introduce the ad’s code.

7) Yes, the stats are going to be showed in Google searches. Here’s how it would look like:
I hope my answers have been helpful, and in case there are more questions regarding the theme, feel free to contact us. :-)

Hoping you can help. Bought and Installed Bucket yesterday and am now afraid I mistakenly thought it would work for my client. I need the Billboard slider to preview the next two slides. Prior to purchasing, I read through the comments and thought this was possible because of the replies I found (below). I implemented the demo site and can find no way of achieving this. I can manipulate the order in which the featured posts appear by changing the publishing date, but posts 2 and 3 will never become the big article. Is this correct?

“About the two small articles, those are just the next 2 ones in the slider,”

“1) can I change the homepage slider that it shows more than 1 post, but without 2 preview posts in the lower corner 1) Yes we have an option just for that”

I remember that we’ve already cleared out the problem in an opened ticket on our Helpdesk. If there’s anything else that we can help you with though, we’re still here. :-)

This has been the most frustrating theme that I have ever used, Free ones have worked better than this one in terms of uploading or using images.

Would not recommend.

Seriously how do I get my money back because this is awful and a waste of time.

Hello, If there’s any particular problem with the theme, I’d firstly recommend you to open a ticket with it, so we can sort it out.

Hi, I’m not sure what happened, I didn’t change anything (I’m barely updating the website), but the Header option with an ad on the side stopped working. The logo got bigger than is supposed to be… now I put it on the center, I don’t want people going there and seeing a big logo on the left side… And even further, I uploaded a smaller logo, but the website insists in showing the large one… zunkabitz.com

Hello Leonardo! Please try to open a ticket with your problem so we can have a more in-depth investigation of it. There’s the link: https://help.pixelgrade.com/helpdesk


I see that you updated the theme to address the recent WordPress issue. Could you let me know which file you changed? I am talking about the recent XSS issue that Themeforest has warned users about. I have a site that uses your theme but I want to see which part of it had the problematic code. Thanks in advance.


lup Author Team

Hi! In the latest update (1.5.5) we have checked and fixed every line of code for any XSS vulnerability. We strongly recommend you to update Bucket and all other plugins. Thanks!

Oh I know. I saw that. I just wanted to know a single file your fixed to learn how you fixed it, so I can do it for other themes whose developers are not as kind as yourself to update immediately :)


lup Author Team

Well there is a problem with two WordPress functions add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg(). All you need is the ensure that the second parameter is given (because the lack of it causes some unescaped strings to get passed through) and if you really cannot pass the second parameter you need to escape the result of the function like this esc_url( add_query_arg() ); I hope this helps!

Hi, I have received an update notification today. Now, I would like to find out if the autoupdate worked correctly.

There is no version number in the notification. Here, on the marketplace, version number is 1.5.3. However, in my wordpress installation, the theme number is 1.5.4, but without any release date. How can I find out, if this is the latest version?

Thanks Benjamin


lup Author Team

The latest version is now 1.5.5 and you should also get an update notification in Dashboard. We fixed some security issues so we strongly recommend you to update Bucket and all your plugins.

We’re excited to announce that our theme is working GREAT and an UPDATE is now available! :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.5.5 (April 29th 2015)

Some new things that were improved:

  • Added WordPress 4.2 compatibility
  • Fixed Widespread XSS WordPress Security Vulnerability
  • Updated Woocommerce template files for 2.3.8
  • Improved Child Theme structure and code
View the full changelog hereEnjoy! 

*People that already bought this theme can download the update for FREE !


Rolando Purchased

Since the latest update I am not able to activate the PixTypes plugin. After selecting activate the page stop loading and the install process stops. I would love to have this resolved asap. Thank you.

Hello Rolando!
In order to have a more in-depth discussion of the problem, please open a ticket on our Helpdesk so we can get more details from you.

Hello! I have a pre purchase question. So I really love the slider on homepage one, is there a way to keep that slider and make a full width blog post homepage (no sidebars)?

Hello there!
First of all, thank you for your interest in our theme, we really appreciate it. :-) Now, regarding your question, you can adjust the Homepage using the Custom Page Composer template according to your needs, so in the end you can obtain either a slider and a text block, or a slider and only the grid of posts, both options having no sidebars.
Here’s how a page consisting in a Billboard slider and a Text/Image block would look like: http://prntscr.com/72gymu
-as a note: the text area’s width can be enlarged using some simple custom CSS;
Secondly, here’s how a page consisting in a Billboard slider and a Grid posts card block would look like: http://prntscr.com/72gzvb I hope my answer’s been helpful, and in case there are still questions, we’re still here.
Thanks, and have a wonderful day,

Hi there. I cannot seem to find why users cannot share articles? I have tried to find it on the “Social & SEO” area. Do we need to complete the information below, such as Facebook Application ID and more for this to work or is that for another function?

Hi Serban, thanks for that, however my question is simply, how do the PixLikes and sharing buttons works? Although installed, they do not actually “share”? I cannot find it in the knowledge base – is there a link to documentation somewhere?

Tu put it simply, let’s take the following post:
You can notice that under the post you have the Social Icons: http://prntscr.com/77c2cw
Now, once you choose to share your post on a specific social network, after performing the operation, PixLikes will increase the number of shares for that social network, but also the total number of shares.
I hope that I’ve managed to answer your question.

Hi Serban, thank you for your reply, but it does not answer my question. I know how sharing works. This template is not sharing my posts. I have opened a ticket to provide you with visual links for help, thank you.

They are great team and I’m very pleased with them! Always got fast and useful respond. It’s a pleasure to work with them

Hello, I have an odd problem, latest posts has stopped updating to the newest posts so when i publish something new it stays the same. any idea?

Thank you.

Hello there!
Can you tell me please if you encounter the same with all of the 3rd party plugins deactivated? Also, are you using the latest version of the theme(1.5.5) ?

Is there a way to hide the tags at the bottom of each post?

Also, is there a way to hide the post author?

The tags of each post can be removed by going to the post’s editor, select to see the ‘Tags’ section from ‘Screen options’ : http://prntscr.com/77cabj , then remove all of the tags from the section: http://prntscr.com/77cawu. This way you’ll have them removed from the bottom of the post.
Now, in order to hide the post author you can use the following CSS snippet:
.article__title__meta { display: none; } aside.author { display: none!important; }
I hope my answer’s been helpful. :-)


There seems to be a problem with your theme and the compatibility of wordpress 4.2. cause when I tried to make your theme’s update, I receive a fatal error, which breaks my site completely. This is the error I received with the update of your theme (this happened with wordpress 41. as well as with wordpress 4.2):

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wpgrade_callback_custom_upload_mimes() (previously declared in /www/htdocs/xxx/wp-content/themes/border/theme-callbacks/content-filters.php:70) in /www/htdocs/xxx/wp-content/themes/border/wpgrade-core/callbacks/media/custom-upload-mimes.php on line 24

I reinstalled the older version of your theme on wordpress 4.2 and the site seems to work again, but I still receive an error message, while the gallery is loading. This error message is talking about an undefined method border::get_queued_scripts() in ….ajax-hooks.php on line 28

I could downgrade again to wordpress 4.1, but I’d really prefer to be able to be up to date…

Thanks in advance for your help. Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you would like to receive server info or just the url of the website in question in a private message.

Kind regards

Sorry, wrong info, the ajax-hooks.php error appears on the slide show in the homepage, not in the gallery…

Hey Karin!
I must say that I’ve tested Bucket with the latest version of Wordpress and everything works as it should, so the problem might come from somewhere else. Now, in order to have an in more depth investigation of the issue, please open a ticket on our Helpdesk. We’re waiting for you there. :-)

Ooops, I have to appologize, I have no idea how ended up on the support for bucket, cause this is not my theme ! ;) I was convinced to be on the comments for border, at least that’s where I wanted to go.

But thank you so much for getting back to me this quickly !

Hey guys, bought this theme a long time ago (January 2014 if I recall)

I’m happy to see it still has a lot of success and I just need to disturb you just one more time :) I’m building another website and I wanted to have informations about your “like” button, the simple one shaped with the heart logo.

Is it a plugin available anywhere ? Or do you know any plugin that fits this description.

Thanks guys

Hello there!
First of all thank you for your kind words, we really appreciate it. :-)
Now, regarding your question, I’m afraid that the PixLikes plugin can be used only inside our themes, as it’s been built according to the elements existing in the theme.
Unfortunately though, I can’t say that I know any other plugin which can do the same job, but in case you find one, it would be wonderful if you could tell as about it.
Thanks,and have a great weekend,

Ok that’s what I thought, no problem I’ll try and find something similar, thanks guys

Cheers! :-)

How can I add the navigation bar above the header/banner instead of having it below?

Could you open a ticket where we could look for a solution?

Well I sort of find a way. In the Typography for the Top Menu, you can add the main menu and it puts it on top. Only problem is it has to be either left or right not center. Would love a center option as well.

I understand what you’re looking for. Here’s a code which could help you:
ul#menu-top-menu-left-1 { margin-left: 60% !important; } It will work for the Top Menu Left. Now, notice that the value of the margin-left can be changed according to how big is your menu. The bigger it is, the smaller the value should be.I hope it will help you.

hey guys, will this work on WP 4.2.2?

my mistake, answer is in description :)

No problem, I’m glad to know that you’ve figured it out. On the other hand, if there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Have a great day! :-)