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I would like to buy this template; I can’t see an author page, there is no author page in this template ?

Hi Pixelgrade is there any chance to get your support in order to solve a problem with your theme? I’ve tried to keep in touch with you during 10 days, sending you emails and by contact form. unfortunally no one has replied to me yet. wuold you be so kind to give me an email or something to take contact with? Thank you


Good morning, I’m seriously thinking to buy your theme but before the purchase i need some more information:

1) would be possible to use a sticky sidebar on the right? are u thinking to do it in one of the next updates? 2) would be possible to remove the graphic on the footer that shows the number of posts published? 3) is possible to modify the slider dimensions? 4) is possible to dont show views and comments in the homepage? 5) is there any problem if we r going to use disqus to manage the comments? 6) about the adv system, are the ads managed by a plugin or directly in the theme’s control panel? is possible to have different settings for mobile and desktop? im worried about the 728×90 on header. Any chance to add a banner on top and bottom of articles? 7) about the review plugin, is it going to show the starts on google searches?

thanks and have a great day Vittorio

Hoping you can help. Bought and Installed Bucket yesterday and am now afraid I mistakenly thought it would work for my client. I need the Billboard slider to preview the next two slides. Prior to purchasing, I read through the comments and thought this was possible because of the replies I found (below). I implemented the demo site and can find no way of achieving this. I can manipulate the order in which the featured posts appear by changing the publishing date, but posts 2 and 3 will never become the big article. Is this correct?

“About the two small articles, those are just the next 2 ones in the slider,”

“1) can I change the homepage slider that it shows more than 1 post, but without 2 preview posts in the lower corner 1) Yes we have an option just for that”

This has been the most frustrating theme that I have ever used, Free ones have worked better than this one in terms of uploading or using images.

Would not recommend.

Seriously how do I get my money back because this is awful and a waste of time.


Hello, If there’s any particular problem with the theme, I’d firstly recommend you to open a ticket with it, so we can sort it out.

Hi, I’m not sure what happened, I didn’t change anything (I’m barely updating the website), but the Header option with an ad on the side stopped working. The logo got bigger than is supposed to be… now I put it on the center, I don’t want people going there and seeing a big logo on the left side… And even further, I uploaded a smaller logo, but the website insists in showing the large one… zunkabitz.com