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Can I incorporate bootstrap Mega Menu Yamm!3 ( in this template?

Hi, Yes you can.


Hey , I’m facing a problem with FLOT CHART, PIE CHART and DONUT CHART. These charts are not working when there is only one value. If there is no value or more than one value , it works fine. Looking forward for your reply.

Thank u !!

Thanks for your message. We ate sorry we are not clear your issue. Can you please tell us more about your problem with some screenshot or example code. Or can you give us your live url where we can check the problem.

Ya sure , i ll send you the screenshots. email id please ??

You can mail here and please mentioned “BucketAdmin chart issue”.


Good morning,

I want menu is open when I click an item (open in the correct subsection for this item)

┬┐How can I get this funcionality?


Sorry we did not understand. Can you please tell us more details that what do you want? Thanks

Good afternoon. I solved my doubt yesterday. Thanks

Glad to know that. :)


I have a problem to implement the Editable Table.

The page is created correctly, but does not work when I click in “Add New”. In fact, not working any functionality of the table.

I found the following error in Firefox console:

“TypeError: $(...).dataTable is not a function table-editable.js:52:25”

I already includes jquery-migrate-1.2.1.min.js.

Could you please help me?

Thank you!

Thanks for your message. Some how you did not properly include all data table files. Can you please double check that you included all relevant files.

Awesome work, guys.

Could you help me a little bit with the top header? I put the

    to the right side of the bar. But how do I have to change the code, that the dropdown list drops to the left side and not the right side?

    Thank you!

Hi, we didn’t understand your comments. Can you plz make it more clear.



Do you have a fully working copy for sale? Not just the template, the whole CRM ready to use?

If not, how much would it cost to get it built?

Thanks Rich (Can you email me back at

Hi, Yes its only html template. And now we’re not available for custom job.


Does all charts and widgets included in the PSD file?

Hi, We included few of our layout design and some widgets. as we use third party charts so we don’t make design for those.


Wich license to Buy, in the case of a SaaS?

Hi, In that case you can buy regular license.


Came across this site where themes very similar to yours are selling. Not sure if you want to find out if they are using your code?

Thanks for the link we’ll check those.


agungnb Purchased

Hi,How to add preload images on widget or portlet, I cannot see any of your pages have this feature.

Hi, we’re not using any preloader right now. But you can use any preloader which you like.



ajayhong Purchased

Does the left hand side can start to close Well

Yes you can just follow this steps. please add class “hide-left-bar” into sidebar “nav-collapse” like as this screenshot and also add class “merge-left” into “main-content” like this screenshot. screen shot shown selected class should be added in those section initially.


Hi! I have been using your template and I just noticed a problem with left hand side menu in mobile browsers! You can’t scroll down to see the last menu item in mobile.

Is there a quick fix for this? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your comments. we’ll check it and let you know. We didn’t see your purchased badge anyway.



Rockend Purchased

Hi! I have been using your template and I just noticed a problem with left hand side menu in mobile browsers! You can’t scroll down to see the last menu item in mobile.

Is there a quick fix for this? Thanks!

Hi!, it’s possible to do candlestick?

Sorry we didi not understand that what you want to do can you explain more details please?

I’m sorry, i wanted to say a candlestick chart. Thanks!


jornhaga Purchased

Whats the solution to “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getContext’ of null” for gauge.js and dashboard.js and “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined” to jquery.flot.js

Do you have any live url where we can check?

I have some troubles to use the dataTable object. In Dynamics Tables section i see this code:

$(’#dynamic-table’).dataTable( { “aaSorting”: [[ 4, “desc” ]] });

But in the web site of the autor (of dataTable). I don’t find the aaSorting. They use other attribute names.

Can you help me with this please. Thanks.