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Could you please add a TOP OF PAGE clickable area which displays as you scroll down?

Hello. Thank you for your comment. That can easily be added and will include that in future add-on for sure. Let me know if there is anything. Cheers!

At long long last :) Someone designs a great landing page (the opportunities are endless) I have been waiting for so long for a great looking template like this. Thank you :)

Thank you very much for the compliment! Please rate your satisfaction with this item. Cheers!

When trying to upload your Bucktown them, I get the following message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Please advise!

VERY frustrating to purchase a new theme, that doesn’t work, and get no reply… Please reply!

Hello. I apologize if it took some hours for me to respond. I wanted to inform you that I don’t work 24/7 and especially Sunday evenings.

Now as for the template, I think you may have purchased it and mistakenly thought you can use it on WordPress or some CMS. This is a HTML template and not a WordPress plugin. It can be installed by simply uploading or copy/paste the template folder into your server.

All templates that are available here had undergone an extensive review process and with that I know this templates works. However, I can only support the template as it is.

Bucktown – Landing Page is perfect for testing my latest start-up ideas. It’s simple and elegant and works very well with vivid photos. It’s also surprisingly versatile.

Theme4Less has been wonderful about responding when I occasionally encounter difficulties (usually due to my own lack of knowledge) – promptly and thoughtfully.

Highly recommended! :)

Thank you very much, LoringHarkness! Please feel free to contact me anytime for support.


Quick question. How can I change the font for the “logotype” part of the Navbar only. I would like it to make this different from the rest of the fonts on the page.


Hello rcd77. Thank you for your purchase. You can add or change the font-family in the CSS file under .navbar-brand

Can I add a field for the name and surname? And if so how can I do?

Hello thevalentino. If you are trying to add something in the MailChimp subscribe form, you will need to go to your MailChimp account to generate the proper form and copy/paste it in this template. Currently, Bucktown only uses the simple MailChimp subscribe form. If you are trying to add custom inputs into the non-MailChimp forms, then you can do so by just adding the input fields in the HTML but make sure you include them in the PHP file as well. All files are well-structured and should guide you with your input additions.

I really really like the theme! Well done!! I just have 2 suggestions before i purchase it – in Internet Explorer 8 – Above the slider image I see ”<!-[if lt IE9]> <![endif]->”

Also, on my iPad the OUR AMAZING FEATURES brown box with 6 paragraphs touch each other making it difficult to read the sections.


Can you at least tell me how I can fix the errors listed above on your page so I can make the changes? Thanks!

Complimentary theme support are for purchased items only.

Also, this theme no longer supports IE8. Just updating you since you asked me about it here. Let me know. Thank you!


Is this template easy to integrate with other email systems other than Mailchimp? I.e. Can I just copy the custom HTML generated in my other email broadcast system (Campaign Monitor) with just the fields Name and Email Address and paste it where the form is in the code currently?


Hello JoshHamit,

Thank you for your interest. The MailChimp form in this template was just copied from their website. I think it is possible to use Campaign Monitor’s codes. You would probably have to change the IDs as well. Let me know if there is anything else. Thank you.


OK, thank you. My worry is that the styling will be lost if I add in the code from Campaign Monitor?

The form styling will still be there as long as you keep the ID’s and classes used in the CSS.

Hello There is an issue in the theme : Bucktown (mailchimp version). When you click on the menu, you can see a scrollbar appears briefly…Can you check it ? I would like to buy it without this issue. Thanks!! Michael.

Michael, I will be working on this today and if there is a need to fix, then I will update this file and will notify you asap. Thank you.

I found it ;-). In the css file, there is the attribute below which you need to remove : .navbar-nav.navbar-right:last-child{margin-right:-15px}. I will buy it. Thanks !