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Well i am not happy. My site doesnt look anything like the demo. My portfolio used to display vertically on the left hand side. Now they show centrally still in a vertical manor but with a slightly greyish background? how can i replicate you demo. please respond as so far i am unimpressed with your customer service


why is this template so bad and why have you still not contacted me to get this sorted? I uploaded in a different directory so i could have a fresh install of the ‘new’ release but still i have the same problems. Nothing is working right. the width of the site does not match the layout. I sent you the details to look at the site, did you do that? I have not had a reply from you regarding the issues i am having and I am still having these issues. my porfolio images are displaying vertically regardless of which option i choose. and the portfolio page option still does not allow me to show 3 images, only the featured image so i have to use a gallery instead to combat that. What is happening please as i really need this project sorted. I have never had so much problems with a template install such as this.


Why is the help on here so bad? this is very poor customer service. What happened to 32 hours?

Hi there,

I contacted you two weeks ago with an urgent problem. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from you yet. The topic was “Blog template – no sidebar” My ticket NÂș is #362827. This is urgent. I expect your answer. Thanks.

Hi, I want to add a open in new window code to the button shortcode which I am using in the widget. Can you please let me know what the code is?


IS anyone else having the problem with all mailto: links opening in gmail no matter what browser or browser settings?

http://pembswebsolutions.com/pct/ – the problem is straightaway apparent. Please help as this has been goin g on for weeks.

Hi guys! My site finally goes online and with your template it’s so nice!! I’ve got only one problem, how to add more than 3 photos to the slider of portfolio?

Thanks, Alessia

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Hello. I want to make a one-pager site based on your theme. I cannot make a smooth scroll script to work. :/ Like on this page: http://css-tricks.com/examples/SmoothPageScroll/

There might be some jQuery conflicts…? Any suggestions?

Someone make the nav menu fixed?

Hey guys, the theme has a couple of very strange things. The colors just change??? Never had this before on a theme?

Hello, I sent a request to support more than 1 month ago, but has not received any response. Ticket #368813. Please reply as soon as possible.

Looks like support is slipping for this template – was very interested but based on comments about lack of support will not purchase.

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It seems like these guys just quit support for their theme, I’ve tried making a support ticket on their own site, but my purchase code just comes up as false… this is ludicrous!

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Any suggestion to center the menu? My main menu have a lot of items, http://www.relacionesculturales.edu.mx/

I use css to sent down the logo and then center but dont work very nice. Do you have any recommendation.


I have purchased the theme and there is no category page. When I try to see a category, instead of having the list of the post in the category, the content of the page is empty.

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Hello, When do you think it’s possible to have an update of Theme? They Visual Composer plugin is under 4.5.1 version today. Thanks Laura

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Hi, same question as @laura_nl. When will you have a new update as the Visual Composer needs updating. Thanks!


I have bought this theme nearly two years ago, I would lie to uptade in order to have the last version. How do I have to do ?

Thank in advance for your response

Hi same question as @laura_nl. Visual Composer needs update. Recently my Worpress site got attacked. I think it might be caused by the outdated version of Visual Composer.

Warning: This theme is no longer supported and has issues. I would not recommend buying this theme unless it’s updated again after 2015-05-20. It was a cool theme, but it’s abandoned, which really leaves its users out in the cold. Sucks.