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Version 2.0.0 – 19 April 2016 === 100% theme update

- Framework updated
- .php files updated
- .css files updated

It's brand new theme if you want to update your old builder theme to new version you will loose all your theme options panel.
But it's worth it!  

All support is on the forum.



I have purchased your theme and have Grid Post added to my site. How do I get rid of the initial rendering animation?


Hey, Don’t see any purchase from you. “Grid Post” what is this? VC shortcode?


ThemeBuy Purchased

Thanks for update! It’s Awesome. But i’d like to ask – old builder theme no longer supported?

Glad you liked. Yes, this is 100% new theme, so it’s just imposible to support outdated code.


MidiMod Purchased

You just rock! Awesome!

Thank you =)

Great update. One question: Is it possible to set full width page?

Hello, Yes, sure.

Hey, If i update my website to new version i will lose my pages?

Hello, no you will not lose pages content, but since theme options panel are new you have to set your logo, colors and etc.


Dankov Purchased

Very strong update, everything new.

Re-write the code from “zero” is a lot of work :)

Good luck!

Thank you =)


buypetra Purchased

Awesome update, as always!

Thank you =)


naarwebz Purchased

This is still one of the best themes, beautiful and super straightforward. Thank you for this update.



Thank you very much! =)


simon_bi Purchased


I’ve tried the update to version 2.0.0. (Additional themes -> upload) But this brings up this screen. I did the update fails. What should I do?

Looks like there are some kind of limit on your hosting. You can upload theme via ftp, but remember it’s 100% new theme, so you will loose all your the options, like colors, logos, fonts. After update you have to set it one more time


simon_bi Purchased

I have to keep in mind the existing theme options settings and captured it aside. And it proceeded to update the FTP. By the way, this happened to me was a big deal.

New theme option settings were changed and that many of the previous theme. For example, things like blue.css had … I was so embarrassed.

So give up the update of the new theme, and returned to the original version. It took time and a whopping … I’m sad. I am afraid to have an update.(2.0.0ver)

You can install new theme on some test wordpress and dig it. Yes, blue.css and other css was disabled, but you still can get that result via theme options. + many more other things. You have to understand that i have to update theme to new core, cuz for example SMOF (old theme options panel) not supporting almost 2 years. So it was choice for me. Delete this theme from themeforest or rebuild theme from scratch. I can’t drop 3000+ customers with not updated theme.


aalcaine Purchased

Hello, after updating the theme Builder, the menu doesn’t appear as a menu, but as a list of links.

To update I’ve disabled the Builder theme and enabled a standard wordpress theme, disabled Builder’s plugins, deleted those plugins, renamed via ftp the Builder folder to Builder_OLD and installed the new Builder zip. Enabled the theme and downloaded and enabled the suggested Builder’s plugins. Changed the logo from the Theme Settings.

I’ve put the website in maintenance mode.

Hello, Go to appearence -> Menus a -> Choose your menu -> set check box form main menu


aalcaine Purchased

I’ve choosen the menu, and at the end I’ve already checked the “Locations Theme”—> Main Navigation checkbox, but same issue :( Is this correct?

Drop me url and wp-admin via contat form please

Can we get a URL for the forums? I have a problem.

Nope Visual composer was also updated.

1) Deacativate composer
2) Delete it
3) You will see message that need to install composer
4) Click Install it and activate.

That worked, thanks.

Glad to help.

When I insert a testimonial item inside element of a custom slider element, the front end shows a blank white screen. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hey, please be more attentive you forgot to add slider ID (uniqu text) and forgot to add with id of testimonials posts. Take a look now


nationspc Purchased

Okay, thank you. So is the slider id just something you pull out of thin air because there was no clear value to be put in that slot?

The testimonial id was in there the first time I had issues but I removed it earlier today while toying with this.

for example there are two different slider on the page, so if we want they work well, need set different ids for example – id1 and id2

Great update. Thank you!

Glad you like it =)


mi005ro Purchased

Good Morning. I purchased your theme yesterday, but I cant see to find my activation code for Rev Slider anywhere in my documentation?

Can you please help?

You don’t need to activate it. It’s bundled in theme cuz i have extended licence


mi005ro Purchased

Thank you for the reply just now, but I am not sure what you mean,

It says that my slider is ‘not activated’ and I need to activate the plug in, and is asking for an activation code which isn’t in my documentation.

Okay. Slider bundled in theme because i have developer licence. You can’t activate it, but It’s 100% working with all features because you have purchased this theme. If you want to activate it you need to purchase regular license for revolution slider, but i have no idea why you need it. Example sliders from demo you can find in Demo Content folder in main archive downloaded from themeforest.

I have purchased your wonderful theme about two years ago. It really was working great!

However, a current WP update (ver 4.5) breaks my Visual Composer. Visual Composer (ver 3.6.13) came with your theme, is there any chance I can get the latest Visual Composer from you somehow? Or should I simply purchase the latest Visual Composer that is currently at $34?

Thank you so much for your wonderful product!

No you don’t if you already purchased it :)

I’m not the one who built the site so I presume that I would have that download option in my download of Envato Marketplace. I do not see that theme in there. Should I seek my developer to see if they can get me a freshly downloaded copy? Or would it just be easier to buy the $34 Visual Composer, provided you did not customize the VC to the current version of the theme?

It always better to find developer, because, you also need to update revolution slider. Its also inluded in theme.

I have purchased your theme about two years ago. It has been heavily customized by another web dev before I have inherited it.

I am trying to make single page templates for specific layouts within my site. Can provide any recommendations or file examples that I can use to create page templates for my site? My site is For example, on one page, I want to be able change the header background to another color and then change the background image to a responsive image that takes up the whole background. Is that possible?

Sorry, but i can’t help to you because of “Envato Support Policy”

Wait, so you CAN or CAN”T help me?

sorry, it was can’t

Hello, my clients website is using an older version 3.4.9 of iBuilder and we recently upgraded Wordpress to PHP 5.4

This caused an error message about the store Page here –

I researched how to fix the PHP lines for several hours but couldn’t find this exact line of code error. Do you know what I could do to fix the Illegal string offset ‘layout’?

Thank you

Hello, please provide valide purchase code.