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Thanks for awesome flexible theme. My current project is http://artbaku.com . I want to make homepage as rev slider + ads at right of slider, 3 column portfolio and right sidebar. To make 3 column portfolio + right sidebar was easier. But to make shown slideris problem for me.Please help me as soon as possible

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I just tried copy and pasting the username and password from the email and it works fine. Please try again.

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eyaleyal- Just wanted to answer your question in that I added search to the title/tagline area of our site by editing the header.php. Not really a way to add one there with a plugin.

I posted a tutorial in the forum on how I did it, which you can look up if you purchase the theme.

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How can I change the portfolio post settings for portrait images instead of landscape images? In the portfolio post, the vertical image shows grey on either side of the grey rectangle. Thank you for your support!

I purchased this theme, and I am not a programmer. I have customized the theme a bit, but the child menus don’t work properly in IE. If I were to download the updated theme (version 1.02) will it overwrite all the customizing I have done?

I don’t want to have to rebuild this again and I am not sure I will remember what I did anyway!

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Hello there OrangeIdea,

The builder theme itself work like a charm with the visual editor, but I have one question.

When using the Yoast plug-in for SEO I always get a notification my search keyword isn’t in the first paragraph of the page, eventhough while it is in the first Text Area on the page.

I tried switching to the classic editor and removing the shortcodes created by the visual editor, which worked. But when switching back and saving the page again the same notification pops back up.

Is there a way to get around this? Thus using the Yoast plug-in combined with the visual editor still reading out my first text area as first paragraph?

Regards, AANDAGT

Builder WP Theme questions: - Do you have shortcodes in the theme enabled at all? - Is the overlay caption feature possible as seen in the MAPR theme -> see menu feature -> overlay caption. Maybe you can recommend a plugin for this feature? - Is a fixed header possible (fixed as in stays on top when scrolling down) Thanks again for your assistance!

Hi OrangeIdea - Is there anything you can do to increase the page speed in future updates? I just checked and it’s 61/100 on Google Page Speed test. That’s really poor. It’d be great if you could address this issue in your next update release! Thank you!

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Hello, just purchased this theme. When i edit options inside the admin it takes 1 minute for the options to save. Very irritating as i have done more then 200 edits back and forth. Is there a fix for that. Also the homepages 2-3-4-5-6 are not working and all messed up. can you please assist, thanks

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Hi on my portfolio page I keep getting the error “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/esinahs/public_html/wp-content/themes/builder/portfolio.php on line 69” in the background. Please help

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Hello, is it somehow possible to add “Latest portfolio items” widget to sidebar? I think that adding teaser post grid is not 100% solution. Or do you support only blog posts in this case? It could be a good idea for next next version.

A couple of questions. Can breadcrumbs be turned off and is there an option page for the blog with no sidebar?

thanks in advance

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When you set blog page as front page – pagination ist not working!

How can i fix this bug?

hi, Before buying this theme I have 2 questions. 1. is it possible to place a left-sidear that will remain at all pages including the homepage- so the slider will remain as is (in this sidebar I will put all the products categories). this sidebar is in addition to the navigation bar. here is a link that will describe the best(even if the design is horrible) http://www.mrclab.com/HTMLs/home.aspx 2. Is there an option for search ability that I will place at the top? Thanks, eyal

How easy is it to switch the frame work from bootstrap to some other one?

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Where can I change welcome message “BUILDER: Super powerful & responsive wordpress theme with hundreds options.” in ana page?

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Hello there,

I have a question about the portfolio and portfolio grid teaser.

When uploading different sized images (height and width), different sized thumbnails are shown (as you can see here: http://www.rob-otto.nl/wpdev/duo-line/)

How can I make thumbails to be resized to a set height and width, automatically scaled/cropped to the right size?

Regards, AANDAGT

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I just bought this theme, and got problems with uploading the zip file via Wordpress. the style.css is missing.

A bit disappointing wanted to start asap with using it. And now I have to wait for a response of their support dept.

Great theme! How do I add another Google font as an option? I’d like to use Quicksand for all my headers. Thanks!

Lack of following up on these questions makes hesitant to purchase this theme. Good support is 50% of a good theme.