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May I add Caption or Post title in Slider?


Want to see Ads ready design, Is it possible ?


I don’t usually put ad-zones in my themes because there are many great plugins out there for this already and for things like the header you could easily just paste in your header.php – but maybe in a future news theme I would for sure ;)




Hi Can I add categories to the home page menu so that when user click on certain category display posts from certain category?


You mean on the sidebar? Most definitely. It consists first of a menu area controlled by the WP menu dashboard at Appearance->Menu and then a widgetized area. So you can add categories to either the menu or using the default WP categories widget.

Thanks for your interest in my theme ;)


Really liking the look and feel of your theme its simply awesome.

Can’t seem to work out how to get fancy box to work when you click on images. I’ve gone though the documentation and can’t work this out.

Are you able to help




Hey Steve,

I see whats going on here…the “instances” plugin is using FancyBox so it’s removing the one included with the theme.

If you open js/fancybox.js the top code:

function wpexFancyBoxInit() {
                openEffect    : 'none',
                closeEffect    : 'none',
        } wpexFancyBoxInit();

Can/should be copied into a global file instead so if my fancybox script is removed by another plugin you don’t have the issue.

I will update the theme right now. If you contact me via my profile page, I can send you the updated files ;)’

Thanks for the purchase!



This is an awesome looking theme! I had a few questions though that I hope you could answer:

1. For the Featured slider: —Are the posts selected from a single category? —How do I link the featured image to the post? Is it automatic? —Is it possible for the featured slider to display the title? How is that done and is the title click-able? —Is it possible to adjust the speed of the slider? —Is the size of the feature slider set in stone, or does it adjust to the size of the original image?

2. In an actual post, can I move the metadata to the top (ie: published date, author, category)?

3. Are all the thumbnails on the homepage going to be the same size regardless of the original image?

4. Are there drop down menus for subcategories if I were to put a parent category in the sidebar? I do restaurant reviews so an example would be (Parent: Restaurant by Cuisine, Subcategory: Italian, Sub-subcategory: Pasta)

5. Can I show the dates on the homepage posts, like under the thumbnail and above the excerpt.

6. Can the notification bar been hidden as default?

7. How do pictures look like in the post when it’s not the featured image? Does it still have the white border?

8. How do I disable the featured image showing at the top of the post?

9. How does the featured post widget select its posts? Is it according to category and can I alter the widget title?

I know that’s a lot of questions, so I really appreciate it! Thanks!


1. The slider is a custom post type. So you each slide is technically a “post”. You set your featured image, add text to the editor if you want a caption (see second slide) and publish. There are slider settings in the dash to adjust speed. The height can be any you wish, just upload larger/smaller images. And you can link slides to w/e URL you want.

2. Yes, but you’ll have to edit single.php to move the code up.

3. I have set the thumbnails to auto-crop. You could edit the template to remove the fixed height crop if you wish, but it prob won’t look as good.

4. Not javascript drop-downs. Drop downs are indented:


5. Not by default. You’ll need to edit the template file.

6. Yes, but again will take a little editing in the JS to make it hidden by default – that said, once a user closes it, it will stay closed in the cookies.

7. No. If I were to add styling to all the images, people wouldn’t be able to have plain images without the border. You can add the fancyimg class to any image though for this. Or if you want to target them all its an easy edit.

8. Edit content.php /content-image.php and delete a couple lines.

9. You can select what category you want the posts to show from. Yes you can edit the title.

It is a lot of questions ;)


Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all my questions! :D


I bought the Bulletin theme and activated it at http://crispusattucks.co

How come the featured images are not loading on my blog front page?

Please help.


You must update to WP 3.5 (you are currently running 3.4.2) because the theme makes use of the new wp_get_image_editor() function to resize your images without having to use any regenerating plugin.

You should keep the site updated for security anyway ;)

Thanks for the purchase!


Thanks for the help! I’m trying to edit the style.css so that there are no borders at top/bottom on sidebar and meta on post page, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any thoughts?


Do you have any caching plugin or CDN active? You might just need to clear your cache to see your changes.

Wonderful work…Good luck with sales :)


Thanks ;)


Another quick question: is it possible to implement a javascript dropdown menu because I have a lot of subcategories and indenting all of them would be very messy.



Of course its “possible”. But its not something I will be adding to the theme anytime soon. Since I really want to keep things more minimal.

I did a little search and found this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jquery-vertical-mega-menu/

You could try using that, but you will probably have to modify the css a lot so it looks good with the theme.

Or if you know how to code or can hire a freelancer maybe you could consider incorporating the following script (I’ve done it in the past and its really easy to use) – http://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-vertical-dropdown-menu/161210


awesome! looks pretty easy! thanks :D


Sure thing ;)


I have 3.5 but the pictures are doubled now. (Because i uses a theme which need two pictures before) If i delete the featured image i can see none on the front. But in the article is one. What could i do? (doktorsblog.de)


To be honest, I don’t know much about Feeds so I don’t know if its possible by default in WP, I think you might need a plugin for that…

Or if your video feed shows the entire content of the post, you might have to delete the option for adding the video and simply insert into the post at the top (but won’t look as nice).


Ok, thx..yes…it’s working by putting in the embedd code like a normal posting…but then i am missing the nice white frame ;(

Anyway…great woirk, i love you theme on my weblog ;)


If you open style.css scroll to line 900 under /post thumbnail/ you could add “embed” (if you are using embed) to the list:

    margin-bottom: 30px;
    position: relative;
    background: #fff;

And below for embed:before and embed:after.

I take it from our conversations you know your way around code.

how can I have a featured image in the main page and not have it in the page linked to it? Right now, the featured image is at the top of the post at the linked page. So, when you click on an image in the main page, you are directed to another page with the post, I would love the featured image to disappear from that page.


So basically you want to remove the featured image from the single posts?

You’ll have to edit your template files for this. So for example to remove featured image on standard posts, open content.php and remove lines 19-23

    if( of_get_option('blog_single_thumbnail', '1') == '1' && has_post_thumbnail() ) { ?>
            <div id="post-thumbnail">
                <img src="<?php echo aq_resize( wp_get_attachment_url( get_post_thumbnail_id() ),  wpex_img( 'post_width' ), wpex_img( 'post_height' ), wpex_img( 'post_crop' ) ); ?>" alt="<?php echo the_title(); ?>" />
            </div><!-- /post-thumbnail -->
        <?php }


you are a life savor! thanks a lot!


You are welcome ;)

Thanks for the help! I’m trying to edit the style.css so that there are no borders at top/bottom on sidebar and meta on post page, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any thoughts?


Do you have any caching plugin or CDN active? You might just need to clear your cache to see your changes.

Really love this theme but I’ll be switching from another theme (harpoon) and have a few reservations:

1- Is there an easy way of marking all posts as a specific post type? I run a gallery blog so i would need to mark all posts as image.

2- Is it easy to add our buysellads to the theme? Since it’s responsive and all.


Hey there,

1. You mean move them to a post format? Depends how many you have. But what I would do is set on the top right under “screen options” to show all my posts. Then do a bulk-edit on all of them to set the post format: http://www.wpexplorer.me/premium/bulletin/files/2013/01/change-formats.png

Another thing you can do is just delete content.php and rename content-gallery.php to content.php – that will make all standard posts have the gallery post style.

2. You can add to the sidebar via a text-widget. That’s what I do on my site.

Glad you like it ;)

Another beautiful work from you. I have not visited ThemeForest for some time and missed some great works like yours ;). Have a many, many sales ;)



Can we easily adjust the width for individual posts? it seems like you would need really big images to fill the whole white space..

This theme is perfect forus but this is a huge drawback.


It wouldn’t take too much CSS to change the width of the posts to be honest. 3 changes in style.css:

1. Change the width on line 112 in style.css:

#post {
    float: right;
    width: 740px;

2. Change the width right above on line 103 (subtract the width removed from line 112 above)

#wrap {
    width: 980px;
    margin: 60px auto;
    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    box-sizing: border-box;

3. Change the size of the entries so 3 still fit across on line 761:

/* Entries*/
    width: 230px;
    float: left;
    margin-right: 25px;
    margin-bottom: 25px;
    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    box-sizing: border-box;
    box-shadow: 0 1px 2px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 0 0 transparent, 0 0 0 transparent;

That part is just basic math…so if you make the post area (#post) lets say 650px then you will want to fit 3 entries still, with right margin of 25px on the first two items you will have 650-50=600, now divided by 3 entries you’ll be left with 600/3 = 200. And of course the #wrap would change from 980 to 980-(740-650) = 890px


#post becomes 650px
#wrap becomes 890px
.post-entry becomes 200px

That’s it, now the main post area has a smaller width ;) It’s all just basic math 8-)


Awesome! thanks so much! just a question: so what is “sacrificed” here? what gets bigger/wider? the sidebar? or is just more whitespace? I’m just wondering how will it look..thanks!


Just more space on the left/right of the main site. Cause all you are doing is shrinking the right container.

ps: You could always hire a freelancer to do the work and would likely just take an hour or so for them to get the site looking how you want ;)


another issue: If i am putting a link in the comment field…the theme is deleting the “http” of the links (with or without a comment-editor-plugin) See here: http://doktorsblog.de/2013/01/08/nespresso-der-vollidiot/comment-page-1/#comment-14187

The “kaffee”-link is broken. Any idea?


Have you tried de-activating that plugin you have for the WYSIWYG comment form?

It’s done, it was a malware-issue on the linked page ;) So… everything fine!


Ah good, thanks for letting me know! Next time please use the “reply” button so it’s easier to follow the conversation, thanks!

This is a lovely theme but I have a couple of questions…

Does this theme display the tags for each post in the same way the categories are displayed at the bottom of each post? I see a tag cloud but is this a global one?

Is there a way to make the most recent post appear large at the top (replacing the slider) and all the other posts underneath?



1. I’m not showing tags at the bottom of posts on this theme, however, if you want them its a very simple edit. You just need to paste the_tags() function where you want them to appear. I can assist with that.

2. You mean if you could show the recent 4 (lets say) in the slider and then the rest below? This would be possible, but take quite some customizing so it’s something you’ll need to edit or hire someone to configure. By default the slider works as a custom post type where you can add any image and link to any page/post/website.

You can also of course simply not use the slider at all.


Thanks for the reply. I am currently using one of your freebie themes (Thoughts) and I like it so much I want to get one of your premium themes.

stottcaf Purchased

Hi, whats the quickest way to get the the featured images to auto crop to a standardised size.

As at the moment, the slider changes size & the featured images within posts distort the white box behind it when not a specific width.

Thanks Chris


Hi Chris,

1. Yes I don’t crop slider images height wise for a good reason. It allows people to create sliders or any height they wish. The easiest is to just upload your images pre-cropped to the height you like. Otherwise you can easily edit the template file. See functions/default-image-sizes.php – change lines 17 and 18:

if( $args == 'slide_height' ) return '9999';
if( $args == 'slide_crop' ) return false;

make 9999 the value of the slider height you want then below set false to true.

3. To edit your blog post sizes you can edit the other arguments in that same file. Should be easy to figure out.

Thanks for the purchase!


I was wondering if the Slider Revolution would be easy to integrate into this theme, to replace the Custom Post Type slider: http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380

Also, do you have a sample of how the tweets from the Twitter Widget would look like?



That sounds good!

I will be using the Twitter widget that comes with Wordpress jetpack


There is no added style for the jetpack twitter plugin…it will just look “plain”. It’s pretty easy to edit though via css.


alright, thanks!