Buntington - Education WP Theme

Buntington - Education WP Theme

Buntingtonschool – university – education WP theme. Ultimate and plugin-less solution for any type of school, education or a non-profit organization. It was built with Bootstrap (3.1) and Vafpress framework which guarantees great user and further development/customization experience.

The greatest challenge was to build a theme that is easy to use for non-experienced WordPress users but still powerful enough to fulfill its purpose.
I believe that Buntington overcomes all of your expectations!
It has a Visual Home Page Builder, Events, Courses (with powerful search included), Sliders builder, Galleries, reusable content library – Content Chunks, a bunch of handy shortcodes, widgets and a damn easy to understand theme Options.
If you or your clients long for a powerful management system which is both lightweight and user-friendly Buntington might be a great choice!

Buntington theme highlights

- Initial Release 1.0
- Aug 24, 2014 - News Shortcode bug fix

- Sep 05, 2014 - Improvements + Bug fix for title links (hovers now use selected link color)

- Oct 06, 2014 - Improvements

        NEW FEATURE: Expired Events don't get listed (but still archived!)

        - Child theme now inherits "style.css" properly
        - Courses link color now matches the hover color selected in theme Options

- Oct 21, 2014 - Theme Update!

        - Default categories of Events, Courses and Galleries can now be renamed
        - Event, Course and Gallery categories properly display posts assigned to it
        - Events Widget and Events Shortcode don't list expired events any more
        - Old Breadcrumbs system is replaced with more reliable one (Breadcrumbs Trail 
          by Justin Tadlock)
        - Search results now include post type tag

- Oct 27, 2014 - Minor Update!

        - Post save error fix

- Oct 30, 2014 - Improvements

        - Fancybox replaced with Swipebox - image lightbox-like viewer
        - Child template added to theme's package
        - Text editor now displays inserted video links properly        

- Nov 21, 2014 - Improvements

        - Completely new and accurate language file
        - Content Chunks custom post type should now be properly formatted

- Dec 06, 2014 - Minor Updates

        - Important fix for Google Analytics
        - Fix for password protected Posts or Pages

- Jan 14, 2015 - Version 1.1

        - Contact page/form is now spam free
        - 5 new transitions added to slider
        - new translation file

- Jan 30, 2015 - Minor Updates

        - fixing 2 untranslatable strings
        - Theme Manuals updated
        - new translation file

        Files affected: "Buntington/contact.php",  

- Apr 29, 2015 - Version 1.2

        - Users can now add Events to Google Calendar
        - Functional navigation is merged with primary for mobile devices
        - improved theme Widgets and Shortcodes
        - contact page now sends properly formatted message
        - WordPress 4.2 ready (XSS vulnerabilities safe)
        - minor change to translation file (Events to Google Calendar)

        Files affected: "Buntington/contact.php",  

- Jun 17, 2015 - Super Button fix

        - Super Button should now peoperly open links in new tab

        Files affected: "Buntington/inc/shortcodes_engine.php" 

- Feb 17, 2016 - Deprecated functions fix

        - Update to theme widgets due to depricated functions in PHP

        Files affected: "Buntington/inc/theme_widgets.php" 

- Apr 29, 2016 - Minor updates

        - Comments form elements are now properly aligned
        - Custom functions can now be safely overwritten in child theme
        - Fixed Quick Contact widget - mailto
        - no more PHP 5.5+ error with single gallery template

        Files affected: "Buntington/inc/custom_functions.php", 

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