Buntington - Education WP Theme

Buntingtonschool – university – education WP theme. Ultimate and plugin-less solution for any type of school, education or a non-profit organization. It was built with Bootstrap (3.1) and Vafpress framework which guarantees great user and further development/customization experience.

The greatest challenge was to build a theme that is easy to use for non-experienced WordPress users but still powerful enough to fulfill its purpose.
I believe that Buntington overcomes all of your expectations!
It has a Visual Home Page Builder, Events, Courses (with powerful search included), Sliders builder, Galleries, reusable content library – Content Chunks, a bunch of handy shortcodes, widgets and a damn easy to understand theme Options.
If you or your clients long for a powerful management system which is both lightweight and user-friendly Buntington might be a great choice!
Lifetime and charges free support is guaranteed!

Buntington theme highlights

- Initial Release 1.0
- Aug 24, 2014 - News Shortcode bug fix
        Files affected: "Buntington/inc/shortcodes_engine.php" 

- Sep 05, 2014 - Improvements + Bug fix for title links (hovers now use selected link color)
        Files affected: "Buntington/archive-gallery.php", 

- Oct 06, 2014 - Improvements

        NEW FEATURE: Expired Events don't get listed (but still archived!)
        BEWARE! All of existing Event posts need to be re-saved for the 
        new feature to take effect!

        - Child theme now inherits "style.css" properly
        - Courses link color now matches the hover color selected in theme Options

        Files affected: "Buntington/inc/custom-functions.php", 

- Oct 21, 2014 - Theme Update!

        - Default categories of Events, Courses and Galleries can now be renamed
        - Event, Course and Gallery categories properly display posts assigned to it
        - Events Widget and Events Shortcode don't list expired events any more
        - Old Breadcrumbs system is replaced with more reliable one (Breadcrumbs Trail 
          by Justin Tadlock)
        - Search results now include post type tag

        Files affected: "Buntington/inc/breadcrumbs.php", 


- Oct 27, 2014 - Minor Update!

        - Post save error fix

        File affected: "Buntington/inc/ct_and_cpt.php" 

- Oct 30, 2014 - Improvements

        - Fancybox replaced with Swipebox - image lightbox-like viewer
        - Child template added to theme's package
        - Text editor now displays inserted video links properly

        Files affected: "Buntington/inc/custom_functions.php",  



        New files/folders: "Buntington/js/swipebox" 

        HOW TO UPDATE?
        1. Use FTP client to transfer all the files affected by update to your theme's 
           "inc", "js" and root folder!

        2. Use FTP client to transfer entire "swipebox" folder and its content to
            theme's "Buntington/js/" folder

        Alternatively, you can deactivate "Buntington" theme and then delete it.
        Content, settings and options will not be lost if you do so!
        Install new theme version regulary!