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Brilliant theme! I love those drop down menus :-)

Nice stuff!

Thanks all :)

Great Theme!

Good work! I like it :)

are you kidding me ? 50 bucks for something like this, WOW , way overpriced, have you ever looked for example at http://www.yootheme.com/ – for almost $50 you can get all their themes ….

Agree with pehap :)

kidding me ..lol…please guys, read the terms of Yootheme. The membership costs more then $ 50 and you can use just ONE template…

dirtfish Purchased

hey this works great, just purchased and had it up and running in 30min. easy to follow instructions thanks.

nice work, but there is a bug, try to increase text size couple times and menu goes to center and text to the bottom.

Thanks rzepak – ive submitted an update. It should be available for download when it gets approved.

does this include the back end?

This is a joomla template + PSD files only. You need joomla installed on your server, then install the template as per instructions included. You can get joomla from the joomla website.

been tempted to buy this. just a couple of questions before I finally buy it… Can I change the background(the grayish one)? and Can I remove the newflash and put a flash file (swf) instead?

Background can be removed via css – but there are shadows around all the blocks – so those may also have to be removed through css if it doesnt look good on your new background.

The newsflash can be replaced by any joomla module, or swf embeded in a module – but its limited in size – so your swf file must fit in the dimensions set in the css (or you can modify the dimensions of the newsflash via css as well)

think ill purchase and give joomla ago, been using other cms but hear so much about joomla. Thanx.

I LOVE this theme! Using it for my company’s website. Easy t install and very customizable. Great work guys and definitely worth the money.

What would you charge to customize this template further? Shoot me an email so we can talk.