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Anyone from Envato who can contact the seller?

rklz Purchased

Hi, really nice admin theme, I love it. One question, in collapse sidebar version, how can I keep the sidebar hidden by default and show it when pressing the left corner button? Thanks!

rklz Purchased

This question was already anwsered in previous comments, thanks. Great work


Hi rklz,

Glad you found your answer.



Awesome theme, great job! But we have problems with javascripts when you go to the dashboard with graphic result tables and map widget to . Sometimes when you load the page they appear blank or in the case of the map it appears 2 times . If you give us an email we can send you images of the problem.

That isn’t happening always, sometimes when you load the page it loads ok.


Hi visualweb_templates,

Send the images to contact@mosaicpro.biz


RickL Purchased


This is the second template I bought from you and once again, it’s great!

There’s one little problem that I’ve found and that same problem can be seen in the demo as well, for example at the Exployees-page. When you select a name on the left, nothing changes (anymore?) on the right. Is there a way to get that working again?

Thanks in advance!


When I incorporate this template body content inside asp.net form, it takes lots of time to open dashboard and graph. I my local system it is taking around 1 minutes while same html open in less than 2 seconds.

How to over come this problem.

f-gutin Purchased


Is there a planned release date to fix this issue:

The “Link” and “Image” buttons in the wysihtml5 editor do not work. I tried this on your demo site with the same results.

We have been waiting months for this fix ;)

Many thanks

I wasnt able to find anyone with a similar situation, but when I insert an iFrame I receive the following errors, which prevent the site for functioning properly.

ajaxify.init.js?v=v1.0.3-rc2&sv=v0.0.1.1:23 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ajaxify_menu_selectors’ of undefined

core.init.js?v=v1.0.3-rc2:166 Uncaught ReferenceError: primaryColor is not defined

Is it possible to make the sidebar not scrollable?

no support, not even a reply :(


I found a serious bug in the theme sidebar (the latter that appears is the “error”, but actually the last html item is the “submenus”).

Could solve this please? :crying: I had to stop the development and am trying to solve alone, but I await your response.


div #sidebar-collapse-wrapper:
remove the CSS “top: 49px”

ul #menu:
change “top: 108px” for “top: 157px”

By me, Studio Noctus

div #brandWrapper: add CSS “margin-top:49px”

pjba Purchased

For some reason after I delete a resource the components/core/js/animations.init.js?v=v1.0.2 script takes over and tries to reload the deleted resources show page causing an error.

For example – I’ll be on /resource/:id – and hit my delete action which fires my delete method in my controller which redirects to a certain page based on some session data (lets say /anotherresource/all). While watching my logs the proper pages loads, but then for some reason animations.init.js takes over and re-redirects the page to the deleted resources page /resource/:id which no longer exists.

I’ve done some experimenting with the JS script and found it to be this: setTimeout(function () { if (b.attr("href") == "#") { location.reload() } else { location = b.attr("href") } }, 500)

Its the else location = b.attr(“href”) causing it – what is curious is if I up that time-out 500 var to something greater like 3000 it does NOT do the re-redirect. But with out this function the whole site breaks and won’t load each page properly.

Any ideas??

pjba Purchased

You may delete this ^ fixed, was caused by a non-related bug.

SaumilG Purchased

I just purchased the theme and downloaded. Icons are not loading in Mozilla. What should I do?

Also, do you provide a landing page design as an add-on that will work with this theme?

1. http://cdn.mosaicpro.biz/business/php/admin/product_edit.html?lang=en&v=v1.0.3-rc4 – empty?

2. Clicking on the photo in media/photo gallery and get no popup photo (http://cdn.mosaicpro.biz/business/php/assets/images/people/250/2.jpg) then if i return back (to media/photo gallery), using browser’s “Back” – scrolling doesn’t work

Thank you

Hi, I bought your template few months before. some days before i tried to upload it on the server. but i couldn’t see anything on the screen. but when i run it on the localhost i can able to see the pages and its working perfectly. is there any settings do i have to change to work with the server

Thank you