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Brilliant theme, will consider this for an upcoming microshop!

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

how easy is it to change the color?

Nice theme. I like the header.

@population2 Thanks :)

@jbright It is easy. The readme file guides you to change the colors. If you need help, just ask me :)

narcisE Purchased

wp say error and it asks for the style.css that not isn’t in the zip


Sorry, this is not a WordPress theme :)

onewake Purchased

I’m having a slight issue that I emailed you about…did you receive it? Name is Kyle.


I will take a look at your mail :)


Just bought it, Great theme! Congrats!

One thing though: trying to figure out how to slow down the slider animation… please help..

Thanks !


Thanks a lot :)

You can change the speed of the animation at the head section of the HTML :

“speed: 1500, timeout: 3000”

That does the job well for the testimonies (down right), but doesn’t change a thing for the slider.

Look: http:eskermedia.com/technodistributrice/temp/

(settings are “speed: 1000, timeout: 12000”)

I’ve tried to copy/paste the timing of the testimonies, but it didn’t work.



My mistake, I looked at the wrong setting. Sorry :)

So here’s the right one, replace this in the head section of the HTML :


with this:

$(’#slider’).nivoSlider({ animSpeed:500, pauseTime:3000, });

...and adjust the values. You can find more possible settings at the NivoSlider homepage. The link can be found in the readme file. I hope this helps :)

That helped for sure! Thanks! :-)


No problem :) Enjoy the theme!

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I recently purchased this theme – very nice.

Rounded corners isn’t working in IE. In firefox the menu at the top, slider image and buttons all have rounded corners. They are square in IE.

Is there a fix for this?