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w0o0w amazing i like… if u can convert to wordpress i will buy it =] cuz i don’t like code wordpress themes =[...

Congratz on the approval ;), good job.

looks good. nice work

Great file! bookmarked!

Thanks to all for the comments. @Santana: Need to take time out of my busy schedule for that. But would definitely keep that in mind

Nice looking theme. But I am getting a wierd like dark thing under the fading graphs/charts in IE7 . Just thought I’d let you know.


Misao Purchased

I’m proud to be the 1st who bought this nice template.

@d4web: Thanks for pointing out that issue, I’ll be looking into it. @Misao: Thanks for purchasing the template.

Finally :) great theme…

iGraphiX Purchased

I can only say congratulations for this work: clean code, simplicity but also eye-catching, friendly interface, friendly colour schema, easy to read. Respect.

@ipad: thanks for the comments @iGraphiX: Thanks for purchasing the template and those comments are really very motivating.

netrover Purchased

Hi there, great template and thank you very much for sharing your work.

I have been setting mine up but there is a transparency problem with the latest IE8 .

I’m 64bit but I think it’s a general IE8 bug that on the fading graph images the drop shadow ia a nasty black shape.

@netrover: Thanks for purchasing the template. I am working on the issue and it is probably due to some javascript conflict in the fade plugin and the transparency fix for ie6. I am trying to figure out a transparency fix which would work fine and would let you know as soon as get it worked.

Has the isue with IE8 displaying this page been resolved as yet?

Would like to purchase but need to ensure IE8 compatibilty.


@myitd: Sorry for the late reply. The IE8 issue is there, it is because IE8 doesn’t support 24bit transparent png images. Will be updating the template to a newer version soon, with a bit change in the design to fix the problem.

Please WORD PRESS it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boomsha2 Purchased

rahul i have been waiting for your reply i am not able to install this theme as it is saying the active thme is broken plz help me i have gone trough all the setting but still i am facing the same problem


The template(Business Company HTML Template) you have purchased is not a Wordpress theme, rather it is an HTML /CSS template. The template is very well placed in the Site Templates category at Themeforest, rather than the Wordpress category.

Hi RJ Do I need a software to edi this? Can I publish it to a domain on my choice once purchased? Does have CMS capability?

Sorry for all the taboo questions!


Hi Clive,

To edit the HTML /CSS/JS files, you would need some text editor. To make some design changes, you would need Photoshop. Yes, it can be published on any domain. It does not have the CMS capabilities.


It’s a beautiful theme, but this theme is broken on browsers that don’t have JavaScript enabled: http://browsershots.org/http://rjdesignz.com/Demos/Business-Company/v2/

Can you make it that the site looks good even on browsers that don’t have javascript?



Yes, some things are broken with JavaScript disabled, but we rarely have browsers with JS disabled these days because of much use of HTML5 . Also, JS is being used only on the hme page, where you can keep a single image instead of the fading set of images.

is there a wordpess version for this template?


no, not yet.

taavitc Purchased

Nice, for a week was waching the right page, found it, bought it, doesn`t work in Wordpress :)



Thanks for purchasing the template. Sorry that it didn’t work for you in WordPress but as it is just an HTML template, it won’t work with WordPress. It is placed correctly under Site Templates category on ThemeForest and also has HTML template in the title.