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Solid email templates, Jonathan. I might have to pick these up and save myself the headaches that come with designing and testing emails!


:). Thanks mike I really appreciate the support and kind comments! :)

Extra clean work. Wish you the best with sales Jonathan :)

Thanks – really appreciate the kind comments! :)

We only have one word: WOW! :-)

:) thanks man! appreciate the kind comments!

Great template to match the theme – Is this mailchimp ready?

Hi and thanks for the comment! As it’s html and css, all email service providers will accept – ‘mailchimp ready’ just means the content (dear <subscriber> etc) and subscribe links etc are swapped out for the specific tags provided by your service provider – which is basic editing you would be doing anyway to get your campaign ready to send.

Hope that helps!


Question: will non-inline styles display properly in web-based email clients like Yahoo, Gmail and Live Mail? I do see them listed in the sidebar under “Compatible Browsers”, but just want to be sure before I purchase.


Hi and thanks for the question – We have our styles inline as they should be the only thing in the body (not the head as email clients often strip styles from the head and that’s why you place in the body) are simply media queries for mobile browsers which correctly pick up the styles.

As mentioned in the item description we test thoroughly ( this framework was tested a total of 16 times to get things just right) in all the major browser based and local email clients and on other devices such as android iPhone and iPad which these are developed for – a total of 23 different email readers and all are 100%.

I’ve also been creating email templates for over 10 years now so I’m fully aware of all the ups and downs of emails and have created email campaigns and run them also for many large corporations and even some of the big email sending services.

Rest assured my stuff works and is tested :)

Hope that helps!


Jonathan: thanks much. Purchased! Spectacular work!

Hello, i bought your template and I think it’s really wonderful, but i can’t get yahoo mail to render the proper desktop version. It keeps displaying the mobile version, since it ignores the max-width value in media queries and simply render the last !important values (320px in this case). I’ve tried the solution provided here but i can’t change the query for “table table”, since it doesn’t have a class. Do you have a solution? Did you test this template with yahoo desktop mail? Thank you for the answer.

Hi and thanks for the purchase – yes it seems this is new to everyone according to that post on CM. I’ll look in to this to see what can be done and issue and update if possible – please use the contact form on my profile page or the support center for further communication on how I get along :)



Your newsletter seems really nice. In the package, are there html files ? Is it possible to use the html and integrate in any CMS ( drupal plugging and to keep the responsive design ) ?

There is a link on the item page under the product image.

But the html is for website ? I want the html for the email. Can you give em the url please ?

This is already the html email :)

This template is great!

Was wondering if you have matching templates for other social icons like youtube?

Also what would be really great is to be able to easily switch out colors on the icons in photoshop, i.e. having a separate layer for the color.

Hi and thanks for the purchase and the comment :)

The idea of them all the same color is so they match in with other elements and any color scheme. I also thought if people want different colored / new icons etc there are literally thousands of free icons out there – I did however make you a youtube one :)

Here’s a link:

Many thanks


Hi Jonathan,

It appears that Gmail’s latest update for the mobile app (on Android, at least) has totally broken this template. It appears that the “auto fit” mechanism to properly align and paginate HTML-based email has stopped working.

Any ideas on how to compensate for this via code adjustments? Gmail is perhaps the most popular mobile email client, so having the template display properly there is important!

Thanks in advance…..

Hi – no we haven’t got any other reports or seen anything on the wires about this – there’s no other way to accommodate mobile than responsive so it may be something they will fix as there is no other way to push a screen size so they will of broken everyones :)

I’ll take a look around to see what the news is on this but haven’t seen any yet – rest assured if it’s something that can be fixed it will be when we can see the issue, understand it, make sure it’s just not a fix needed by gmail themselves.


Thanks much for the quick response…very professional.

Looks like if you check/uncheck the “Revert Auto-size” option in Gmail, it will properly scale the rendered HTML to fit in the viewport as expected.

Let me know if you learn of any verified bugs! Thanks again! Great work!

Yeah I’ve been searching and cannot find anything about this bug you’ve reported – however with you saying you can check / uncheck scale – that actually sounds like the issue as basically you are saying to the email client “ignore anything the template / code tells you” – which would make sense, therefore not sure there is actually anything to fix to be honest.

I’ll keep an eye on this however to ensure if I need to update I certainly will :)


Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to post here in case you missed the update section on the item page that we updated the package today ( 4/24/14 ) to fix display issues in Yahoo! Mail which was displaying the smartphone sized email by default because of the strange way they process the html in emails and media queries. All has been tested again and no issues :)


Hey, just curious whether this template is compatible with Mailchimp or if y’all plan to incorporate it soon. Thanks!


All html emails can be used at Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor or any other sending service as they are HTML email templates.

If you mean can this be used in their drag and drop editor then no as this template is not coded for that sorry. Our new one however is – here’s a link:

Hope that helps!


Outlook 2013 is stripping all the html out of the mail upon receipt of email. Please advise. Thanks

Hi – you sent me an email – please keep support requests in one place.

As a quick update in the email response already sent to you I was saying that we have fully tested in Oulook 2013 without issues, so did ThemeForest in review. It sounds like you are attempting to SEND from an email client (outlook 2013), you can’t do that, as per your documentation HTML emails should be sent using a service – you can’t send via email clients or they will all add their own HTML or strip HTML etc.


Thanks for the quick response. Operator error. Yes, that was exactly what I was attempting to do. Thanks.

Ah excellent, well not excellent but at least you know the right way forward :)



In outlook 2007, 2010 & 2013 it doesn’t show the full width email. Instead it shows black bars down each side. Its like its showing a mobile version instead. It works fine in Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2011


That’s odd – can you possibly open ticket please at support and offer some details such as what service you are using to send the email and on what device and OS including version numbers you are having issue with please. Many thanks!



I fixed it by duplicating these 3 lines and removing the yahoofix from the second set.

body[yahoofix] .emailWrapper {width:100%!important; } body[yahoofix] .mobileCenter {width:100%!important; } body[yahoofix] .contentWrapper {width:100%!important; }

.emailWrapper {width:100%!important; } .mobileCenter {width:100%!important; } .contentWrapper {width:100%!important; }


glad you got it sorted! :)


The template looks great. But certain portions of the template do not center correctly. Do you have a solution to this issue?

Greetings! Could you let me know what you have an issue with (which part, which template, which sending service and which email client) – you can send me a reply via the form on my profile page and I will take a look for you :)


Hello, I have designed and coded websites, but honestly this is my first attempt at creating an HTML Email Newsletter. When using this newsletter for the email are you uploading directories (html, css, img, etc…) to your server and than pasting the code in the email html section that draws from your hosting server? I hope the question makes sense. I just want to make sure this is the right product for me based on my understanding.

Hi – yes you would need a server to place the html files and images. Email has inline css not style sheets. You then make your changes using a text editor or html editor and then send this by importing to an email sending service such as mail chimp or campaign monitor, not just via an email client or service, that does not work.

Many thanks!