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Hi! Awesome awesome awesome theme! Wow. Great code, great commenting, great design, just great everything!! I installed this for a client, and it looks great! I wanted to know if you could take a look at this page and maybe tell me what’s wrong with it. I did something to the wrapper (oops!) and it’s not showing up properly in the responsive view (the background image is all wacky looking). Thanks in advance, and again, GREAT job on the theme!! [Link removed by Envato staff]

Hi and many thanks for your really enthusiastic comment! It’s awesome you are enjoying the template so much. It just appears that the image you created as a background is 1444px wide for the how_contentwrapper. The theme is 980px wide and hence you just need to reduce the width of that image to 980px – the max width.

If you need further assistance please check out the support center (link on preview page or my profile page) and we can assist further there.

Many thanks


Thank you. I was aware of that. I’ll send you a private message via your support forum. Thanks!

Just wondering if the template may be available in different colour schemes?

We currently only have the 1 color scheme but its quite easy to change or you can contact me for a customization quote.

Is there Grid layout that we can see and use it????

We don’t use a grid as such we create our own and the styles page (on the live preview) will show you the columns we provide which is basically everything you need.

Love the design just browsing the source code to understand your coding style :)

Interested in buying all Essentials items….

Would be nice the HTML to have more new sections & elements(Ex: Pricing Tables, Blog/Article, Shop, Maybe a Login/Register )... that would make it more complete as for now just has the minimum necessary amount of pages & elements for a minimal simple website.

Even so…. Very Very Nice Work. Thanks for the PSD.

P.S. Will show you the outcome of using your Essentials items.

Thanks for the purchase and the kind comments! :)


i like your template, but can i use it with more than 980px?

on my desktop with 1900 pixel, the white borders are looking way too big …

also … is a landing for this template available or in planning?

Hi – the design of the theme (as stated) is for the majority of users who do not use anything near what us as designers use – therefore it is especially tailored for the vast majority of screen sizes, 980px being the most popular size – also remember no one in the real world opens there browser the full width of the screen, it’s floating which also reduces the size of the browser window.

However, I use a 2560 size screen and it looks just fine, but absolutely you can tweak the css to increase the wrappers – wouldn’t take much basic work to accomplish.

No landing page is in the works sorry.


First great job on this template i really love it.

I see that the pagination is not connected and working(staff page and case studies). is there any library you recomend to be able to add this feature?


Since this is HTML the pagination is up to you to “plugin” we didn’t see it necessary for the HTML version.


Hi all, Web site design is a script about the growth of the photos is not used?

ex. fancybox lightbox ??

Hi – your comment doesn’t make sense sorry?

Jonathan, You have done it I Like this so much I am going to make it my site not my clients site Business Essentials. :). Will let you know when I have finished the site Peace out .

;). Yes, we love to see the site when it’s done! Thanks man!

Hi just purchased the template. I’m wondering is the artwork included within the template (such as the smarter data and legendary services buttons, the ipad and iphone illustrations and the home page illustrations ie, the world etc) is this included with the purchase, can I use/alter them? Thanks

Hi and many thanks for the purchase – you have everything in your download package – we supply everything we can in your layered PSD files of which there are quite a few :)

From the item description:

17 Layered PSD Files for pages, elements, sliders etc

Many thanks


Anyone been to get the video from the css working ? I am also trying to figure out how he has coded teh lightbox, trying to pop a video and it doesn’t work.


Hi and thanks for the purchase – not sure I understand your questions tbh, you can’t get video from css? Lightbox is a JQuery plugin – take a look in your JS folder or the examples we have in your files to see the rel tag – It’s probably best you ask at our support center any questions you have as this is purely a comment section and not a forum ;)

I’m pretty sure we can help you out there – here’s a link:


Hi There.

Great theme!

I’m having a bit of trouble with the contact form though, it functions properly, but does not show the “success message” but rather navigates to and shows a white page.

Any ideas?


It sounds very much like either your host doesn’t have mail() function setup correctly (if you also don’t receive the emails) or that you are missing uploading some files or made some edits and broke the ajax function – it should not redirect anywhere (see the live preview and test if you wish) – it should ‘roll up’ the form and give a message.

Only other thing I can recommend is contacting your host and show them your page and script to make sure they have your server setup correctly – no issues reported by anyone about this so I have to presume it’s rather specific.

Also if you require support please open a ticket at the support center as this is purely an item comment area only:

Many thanks


Ah! Thank you! Per your suggestion I rechecked the code, and indeed miss uploading some files.

Excellent theme, I’m very happy!


Awesome! So happy you got it fixed and that you are enjoying the product :)