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Hi, good job with the theme, I love it. One question:

I see that, with AJAX disabled, the background is shifted at every page. To be honest I don’t like this effect and I’d rather keep the background still. How can I do that? I tried do mess with the CSS files but couldn’t find the right one to edit. Thanks.

Hi, please use the “Excerpt” field for gallery items.


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Hi, the excerpt will work well for gallery items in the gallery page, but not quite well for the text of gallery items in the carousel. Do you have indications on how to control the text that is shown in the carousel? Ellipses and line breaks seem to be added quite randomly, and I’d like control over those. Thanks for your help.

Hi, you can use excerptlength attribute with the dm3_posts_carousel shortcode. Example:

[dm3_posts_carousel posttype="gallery" category="" amount="4" excerptlength="800" /]

Hi Guys, I am about to purchase this time, just want to make sure that it is supporting multi language options? I’d need it for a two language site….

Multi language site with WordPress can be created with the use of one of the available multi language plugins. Some of the elements of such plugins will need to be separately styled (e.g. language switcher).

Hi, I installed the theme on a client site a few months ago. Everything was doing fine. Now, the tabs won’t work and I can’t see the “shortcodes” button in the editor. I updated the theme, but it still won’t work. Any idea on what’s happened and what I can do to fix it? Thanks for your help.

Hi! Thanks for using this theme. Did you update both, the theme and its custom plugins? What version of WordPress are you running? Did you follow these instructions: ?


Great theme! Lots of questions though. Sorry!

1. What maps plug-in are you using on the contact page of your example site?

2. How do you turn on the “testimonials” box on the home page?

3. How do you turn on the “clients” logos on the home page?

4. On the home alternative page, are the little rocket ships, arrows, etc just icons you inserted and split the text into 4 columns or a table? I’m hoping to make those into links where you can click and go to another page.

5. Can you turn the search function off in the menu bar?

6. Is there a way to change the width of the side bar? I have contact info in it and it’s cutting off the address in a weird place.

Thanks so much!!

Hi, thanks. :)

1. It uses a shortcode (Shortcodes menu item in the text editor of the page in admin).

2. You can use a testimonials shortcode.

3. It’s a shortcode; Carousel -> Clients carousel

4. The columns and the icons are shortcodes (Columns, Icons)

5. In order to just hide the search button from the header, you can add the following css rule to the style.css in the child theme:

#search-trigger {display: none;}

Search is the default function of wordpress and in order to disable it completely you will need to either use a plugin or add a custom code to the functions.php in the child theme.

6. It can be changed through the child theme’s styles.css. Please have a look in the theme documentation section “Hot to modify theme code (child theme)?”. These are the css rules you can experiment with in the child theme (please adjust the styles up to your needs and make sure you test the changes):

/*Affects sidebar in globally*/
.sidebar-inner {padding-left: 0;}
.sidebar .widget {padding-left: 10px;padding-right: 10px;}
/*Affects only the contacts widget*/
.dm3-widgets-contacts {margin-left: -10px;margin-right: -10px;}

Please have a look at the section “How to setup homepage” in the theme documentation; there is an example of how to use the shortcodes on the homepage.

Hi, I really like this theme but my clients INSIST on NON-RESPONSIVE. Does this template have this version too?



Hi Lee, it’s responsive, and it won’t be trivial to remove responsiveness (you need to know HTML/CSS quite well to remove responsiveness). Moreover, removing responsiveness may introduce some issues when implementing updates.

I have had this theme running for over a year now, and yesterday had some issues that had me looking closely at the pages. The h1 and h2 tags (and possibly others) have lost their font size and I can’t find anywhere that would have caused that. I’ve removed all the css statements from my child-theme except stylizing for the slider captions. I tried “forcing” the h1 and h2 sizes using !important, but then it screwed up the headers for the posts carousel at the bottom of the home page.

Site is I hope you can help.

I hope you can help – this didn’t used to look like this.

Hi, please check if you modified the styles queue in your child theme. Because at the moment the style.css is getting output before reset.css, which causes this problem. Please make sure that the styles are enqueued as in the parent theme (wp_enqueue_scripts action). The enqueue order should be the same.


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I’m experiencing troubles/bugs on my client’s webpage ( Currently the theme version is 1 and Wordpress 4.1. I’m guessing the lack of theme update and the newer wordpress version is the obvious reason why my site doesnt work properly. Typical bugs I get is: - No shortcut icon in the editor - I’m not able to insert media in pages (and therefore I can’t make fronpage slider) - Post carousel doesn’t display my posts.

Is it safe to update the theme from 1. til 1.5? Or will it invole a lot of new bugs? A side from what you have published regarding HOW to update the theme, are there any other troubleshooting I should know?

Hope you can help me get this page to function normally as soon as possible

Hi, yes it’s recommended that you update the theme to the latest version, as each update usually fixes bugs, adds improvements and helps to keep the theme compliant with the latest version of WordPress.


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Thanks. I updated. And the site works as it should again.

That’s great :)


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How can I edit the”Learn more” text in the flexslider-caption section?

Learn More »


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Thanks for answering. I think I’ll try out option 2. But I’m not sure I catch where I should place my translated text in this code. I want to say “Les mer” in stead of “Learn more” and “Read more”. How should this code be written for this to work?

Hi, it should be:

function dm3_bi_child_gettext( $translated_text, $text, $domain ) {
    if ( 'dm3_fwk' == $domain && 'Learn More & raquo;' == $text ) {
        return 'Les mer';
    return $translated_text;
add_filter( 'gettext', 'dm3_bi_child_gettext', 20, 3 );

Please remove the space from & raquo; part, as themeforest’s comment system turns it into the arrow symbol automatically.

awesome theme, works amazing for my website

However, I want to remove the grey border that happens to be around my sliders at the bottom of the page and if i go on the about me page the grey border is around my images, is there a way i can remove this?

Hi, thanks, you can remove those borders by adding the following CSS to the style.css in your child theme (e.g. business-idea-child/style.css)

.flexslider-logos .slides a {
    border-color: transparent;

.sidebar .widget {
    border: 0;
    padding: 0;

.sidebar .widget:after,
.flexslider-logos .slides a:after {
    display: none;

Thank you so much, I downloaded the Simple Custom CSS plugin and this worked great!

Thanks again for your help and your work on this amazing layout