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Does the theme allow for paid listings ,like other directory themes?

Does the theme allow for paid listings ,like other directory themes?

Hello, thanks! In current condition-no, but I believe it can be developed, may be wit the aid with some ready plugin, or manually…

how do you change the tile font color in the css? also do you have more complete instructions?

Hello, I believe I covered everything in Help document, but if you feel I missed something, point me out, I shall try to explain or add explanations if they are lacking. For the CSS language, best guide is here:

This is a great theme designwise but it really needs to have some ttype of payment system for listing most directory type themes do, its a major drawback in this category,

Yes, I was thinking about it – was weighing the necessity of the presence of this option in the theme. Since it is a template it is difficult to foresee and define what future site owner will need and what will not. In the end I inclined to leave it as it is due to my assurance that theme is just a starting point and if there will be necessity for site owner to add such an option there are no limits to develop it further, extend and fill in with extra option. Thank you!

Hi, I have purchased the theme and like it. I love the simplicity which is what my client was looking for. I have a bit of a problem.

I have loaded the Child theme (per WP standards and in which I have done hundreds of times in the past) and activated it. Now it is telling me to install the plugins which are already installed and activated when I installed the main theme. When I go view the Child theme it is broken. Everything is stacked on top of each other.

Currently I have the main theme active with the suggested plugins activated. Also, I am still getting a message to download the plugins even though they are installed and active.

I have done many css changes to the main theme but would love to use the Child theme to do this.

Please advise, Thank you

Also – I have the Custom Fields set exactly as yours (with capitals etc) and the Free Text and the Free Text Title is not showing on any of the post pages. Please help. Thank you!

Hello, thanks! No need to install and activate same plugins twice, I mentioned about it in Help file. Notification will remain nonetheless (it is TGM script structure, I have no attitude to it).

Cannot tell you why everything stuck on top of each other (never experienced such the thing with my themes), but try to remove the main theme and plugins forever and reinstall child theme with plugins again, see what happens. Thanks!

I have a great question. Can I add a slider in the post? I see only one photo, but can I add more? Like 3 or 4..

Hello, yes, sure, you can add to post via Tiny MCE anything you want.


rskyok Purchased

I love this theme. However, it goes crazy when tested in Safari (I had previously tested in Chrome). If the window is not expanded all the way, much of the content doesn’t show, the background is cut off, etc. It doesn’t seem to happen in Google Chrome, Safari is the only browser giving me an issue. Is this something that can be fixed ? Thanks !


Hello, thank you. Theme is tested on Safari as well, I do not see anything like you describe in Safari. However, if you will send the screenshots of the demo where happens what you describe I shall be able to understand about which issue you are talking about. You may post links to screenshots right here, in comment box and please mark at which screen resolution(s) the screenshots were take. Thanks.


rskyok Purchased

This is what happens when I use Safari & it is not expanded all the way. I’m afraid that most people wouldn’t think to expand their browsers & think something is wrong with the site, leaving & costing me business. I have looked into it and everyone I have asked advice for on this issue says it is only something that can be resolved by the theme developer; IE., it must be made responsive for every browser. Please advise, as I have already committed to building the entire site with your theme.


Hello, in order to check the issue I need the screenshots of the demo page where you see the problem and at which screen resolution(s) the screenshots were taken. Thank you!

Is this theme responsive?

Hello, thank you! As marked in description it has fluid desktop layout–scales from 1920 to 1024px but if you mean mobile phones and retinas-no, it is also marked in description and parameters (on the right side of theme details). Thank you!

Hi is it possible to translate this theme with any of the translation plugins available or is that not a good idea? Best regards Hordur

And in spam folder–nothing…

Yes I used the form. I will mail you again to this E-mail.

Odd, why did not I get it? Anyway, resend it me, but now I go sleep finally, will wake up in the evening and reply you. Thanks!

Hi there, I’ve purchased your theme and it’s perfect what I’m hoping to achieve. I’m have one small issue with the categories not displaying properly at the bottom of the page though. I’m kind of new to this and I just can’t find where to fix this issue. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Martin

Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I wasn’t sure if I had accidentally so I re-installed the theme but had the same results. Upon closer inspection and some trial and error I’ve managed to correct the issue here. Perhaps I had inadvertantly messed something up in the css earlier and the re-installation retained the error I made. } @media screen and (max-width:1600px){ .full-categories li{ width:30%; } } @media screen and (max-width:1440px){ .full-categories li{ width:55%; } } @media screen and (max-width:1024px){ .full-categories li{ margin:0 1.3% 14px 0; width:48.5%; Much thanks for your swift reply. Martin

Thank you Martin for letting me know. If you make some mistake in modifying process, simply return to original code and then try again to modify things according your needs, just check after each editing to ensure that modifications look correctly (I used to check live every tiniest code change–how much tiresome it might be, otherwise, if firstly to make all changes and to check afterwards, it is so difficult to find where the mistake happened:) Wish you good luck!

Thankyou very much :) Lovely work on the theme by the way. Good luck to you too!

Hi, I sent an email but I see that this seems to be where you answer questions, so I will pose the question here, too: I am interested in buying your theme. I am concerned that the WordPress version you reference is not the current WordPress version. Is this theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress? (the latest version is 4.1)...

Hello, yes, it is compatible with any WP version since it is built on WP functionality solely. Thanks!

Also, is there a way to preview the “Help” document you referenced in an earlier Comment answer? I don’t really see any theme documentation (here) to review.

After purchasing, send me email, I shall supply you with xml demo content. Thanks.

I purchased the theme. Can you please supply the xml file?

Hello, thank you! Sure I can, just email me, I’ll attach xml to email.

Hi Virtuti,

I really like the look and idea of the website, but just a couple of questions:

-Is it possible to make the website header smaller? Maybe it’s just the size of my laptop screen, but it takes a lot of scrolling to do on each page (although I do like the effect).

-Will the finished website be easy to use with just a small training document? I.e., is adding articles/ listings pretty simple to learn?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Cheers Nathan

Hello Nathan, thank you for your interest!

Yes, naturally. Mine is 400px high, you may adjust this CSS property according your need (however, you need to consider that all screens are different and 400px visually is not the same thing for horizontal big screens and for vertical small ones).

Yes, naturally, all you need to know to set up the theme is covered in Help file included into pack, while to learn WP interface and tools you may from any source: from WP “Get Started” to YouTube.

Hi there. I like your design and it would fit perfect for my website idea. However, I would like to give my visitors the option to search for businesses in my town. I couldn’t find it on your preview and didn’t find it questioned here yet. Do you have this option build in your design? I would prefer not to use the google search bar. Thank you so much and appreciate your time.

Hello, thank you for your interest!

Search (an any other default widgets) are located in sliding panel (various icons are under main content) . Example of search minimarket>

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will check to see if I can find it now. Thanks.

Hey! Very cool theme virtuti!

I just wrote an email to you, would it be possible for you to send the XML file for demo import? I would like to start working on the project today as my client is waiting!


An email has been sent yesterday, haven’t you received it? Thanks again :)

I used the box on the right of this page:

Yes, you send correctly, but somehow I did not receive any message to inbox. My email: Try again please (via profile or directly to email). Thank you!

Hello, I have been using your theme now for a while, I have one issue though:

I have categories with other custom links under them. My goal was to make drop downs for all the categories. Instead, they overlap and hide underneath.

Hello, thank you!

Navigation menu comes with 1 level submenu (as shown on demo). I see you try to place your categories onto main menu as well (though I defined 3 places for categories (left side, bottom + sliding sidebar). If these 3 places are not enough for your needs you will need to work with CSS and add styles for sub-sub-levels of the navigation menu. Thank you!

Is it possible to remove the note that says “BY VIRTUTI-DESIGN WWW.VIRTUTI.INFO” that appears when you click to share on facebook?

Hello, thank you!

Are you a web developer or rather a site owner who is not familiar with basic html? If you are a web developer find the appropriate portion of html and rewrite it as you wish, if you are not familiar with html, please refer to Envato Studio, thanks!

Hi virtuti,

I would like to purchase asap theme looks great, Couple of questions. Are you going to update the theme to current wp version ? also how can I get the xml file for dummy content

Thank You,

Sean R.

Hello Sean, thank you for your interest!

My demo runs on 4.2.2. I did not notice any issue with this version. Check it please, if you notice something let me know, ok?

As for the xml, it is not included but I have it generated, so just email me after purchasing and I shall send it you by email. Thank you!

What payment plugin do you recommend to work with this? MemberPress? S2 Memberships?

Hello, I am not aware about this type of plugins.

Those are a few you can control access to posting pages. Paid Memberships Pro is another.

Real Estate portion of the listings would be great for a Google Map to be able to be added by clients.

Never mind. We just saw that it was there as a link.