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Your about to become rich LOL Beautiful template!

Beautiful and excellent Our.. :D

Good Luck nefii..

This is very nice, good job.

Best of luck with sales.

Can you set the front page to be a blog page and still keep the excellent slider thats on the front page on the demo? If so, Im sold.

wow super nice theme


@ OurWebMedia, Mabuc, external, conceptcoding

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it :-)

Very nice theme :) Do you planned to release a WP3 version soon?

Great site!

Can featured content slider be turned of on some pages, like blog?

Can other color variations be seen too ?


@weberm13 no it can’t, the slider on blogpage are different from front page, but It nice idea, I will incorporate it on admin page next update.

@ietc yes, i will. Actually I knew WP v3 is out just before I submit this theme and see WP 3 compatibility on upload option. I have to check compatibility, API change, test and adding WP 3 features like new menu management please allow some time.

@cunfek The slider can be change with one big image as you can see on contact or portfolio page. And Blog basically is a custom page so you can change it with big image.


Hi Nefii, great looking theme, very innovative, just wondering how wide is the actual post area?


Hello Athenroy, if wide here means width you can check screenshot or live preview to see how wide the post is (technically is 520px with 35px margin on each side). There are also fullwidth page with no sidebar.

sorry if i miss understanding of your question :-) Hope this theme fit for your need regards


I think the 520 px figure was the one I needed. Thanks for prompt reply. Still trying to decide! Too many nice themes in the last few days!

Hello all.. For those who purchase my theme After activating theme on wordpress go to ‘View’ admin panel two and choose color in design tab on ‘view’ admin panel two and save setting. so theme can be view correctly.

this is not a bug, the setting just not been save to your database.

I will upload View that support wordpress version 3 and its features in couple days and fix some minor bugs.

All the best.. Nefii

Hi Nefii , Love the theme:) and plan to buy it as soon as it gets update . I do currently have the wordpress store , and love to use this theme as my blog and link it to my store. Would you think it would be possible ? many thanks for your helps and time in advance, Kind Regards, Van


Hi Seabreezeh, I’m glad you like the theme. I try to Help so Correct me if I wrong, From your comment, You have a Wordpress Store site using other theme and you want to add blog page using this theme?

That means two different theme at one installation. First solution if you use regular wordpress installation, since only one theme can be activated through Wordpress admin panel, you have to create subdomain like blog.yoursite.com create separated wordpress installation and link to it from your wordpress store.

second, If you using wordpress MU as your wordpress installation (Multi Blog version that allow you to create unlimited blog from one installation like wordpress.com), all you have to do is enable the theme, create a new blog and activated theme

Third, In Wordpress v.3, Regular wordpress and wordpress MU already merge, so you can create multisite or network but you have to reinstall your wordpress and define WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE on your wordpress config.php so the network menu under tools on admin panel can appear. But this is painful because you have to back up your existing wordpress store and ground your site for a moment so I won’t recommend this :-).

My suggestion is create new subdomain llike blog.yoursite.com and create new wordpress installation and activated your theme. That means you will have two different admin panel with one specific for your wordpress store and other for blog but in one domain. You can search tutorial on web.

After you create your sub domain blog, link to your blog from you wordpress store.

Did your wordpress store theme incorporated new features menu management in wordpress 3.0 that allowing you to link to any page, post or other site from main navigation? (other theme incorporated it own menu management as main navigation as well and its ok, but this is wordpress v.3 native features).

If your wordpress store theme didn’t have any menu management that means you can link your blog using blogroll widget but not main navigation.

I just upload my Theme, its waiting to be approved and its support Wordpress 3. Basically you can use other Themes from other author too. Choose it wisely :-)

Hope this help Seabreezeh


loxy Purchased

Hi mate.

Just installed the theme, I thought that the homepage slider would populate automatically from a category but setting manually is ok too. That said I can’t get the slider to show the large image. The thumb is generated ok. Perhaps my image is too large. How do I alter this to use timthumb to resize the picture to fit the big slider image?



loxy Purchased

P.s this is the error I get on pages with sliders

jQuery(”#main-wrapper .IMG-thumbs”).last is not a function http://myurl.com/wp-content/themes/view/scripts/tools/customs-2.js Line 422


Hi Loxy,
Did tooltip button appear? When you save it on admin panel 2 it the admin panel turn to be blank or when save it and you click the tooltip button the page turn to be blank? Can you give a your url through my profile contact form..


Update: I found it to be a double value of ID and only affect to 1st target url and 11th one, I forgot to add extra 1 on the 11th so both have the same ID. :)
If you familiar with notepad++ and editing code, just add 1 to text “_works_url_1” so become “_works_url_11” on line 730.
If you can’t edit it, please contact me on my profile page so I can send you the file.

Btw Did you already re-download the file, because I found other thing that you explain to me before about service page when define manually and try to display 5 images even is not exist. And other breadcrumb bug when you adding other post to category included on portfolio or service page. All have been solve in v 1.2.2 please check your version and re-download it
Thanks Loxy


loxy Purchased

Hi, another breadcrumb issue. If you select a post in services in breadcrumb it shows Home >> Blog >> PostTitle

Should be Home > Services > PostTitle

Tried the ads widget and ads are showing in safari but not chrome, ff, or ie on blog page.

Also getting

$(“a[rel^=’lightbox’]”).prettyPhoto is not a function [Break on this error] jQuery(document).ready(function(){$(“a…,hideflash: false,modal: false});});

On single post page.

PMing you site url now.

Amazing file !!!

Hello Nefii, First of , I would like to THANK YOU for your FABULOUS service , I have never imagined anyone would spend a great deal with the potential cusomter like you have. With such a GREAT SUPPORT like it, I would not hesitate to buy anything from you because I know that I am in good hands. Secondly, thanks so much for the clear as crystal tutorial , it’s so clear and precise , so easy to follow:) You are an absolute sweetheart. Since my current wordpress is 3.0 , I am waiting to the approval and will by it. Once again THANKS so much for a GREAT service , You are the BESTEST ;) Have a great day ahead , Van

Hello First CONGRATS on beautiful theme!!!

Have followed directions still no images… Have used over 200 themes here ( yeah crazy me ) so I am familiar with cache folders etc…all permissions are correct etc…dunno what else to do to show main homepage slider and blog slider images to show…

Suggestions Anyone ?


Hi Chickscanfly’, 200 theme wow :shocked: The master is here :-)
When you say images, did it means big images or thumbnail image or both. Did the frontpage and blog page is already setup and correctly show. In admin panel there are option to disable timthumb script have you tried it. The blog slider images defined in each post populated in featured category slider. And if not defined it will find first images that link to original images. I need more detail if it not show correctly



Hi chickscanfly,
I want to help you could you reply. What images that not appear is the slider images (the big one on front page) or small one?

Kind Regards

I’m waiting for WP3 release, to build a site for a client, but this is the best theme that appeared here around since months. Seeing that nefii offer a good support, I allow myself to advice all windows users to try this free resize software http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize that allow to resize in no time entire folders of images and optimize for publishing. I’m Mac users, so I use Graphic Converter with macro set of command, but experienced that in windows environment there is nothing better and more immediate than picture resize. My 2 cents


Thanks for you comment MacItaly, I really appreciated. v 1.1 already support wp3, but I uploaded v1.2 that fix error on backward compatibility. Its waiting for approval. Kind regards

dshan50 Purchased

(Wordpress Noob) What is the easiest, safest way to update to the 1.1 theme and the newest version of wordpress (3.0)?


Hi dshan50, basically the older version of this theme won’t make any change on your wordpress database so its safe, but in version 1.1 there are serious error if you using wordpress 2.9 and below. I already upload the 1.2 version yesterday to fix the issue but it haven’t been approved yet. Today I will upload again (v 1.2.1) there is breadcrumb issue on 1.1 but i just fix it, and there are improvement over admin panel in slide image area and featured tooltip image area, now you can sorting the image by dragging it. Hope it will be approved. I will let you know if it approved.

if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask..:-) I will help you Kind Regards

Hi Nefii, This template is one of the best i have seen so far, well done, and by the looks of it the support is top notch, its great to see this type of tallent, :) Will you please let us know when version v 1.2.1 is released please because i will definatly buy!! :D


Hi darsryan, Thanks for your comment
Today I will upload it, maybe tomorrow will be approved. you can check it tomorrow to see if the theme updated.


Hi Nefii:

Awesome work. Love this theme.

Only one question before I buy.

I need to know if it’s possible to change the background color through edits to a css file or is that silver 3D effect behind the slider created with images?

What about the menu, can that be edited through css or images as well?

I have a friend/client that needs more of a chocolate or copper based color background and I’d like to try out different styles before he sees it.

Thank you so much.


Hi XHHernandez,
I’m not adding option change background color with css/jQuery color picker. The design almost created with background images including menu. There are 4 color option – monochromatic color of white to black – and choose for simplicity of design.
Thanks for your comment, Hope you find design that fit to your requirement. :)
Kind regards

Hi all, the theme update to v.1.2.1 to fix breadcrumb bug.
For those who purchased, Please re-download the theme and upload it to your site. After you upload it and if you already setup portfolio and service page, Take a note all categories that included, and click delete portfolio/service page and save the page. Then Click Create portfolio/service page and fill the require category/setting, then re-save the page. Do it to all portfolio and service page.