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Hi nefii, Thanks for the v.1.2.1, before i buy Is it possible to add a video to the blog slider? Im buying either way just want to know,


Hi Darsryan,
The slider only for pictures, video only will be display in post thumbnail if you use link from youTube or Vimeo. If you use embedded code it will appear in blog like in live preview.
Thank you.

darsryan Purchased

Great documentation it is very helpfull, 5 Stars out of 5!!

darsryan Purchased

Im having a problem with the automatic resizing of my images, they are .jpg files, i have cmod the script file to 777 like it says in the documentation, i have followed everything on the documentation, i just manually resized the images upto now, do you know if there is anything else that may be stopping this from happening?

I have one other problem with the slider at the top of the page, this maybe due to the automatic resizing of the images, but if you have a look at http://www.andyspersonaltraining.com/blog you will see what i mean, the images are way too big for the slider,

I would really appricate it if you can help me, :)

Thanks in advance, Kind Regards Darren

Update: When I see you other images that has been resized in popular post widget the image link address is:

I get this message from timthumb
“A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again.”
Can you check the file permission on cache folder again.
darsryan Purchased

Hi nefii, I just sent you an email, in response to the above message, Thanks

darsryan Purchased

Problem is solved, thanks for all the help, the support that I recieved was over and above what was required, Great Work! :)

I really, really want to buy your theme. But I run a blog site, and therefore need the blog to be the front page. Is there a way to do this and still keep the big slider that is on the front page now? I don’t mind getting my hands dirty in the code, but If it is too difficult, I’ll try to find another theme more suited to a blog.

thank you


Hi weberm13,
For the frontpage you can choose to show ordinary blog or custom homepage like in live preview.
For the slider in blog page, you can choose between big slider like on frontpage or default slider. All change can be made with no need to editing a single code. Just go to admin panel, choose and save.

weberm13 Purchased

Thats what I wanted to hear! Thanks

Hello Nefii, wonderful theme, one of the best ever seen :) and good control panels/documentation I have a strange issue with contact’ settings. 1) Firstly I tried to insert address for Google map, it worked well for two days and after map desappeared. Now I tried with coordinates, but nothing, of course settings are ok for widget, contact page and home page contact us, but in noone now it’s working, any idea? 2) Instead “Additional text” that works perfectly in widget, doesn’t works in home page Contact, I suppose that must appear below phone number, but it doesn’t, it’s my supposition wrong? 3) How to use that nice “Mail us” icon that appear in contact’s demo home page? 4) At the end, there is some possibility to add a file .mo to translate View, for multilanguage sites? Thanks in advance for assistance ;)

(WP3 – PHP 5 .2.3x )


Nefii, really many thanks for your invaluable assistance, now all works fine :) Last question: how can I lower the header logo, to make it centered with menu bar? where to modify? Again thanks in advance


Hi Holodigit,
for the header logo you can edit the css Header section, In notepad++ in line 86, The selector is #logo-img img, change bottom property to lower value (currently 20) to lower the logo image.
Hope this help


Thanks, Nefii, it’s in the correct (for me) position now. This theme have so many possibilities of customizations that I lost this section. Great assistance :)

weberm13 Purchased

is it possible to make it so the theme automatically grabs an image from a certain category to add to the main featured slider?

Also how hard would it be to add the ability to use wordpress’s built in featured image loader?

my website is http://t3kd.com

weberm13 Purchased

Also I am having problems with the author profile page when I click on the byline. you can see the screen shot of what I get here:


weberm13 Purchased

problem #2. Your theme will grab the first image available in the post. however it doesnt seem to know that it has this capability. It displays the image, but will also display the loading animation and the readmore button.

for example see here



Hi weberm13,
1.Did you mean by Main featured slider is small slider in blog/post or Big slider on front page?

If you mean the big slider, If I use a category for the slider, User should edit every post when he want to edit the slider image or description which is not intuitive. Hope you understand

If you mean the small slider, Theme only grab image from the post related to it. If theme grab from category there’s possibility of double image for different post on same category (which would cause error in JavaScript files I write), also the image could be not related to post you write even in same category (for example you write about Iphone but the image will appear as Macbook since they both included in same category ‘mac’).

2. Did you mean image uploader or something like thumbnail post meta? I check the wordpress Codex reference and API , but I can’t find built in wordpress featured image loader. Could you give me some reference? maybe its something new for me :)

3.The author page will get its information about url, bio, or full name from profile page the link is next to logout in wp-admin, did you already fill the proflie page? And I seems to forget about the author image so it doesn’t appear :( , I will make update for the theme soon. Thanks for spotting the issue.

4. For automatically grab first image, All image will be converted to .png format. If first image is png format and a part of the image is transparent. It will keep the transparency so you will see the image below it. You can manually defined image if your first image is transparent or smaller in size.

I will update theme to fix author page image, and minor css issue.

version 1.2.3 is ready to download, see the Change log on item description
Thank you

Great looking theme – I really like the box-in effect on the demo slideshow.

The theme description highlights say that a different customized slideshow may be placed on each different page—is there also the option, in the dashboard, to have NO slideshow on the inner pages, and to have it on the front page only?

Also, may the inner pages have the sidebar switched from left side to right side, via the dashboard?


Hi Bestjimmy,
The slideshow can be replace with big image as describe on item description and its controlled in metabox on each post. You can see on live preview demo on contact page or portfolio. If no image defined, slideshow will appear.
The sidebar position ( left or right ) can be switched in admin panel.
Hope this help

Update v.1.2.6 are ready, unnoticeable bug already fix.
Please update the theme to v.1.2.6.

Thank you

Hi Nefii!

I bought your theme (its really great work – cheers!). I am having a problem with the blog posts. I followed your suggestion and specified custom url naming category / postname and each blog only has one category selected as parent… But 1. I lose the page… it just goes to a 404 error page and 2. all the blog posts are attaching themselves to the end of every other page on the site? Do you think you can help? Also, for some reason the widgets and the Sub-nav boxes aren’t aligning themselves. Any idea why this would happen?

And last question – how can I change the color of Cufon?

Thanks for your help!


Hi GraceB, Could you send me your Site URL from my profile page, Also if its possible I need temporary Admin Account so I can check the problem.

Hi Nefii, thanks for your invaluable assistance, now theme’s frontend is completely translatable and all works fine. I need a further suggestion: in this site I don’t need comments so I’d like to hide “Comments are closed” and “Comments disabled” in both blog list and post pages, Where I must modify the code? Thanks in advance


Hi Holodigit, I’m glad you happy. For the post page please edit comments.php on line 33, ‘Comments are close’ string are located there,
And also if you want to translate other string like ‘You must be logged in to post a comment’ on line 43,
‘Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment.’ on line 77
and ‘submit’ on line 83.

For Blog list open home.php on line 38
since ‘comment disable’ comes from wordpress function, find and delete
comments_popup_link(‘no comment’, ‘1 comment’, ’% comments’);

Hope this help


Thanks Nefii, all works fine :) Can’t wait for your next work.

Hi, very beautifull theme, i’d like buy but i have a question before, is possible in the home page setup the slider without text similar like this one http://lightpreview.netai.net/view/portfolio/portfolio-page-scroll/ ? And is possible obtain slider in every page? thanks a lot


Hi Catolino,
The slider text on front page/homepage will not appear if you don’t put any text on description field in slider setting.
Big slider like in homepage only appear in homepage and blog page, the small slider will appear on every page and can be change with one big image like in

Hi nefii,

i just bought the theme and i’m trying to get the homepage show at least 6 post. I tried to do that modifying the admin-view.php and homepage.php trying to add the possibility to choose six post instead of three but did not managed. I was then thinking to use the portfolio page as homepage which is already showing 6 post but then i do not have the possibility to choose the big slider. Could you please help?

Thank You



Hi Pier,
Can you contact me through my profile page? I need your email address since there are files to change
you have to change the homepage.php and admin-view.php in order to show 6 post on homepage.
I won’t recommend using portfolio page because you will lose contact area and recent blogpost are like appear on default homepage.

darsryan Purchased

Hi Nefii, Just wondering if there is a way to set certain post categories to selected pages?

I havent come accross it in the admin section, this would be great as it would be easy to set certain information to selected pages?

Thanks in advance Darren


Hi Darren,
sorry for late reply, got bad cold for week.
Did you mean by set certain information to selected pages are using slider?
On each pages the small slider can be set to show certain categories, there is an option in post meta below post editor. If this leave empty the slider will use categories from admin panel.

Can we make it so that on the slider the title tag isn’t required. It doesn’t look very cool with the mouse over effect.


Hi Willpeters,
, Which title tag, did you mean big slider or small slider?
In big slider if you keep the description empty on admin panel, the mouse over title, description text and image won’t appear.

hotryan Purchased

Having a problem with the theme it seems to hang in IE. The home page is fine but when you go to other pages its hangs and shows an error. I cant see the error since IE crashes right after. here is the link so you can see fatlous.com any help would be appreciated. Is there a way to remove the slide show from the other pages? Since we dont use it we would like to remove it.


Hi hotryan,
Could you try to disable any plugin that you use and check if still hang?
The slider can be change with one big image on post meta below post editor each post/page.

Hi nefi how could i do custom order on portfolio page?


Hi jatekszalonkft,
To do custom order on portfolio page you need to edit portfolio.php (if you use default portfolio), portfolio-scroll.php (if you use scroll effect), and portfolio-scroll gallery.php (if use scroll gallery type).
open with notepad++, on line 37 there are parameter for fetch the content with double quote around.
Add additional parameter to it right after -1 and before double quote. Start adding parameter with & as beginning.
For example to order it by date:

for more information about other option please read
hope this help


thank you so much i didt it and works :)

Hello Nefi,

I have loved this theme, you do great work!

I just upgraded to WP 3 .02 and am now getting an error in IE v8 only (of course) Here’s the error, and do you anticipate a fix and how will we be notified?


Object doesn’t support this property or method www.pushplayfirststep.com Line:414

Invalid argument.

jquery.js Code:0 URI : http://www.pushplayfirststep.com/wp-includes/js/jquery.js?ver=1.4.2 Line: 104 Char: 486

Thank you very much!!

-Joni http://pushplayfirststep.com

Hi JoniHankin,
I think that because jQuery and could effect other as well, open file lightbox-script.php in folder required -> lightbox with notepad and find
change the backslach-dollar(\$) object to jQuery
See if it works..