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Reka Purchased

I Love this theme so much and the back panel is immaculate!!!! I can’t count your praises enough. Thank you so very much .

Now, if i can just get the secret to disabling thumbnails in all posts on blog without having to edit each post that would be wonderful.

And another thing, i can’t seem to get the small slider that shows in pages working and it hides the post itself (((some sort of error))) when I put a splash photo in the slider the post shows find but i can’t seem to configure the slider to work featuring various posts. Any ideas???

Reka Purchased

Ignore that last comment Nefii, i got it going thanks to your brilliant documentation .

Reka Purchased

Hey Nefii i’m having trouble with my front blog page slider and fonts…all seem to not be working the slider just says loading and the cufon fonts aren’t appearing please help


Could you send URL through my contact profile please..

Reka Purchased

Hey Nefii,

Hey i figured out what the problem was. Thanks for the response. However can you tell me how to change the background .


For background image, I’m not providing its option on admin panel since the background is part of the design and not customizable so it won’t break the 3D effect.
But if you want to change the CSS , open default.css with notepad and on top of is selector for background
body.homepage,body.homepage-blog { * style * }
and body.blogpost,body.fullwidth { * style * }
also open style.css and find selector
#wrapper{ * footer style * }

the image for default style are bg-wrapper-home.jpg, bg-wrapper-post.jpg and bg-wrapper-footer.jpg all located in images folder

I need help. I updated wordpress to the newest version to 3.0.3 and now the system of Lightbox does not work. Do you have any atulização?



Hi Codemasterdesign,
Please open lightbox-script.php on folder required -> lightbox with notepad++
And change line 10
You see dollar sign added there..


wrong reply sorry :)

Hello nefii
First, you have designed a beautiful and efficient theme. Second, I have faced some problems with the theme but first of all I have installed the theme on my local server on my laptop. I didn’t upload it to my website until now since I used Joomla but I want to shift to Wordpress. The problems are the following.

  1. The gallery page is don’t work. In the page the thumbnails are appear but the actual size of the image and the description are not appear.
  2. Only one type of the portfolio is active. When I change the type for example to scroll portfolio or scroll gallery portfolio, it always return back to default portfolio.
  3. The contact widget in the frontpage. It appears a number 3 in front of the text I have entered under the location heading.
  4. The 290 px ad is not working. The place where the image is positioned is appear but the image itself doesn’t appear at all. I tried to to copy the image to the server and I tried to upload through the media uploader but I doesn’t work.
I used the following code for the ad.
<a href="http://localhost/wordpress2/?p=282" class="”ads160”">
<img src="”http://localhost/wordpress2/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/SpecialDiscounts.jpg”" />

I have tried to solve these problems and I have read the documentation several times but i could not.

Dear neffi I have figured how to solve the second and the forth problems. I thought I should tell you.


Since I can’t see your admin, take a brief check about couple thing:
no.1 please recheck post meta name and value that you created for that gallery, its case sensitive any different makes any data won’t process correctly.
no.3 I’m not quiet sure about you problem, did character ‘3’ appear in the front with text you entered under location of heading of contact area (its appear under 3 content), or you are using contact widget (the one provided in theme) and appear on position 3 or there are number 3 appear when you type text on the widget… :confused:
Again since I can see your site, you can contact me and provide me with screenshot of gallery post meta and frontpage so I can see the problem.
and please use themeforest account that you use to buy this theme ;)

hi I have figured how to add the images in the gallery in the right way. Yes, character ‘3’ appear in the front with text I entered under location of heading of contact area. Please note, this problem only appears on the front page only. It does not appear in the contact widget in the other pages.


hi bad_virus,
Please contact me from my profile page and please provide screenshot, again I need to see the screenshot and the homepage.php files


hi nafii can I have thumbnail in category pages same as blog page thumbnail. If it not possible, can I have thumbnails in the excerpts which will be shown only in the category page? I tried a plugin called Thumbnail For Excerpts but when I navigate to the blog I have 2 thumbnail, post thumbnail and excerpt thumbnail.


Each post there are option to disable auto thumbnail you can check it so only thumbnail from plugin that would appear.
For thumbnail in category it won’t appear (as it for indexing only). You need to change the code index.php
please contact me with account that use to buy this theme.

thank you

Reka Purchased

Hey Nefii

I need to know which file i have to edit to put social buttons in the homepage.blog post loop?

Thanks in advance .


edit home.php, you can put your social button enclose with div class postMeta-home above class clear on line 65 (on notepad++), please adjust css to fit with container and layout.

Can I test this template in a demo version?


Hi iQuincy,
You can see demo in live preview.

renatol Purchased

Hi nefi i tried to put my gallery like yours but i just dont know how. Can you help me? (the galery is the “logotipos”

its like this: http://imagem-global.com/novo_site/?page_id=101

and i want like this one:


Hope you can help me thanks

Renato Lopes


To create Gallery-like Portfolio, on metabox setting click ‘Create Portfolio’ and change ‘Type of portfolio page’ to ‘scroll gallery portfolio’. Type your category ID that will be used to populate the content and post per page settings. You can found metabox below wysiwyg post editor on page that used to create portfolio.

Hey nefii I have another problem seems the templates header setup doesn’t conform to facebook’s opengraph setup which uses meta tag descriptions so i’m not able to share anything on facebook properly.

Simply put, the links are sharing as ugly urls instead of with a thumbnail and excerpt. Can you help?

Reka Purchased

oh and Nefii this is my website’s url:


if you click on anything Facebook sharing related it would share properly just an ugly like :(

Did you use facebook opengraph?
I checked the plugin requirement and the only thing that need to modify is header.php where you have to change on line 2

<html xml:lang="en" lang="en" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" />
<html xmlns:fb="http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml" xml:lang="en" lang="en" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" />

but thats only specific to IE not other browser.
I Guess you already read this info http://www.sociable.es/facebook-opengraph-wordpress-plugin-configuration/
I checked error console, apparently it there are errors from other script too (could be plugin conflicted).

Please add additional namespace xmlns:fb=”http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml” like the plugin configuration description, and please contact the plugin developer. Or deactivating conflicted plugin.

Reka Purchased

OMG Nefii you’re amazing!

It’s working fine now thanks a bunch and i’m not sure which one was creating the conflict but I deactivated most of them now I have no conflict :)


I’m very interested in this theme, but lack the knowledge to customize it. Would you be interested in building my site with this template. Please let me know what the cost would be.


Thanks for interesting on this theme, Currently I working on other project so I can’t do other full job. But if the customization not so complex, I could help you at low cost.. Before you buy, please send me message on contact form on my profile page and tell me what you need… so I know if I able to do it..
Thank you

Thanks for responding so quickly. I want to simplify the template so I only see the upper tabs and the slider window with the thumbnail images below and omit all the info below except in the case of the blog that would remain the same as you have it.

In the upper tabs I'd like to see Interiors, Availability, Design Features, Neighborhood, Benefits, Blog, and Contact Us.

Interiors would have the sub tabs Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, and Bathroom.

Availability would have the sub tabs Master Plan and Floor Plans.

Design Features would have the sub tab Design Elements.

Neighborhood would be just a gallery that just displayed in the slider window with a short synopsis, just like your homepage does.

The most important thing would be the site wouldn’t scroll, but be fixed, and all the info I described above would always be displayed in the homepage slider window.


Hi Seancentral,
Sorry for late reply, So basically you want to change frontpage so only menu, slider, and blog notification. Structuring site like you describe. Creating a page that contain slider like frontpage. And change the layout so all content on below slider remove and moved to slider main windows..So it don’t scroll down the layout, but scroll in the slider container and keep the layout so it look like tv :-) ?
Its possible to do what u describe.
But Sorry if I misunderstood your request, the last one means possibility to add widget, create portfolio, gallery, and blog layout would be gone?
Please use my profile contact form. So we can communicate with mail. It more convenient to discuss it on mail :-)
Thank you

Hi, I am having an issue with the theme on IE versions 7 and earlier when it comes to the blog page with text formatting – the blog posts are appearing twice, I’ve included an example screengrab below


Any ideas on how to sort?

It seems to work fine on IE 7 on a full-width page, but I’ve tried setting the blog page to full-width and it doesn’t do it, seems to keep it as a page with space for advertising.


Hi John ferris,

Could you send me your website url through my profile contact page.


Hey Nefii i’m having trouble with my front blog page slider. If I open the page and wait couple of minutes the fade in and out accelerate and the text doubles.

I mean the slider at the frontpage with the blogposts in.


Hi netzlichter,

Could you send your website url through my contact profile page form..?


blureach Purchased

I have uploaded multiple images, .jpeg, .png at different sizes and I am unable to get the frontpage slider to show them. It will load Image 1 of 1, and then show nothing. Only the thumbnail shows up.


blureach Purchased

Also, I am getting multiple items showing up on the front-page. Instead of 1 row of 3 columns, I am getting 3 rows of 3 columns with duplicate items. Why is that?

And in the latest version of Internet Explorer, the front page columns are not showing headers.