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How to make wide, what css to import, etc, blue but to be wide?

Very nice work man, you’ve got like everything here :)

wordpress version?

Yes there is a WordPpess version, check our portfolio. :)

Hi! In which css I can change default Site color skin? You dont have needed color predefined

would you be so kind and tell me also how to create “Contact us” page like in your live demo? Or is it just common page? And I also didn’t understand how to put layer slider to center of homepage? Did you create special sidebar?

For contact form assign your page template : Contact page, and in the BusinessBox options there is a tab “contact Options” just fill out the fields and there you have it.

Sfter creating your slider via LayerSlider plugin, you can see that it has it’s own shortcode, for example [layerslider id=”1”]. After that edit your homepage and after the editor there is a panel called “Page Sliders”, choose “custom slider shortcode” and paste your shortcode into the field. That’s all.

thanks a lot dude!

hello I wonder if I can change the name in the top site for my logo in .jpg?

Yes you can, you will just need to replace the logo image that’s in .png with your jpg image.

ok. In html version exists on the link to the blog posts and comments, as is the administration of this item, so I can post and receive comments?

It’s a HTML version there is no admin part. You can buy WP version, that has everything you need for blog to work.


I was wondering if there was a way to set a default sidebar for all pages. I see how I can set the sidebar for each page individually, but can I set it sitewide? I’m migrating from another theme, and I’d rather not have to open each page individually and assign the default sidebar.

This is a HTML Version not a WP theme. :)

Nice theme, but having trouble finding out how to simply make it widescreen and not boxed. Same question as “miomir” above.

in the style.css file go to line 106 and read the comment :)

Ah, thank you! Should have looked harder. Great work!

Is there a custom css section for embedded youtube videos?

The docs do not at all explain WHERE to update the address for the google map :/

You just need to fill the contact info, and when you fill up your adress it adds it to google maps


Could you tell, is it possible to set default language to show street names on map in Contact Us page? I need to show address on map in Russia but street names should be in English. I know that its possible according to Google API but unfortunatelly I have no neccessary skills to change this

@purbeck In contact.php search:

<script type="text/javascript">
if ( jQuery() ) {
        if ( $( '#google-map' ).length) 
                var $map = $('#google-map');
                    markers: [{
                    'address' : '<?php echo $contact_company_address; ?>',                        
                    icon: {image: '<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/marker-icon.png', iconsize: [25, 41]}}],
            zoom: 16});

replace <?php echo $contact_company_address; ?> with your real address.

For example:

$map.gMap({ markers: [{ ‘address’ : ‘Bolshoy Afanasyevskiy pereulok 3 Moscow’, icon: {image: ’<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/marker-icon.png’, iconsize: [25, 41]}}], zoom: 18});

Can I add more social icons somehow?

You can, but you will need to edit some php files. visit our support forums for further support.

You can, but you will need to edit some php files. visit our support forums for further support.

I installed the theme and plugins and it is not working. Even with XML content in. One of the plugins appears to be a paid one requiring $25.00-

Please advise.

hmm can you contact us via support forum with some extra info ?

Beautiful theme man! it wasnt what i was looking for this time, but i was truly impressed by it and figured id let you know that. Great job and keep up the great work!

Hello Is this template compatible with wpml plugin? Thank you

Yes it is… It’s included with the theme.

Dear trendyWebstar, first of all, thanks for this theme. My question is that when i set rightsidebar on a page the contents of page covers one-half (i think it is default column shortcode for pages?) width of whole page width, i want it to cover two-third, how can i do that?

Hello i am using tabs shortcode and accordion shortcode in bussinessbox theme , its not working in my page.

Hello- Can anyone help- I am working with the business box WP theme and would like to stop the portfolio items from opening when you click on them. The Trendy Webstar support site is down again and I have not heard back on a request I sent in a while ago when the site was up.

If you visit my site here: – in the middle of the homepage there are three small feature items. When you click on those images, they open up the image larger (like a portfolio) since we are not using them for an actual portfolio- I want to make the images static and NOT clickable but keep the words below clickable. OR if it’s easier, when someone clicks on the image – I can send them to a page with a link.

Any help is appreciated. thank you.

I have purchased this theme a month or two ago, why am i unable to download the updated version? It makes no sense i should pay twice. It seems like u have some bug with the jquery loading, on my theme opening index file and using console, cant recognized ”$” symbol, jquery surprising is undefined. could u re-send me the template? any support would be nice.

Hi trendyWebStar,

I have question on the contact form.

I have made below changes: 1) changed the email_to on send.php 2) changed the form action=”#” to form action=”send.php” on contact.html

But, it seems like not working at all. I did not receive my testing message (I changed the email_to to my own personal email account).

Am i missed out anything? Appreciate your help. Thanks.

did you check your spam folder, sometimes (depends of the email provider) it goes to spam folder