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Hi, I purchased the wp version of this template a few months ago but didn’t have a chance to use it at the time. Now it’s not available for download anymore…what’s going on?

We were off for couple of months on themeforest to be honest, lots of things happened last couple of months, so we had to take it off, but we’re getting it back real soon, and finally we’re back on themeforest for good too :)

Is it possible to get a simple cms to this site? No wordpress or drupal and so on…., just so I can just add/edit information and pictures, contact information, add/edit employee information and so on.

hmm, it’s possible for sure, but you’ll need some php knowledge to make it work. Currently we have HTML version and about to update WP version we had on themeforest :)

WP 3.9 compatibility?

The simplechecklist shortcode appears to have stopped displaying the images on my website. Not sure what’s changed, it was working when the site originally went live.

Hi, to be fair I have to specify that I did not buy this template in person, a client of mine bought it and gave it to me. My client is not practical and should not know about these assistance. Can I get help me instead of my client? Sorry for my english.

Thanks a lot

Excuse me, could someone answer me? Thanks

hi After changing the to my own email address in the file send.php i still do not get any email from the contact page.i tried a lot but can fixed it, also i would like to add phone no. and subject field, plz assist me with these .

send.php file not working with own email id Need to add two field: phone no. and subject

Any help on this is very appreciated as i like this contact form a lot Regards

hello admin plz do give us support regarding above matter, otherwise its worthless of buying templates like this where things not working and no support. also we dont download template for personal use obviously for client and if there is error we have to ask you.plz correct me asap if i am wrong

Hi I have bought and own the wp theme but can’t locate the original files where can I download the support documentation please.

Hi, how hard will it be to integrate this template into joomla? or wordpress?

Or is it available in Wordpress???

Any support for this theme?

I would like to ask that my jquery slider in not working when i have uploaded the files. Every thing else is working fine. Slider is only working in offline mode its not working after uploading the files to c-panel… please help me out regarding this issue….

like the other purchaser “dipkesh” I’m having trouble making the email work. Can somebody help me with this.


I just bought the HTML version of this template and wanted to know if I can make changes using Dreamweaver CC. Appreciate it.


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Hi, How to put “portfolio-four-columns” in left-sidebar page (in three fourth)?

Thank you,

P.S. Excelent template, 5 star!


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IS this solution OK ( width: 720px;)?


float:left; width: 720px; margin-right: -20px; margin-bottom: -20px;


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Hello, I bought a version of this template and want it in wordpress particularly the blog page, is there any way I can get it, or converted to wordpress for the blog?


ahwul Purchased

Hello, I bought a version of this template and want it in wordpress particularly the blog page, is there any way I can get it, or converted to wordpress for the blog?

trendyWebStar - We purchased this template , customized it and now its been used…

We are not able to get the maps point to the correct lcoation.

can you let us know where to provide the location , We have updated the contact address section ,

Please help us fix this .. This is little critical for us .. Feel free to reply to us @

Any news on when the Wordpress theme will be out on Themeforest again?

Hi, I had downloaded the version of businessbox for wordpress, but I’m still in the process of completion of my site. It seems that now businessbox is only for html, but if I needed help with a problem I can ask you anyway? :( Thanks. -david

someone can answer me?

Hi, how can I change the transitions of the layerslider?

Hello. Like your theme very much, but I do have one problem I hope you can help with. In the footer you have your Flickr widget. I don’t plan to use Flickr but I do want to link up to some images in the same format. I have tried to use a list, such as:

<div class="flickr-widget"> <ul> <li><img src="images/team/bio1.jpg" alt=" " /></li> <li><img src="images/team/bio2.jpg" alt=" " /></li> <li><img src="images/team/bio3.jpg" alt=" " /></li> etc... </ul></div>

The CSS files load of course, but what I get is a vertical listing, no floating left, and the container element is no longer 60×60px as noted in the width/height dimension in the li css, instead it expands to the width of the container elment. It appears that the flickr javascript file must be providing part of the formatting needed with this since if I disable it or its css (using same code yet with different name) the css loads with same issues? Worse case scenario I’ll bypass the flickr css and rewrite the code, just would be much easier to use whats already in place. On a side note, when I disable the Flickr JS my slider stops working? I wouldn’t think that file would have any involvement with it. Thanks again.