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Never mind, I resolved this, this was my own error. There is a checkbox to remove the banner and the logo was uploaded wrong, so now I uploaded the right logo.


Excellent because I was just about to contact you over email :P Glad you got it figured out! :)

To my dearest AJ – Just found my way out of the cave. Been working on something new. Got a little obsessed :)

I cant seem to find the shortcodes for the theme and for some reason, they wont insert themselves from the editor….

Also, is there no PAGE WiDGET for the sidebar?? I see only the portfolio and blog sidebar widgets!

Please help!

Hello again, Justine. We are just wanting to do a regular website without blogging. How can I take the blogging info off of the pages? For example, The pages all have the words “You are here:...” and “Leave a Reply.” How can I remove all of that information from the web page?

Hello Justine. It’s been 10 days since you mentioned on ThemeForest that you would contact us. Just making sure I didn’t miss your response. We have several questions that we’d appreciate your expertise on. Can you please contact us?

Hi …. is the author around???? I emailed and posted questions on here… please respond with an answer to the questions.

Thank you.

This is pitiful. Not sure if much of anything can be done, but potential buyers of this theme BEWARE ! This is a scam. Does anyone have any information on how to report this Author to ThemeForest or Envato? Paid $40 for garbage. This is horrible. I will seek legal ways to get my money back.

I’m inches away from buying this theme for my company’s new website, but there seem to be a lot of things that aren’t working right in the demo. I can’t see the alternate themes for different page types and the contact us form isn’t displaying. Any chance those issues could be resolved so I can feel good about moving forward? Many thanks, Erin

there is no support for this theme as far I’m concerned, I have emailed and posted here with no response…. Future buyer, be aware of this…

Excellent work my friend!!!! Wish you many sales…!!!;)