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Nice debut, welcome to TF. I like the theme albeit a bit safe. I particularly like the secondary menu. The portfolio post page could have done with an image slider imo.

The item details says unlimited colors but I don’t see the options in the demo to play with it. I’m not seeing a list of the shortcodes so I assume them to be the standard fare?

Hi Cline123, I’m actually putting together a little demo for all the options as we speak :) The image slider is a great idea! I might take that for a future theme or add that in for this one :P

That demo would be great as I’m actually considering this for a purchase for a client and would love to show the theme in their company color. The image slider in the portfolio post would be a great idea as not many authors on TF do it, though it’s not like you’d lose sales without it but it would be a nice feature.

Nice work especially for a first theme. Are you planning a HMTL version or keeping it at WP. Good job and good luck with sales.

Thank you for the compliment Charlie! I do plan to do a html version very soon :)

Great look forward to it.
1 suggestion (maybe i am missing this already there) but maybe add 2 or 3 column portfolio options as well as 4 (the design of the portfolio is a nice feature effect.
Really great job for first theme – am following now and will wait for html (just a personal preference thing).
Good luck with it.

Very nice! get ready for a ton of sales :)

:) Thanks so much Cancars!

nice work on this.. good luck!

Thanks guys :)!!

nice work…

Just purchased the theme. Trying to use it, but I instantly get this error, just about everywhere within all admin sections.

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘BusinessCasual_settings_init’ not found or invalid function name in /Users/jason/Sites/wordpress/jackie/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 403

I don’t believe I am doing anything wrong here. All I did was activate the theme.

Thanks in advance for a response.

Note: I have other purchased themes that are functioning fine. I would prefer to use this one … hence it’s clean and structural layout.

Hey Reevesone, I just uploaded a new version that will get rid of that :) It is def not something you are doing wrong. Just look for version 1.1 as it is sitting in the queue for approval. I accidentally uploaded the wrong header within the files. My apologies for the headache!

no problem! Thanks for the quick fix and response!

:) you bet! And once again I am very sorry for the trouble.

Hi Great theme. I am interesting in buying it and I was wondering if is possible to have a look at the shortcodes and features pages, when I click on the top menu I get nothing, is this an issue or you are still putting those pages together? Thank in advance

Hi Abentivoglio, I’m actually still adding in some demo pages. They will be up soon :)

I just got the chance to do the 1.1 upgrade. I’m not sure what this is, but when I go to activate the theme now, I get this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare BusinessCasual_echo_scripts() (previously declared in /Users/jason/Sites/wordpress/jackie/wp-content/themes/BusinessCasual/admin/admin-main.php:11) in /Users/jason/Sites/wordpress/jackie/wp-content/themes/BusinessCasual/admin/admin-main.php on line 101

And then it messes up my Admin Theme Page so that I can’t switch back to another theme. If you have a better place for me to contact you regarding this, please let me know.

Thanks Again, Jason

Hey Jason, please send me an email: Justine@wpdesignerd.com and I will fix it all up for you. :)

Hi Designerd,

Your theme looks great. One question before purchasing. Does it come with .po / .pot file for translating? I need the theme to be in Dutch.

Thanks, Eric Suiker

Currently no, I do plan on adding those files in soon though.

Updates in the queue to fix issues with admin panel :) look for version 1.2. Thanks for your patience guys!

From a happy purchaser: I recommend this theme! It is working nicely and functional. One of the better themes I have purchased on ThemeForest. I truly believe with the upcoming updates and a few minor enhancements this theme will meet the majority of ones needs.

Thanks so much for the nice comment Jason :) !

Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot figure out how to get the “Pages Widget Sidebar” to display on a page. Any suggestions? Love the theme otherwise.


Hey nvotto, glad you enjoy the theme! :) The pages sidebar shows up for the portfolio details pages at the moment. I am currently adding in a few more options and one of them will be to show/hide certain sidebars and creating them for each page! So check back soon for the updates! :) If you want the pages sidebar to show up in another spot for now shoot me an email and I will show you how. It’s very easy :)

HI Any idea when the demo pages are going to be ready? I have noticed on your demo a tag about self-hosted videos, does the theme support them? Thanks again

BTW what is new in V1.3

Hi abentivoglio, I do apologize for that. I have been so busy fulfilling peoples email requests I forgot about the shortcodes for you :P Check soon!

1.3 got lots of updates to the admin panel. Cosmetic and functional. I plan to do a large update soon with lots of new features that people are suggesting. Self hosted videos are available as well as you-tube and vimeo vids on all posts/portfolio & slider items. :)!


Great theme! I was wondering though, is it possible to install the dummy content from the demo site? In which case – how?


Hi Joakim, thanks for the compliment! If you shoot me an email I can send you the xml doc and instructions on how to install the content to your site :)

Has this author disappeared?

Hello. Like the theme, but can’t figure out why the Ad Banner is slightly off when using the browser FireFox. It looks fine in Safari. Do you have a list that shows the sizes for the Ad Banner, Sliders, etc? Great theme. Only our second site using WP themes, so video tutorials would help a lot. Already sent an email to you.

Thanks!! thejcpro

I think I am going to start doing some video tutorials for this theme and new themes to come :) I’m going to email you as soon as I jump into my inbox in the next few minutes. Talk to you then!

Hello Justine. It’s been 10 days since you mentioned on ThemeForest that you would contact us. Just making sure I didn’t miss your response. We have several questions that we’d appreciate your expertise on. Can you please contact us?

I need to remove the banner and have the logo fill the entire header space- how can i do this?