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I just bought this theme and i must say that it is very nice! From all the phpbb themes í’ve seen this one is one of the best. I rated a 5 stars keep it up your designs are very good! :)

I noticed the preview the icons is kind not smooth its seems jagged out so its just screenshot or its for real that little icons is jagged out?

Do you have a forum that this is installed too that I can view? I’m curious how ‘search engine optimized’ this template is? Thanks.


Here it is, I’m using it for my own support forum


hello is this easy to translate to another language


will this be available for MyBB ?


Nope this is only designed for phpbb.

How would I go about moving the right sidebar to the bottom and making the forum area full width?



That’s a huge work as you need to modify many templates for changing that.

hi, i go to buy this theme but i have a question: this theme support spanish language?


I don’t have any idea of supporting languages or so.

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It’s not compatible with reCaptcha.

would this work with bbPress?


Nope it doesn’t works with bbpress.

These all themes are looking very nice here. i just want to buy one theme for me for my new website that is on leather fashion. If you have any theme related to fashion reply me here.

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HTML when produced, please notice the first time I purchased

Hi System32, I really like this phpBB skin and would like to know if it’s possible to put a background image, because I noticed that the background is black with some text on it.

Also about installing this, is it simply just putting it on the server in the root map and just go to Styles in the admin panel? Or is there more to it?

Thanks! X


This is not so simple you need to see how you can install the themes via phpbb admin you need to upload the skin in themes directory of your phpbb forum.


Is it possible to change the background? Does it also work with the phpBB language packs? I have a phpBB forum in dutch using the language pack. Will it stay in dutch after I installed your theme?


I have not tested with any different languages so i can’t tell about the language. Regarding the background yes you can change the background from the css.

It is a dem good theme, i have used it no words to explain just great !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great Theme, Very nicely done. However I do need to do some customizing to the header fonts, They are much to large and my text is compressed into to small an area for the site description, I also need to change the colors. Could you direct me to the proper css file?

Can I use MODs on this template that are prosilver based?

Thanks Mark


If you have any issues after purchase you can register at our support forum. http://support.aivahthemes.com