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Hello, I receive emails from themeforest advising me that updates have been made to your theme and advising me to download the latest version. Is there a way you can show your change log so we can see if it is crucial that we update our site files? Thanks again!

Hello.. Please send in a support I will help you update .. http://templines.ticksy.com

Great theme. I would like to be able to see a shortened title and the price on the homepage thumbnails though.

Hi .. Thanks!! I don’t quite understand about the shortened prices (( You can ask more in our support system? http://templines.ticksy.com/ PS: Enter any code to enter

Just mean having the price and name directly on the thumbnail on top of the photo, rather than having to click on it to see the information. Perhaps this could be added with a simple php tag?

If I can’t figure it out I’ll ask the support system :)

I understand you.. write in the system support your offer, we’ll test it , Perhaps it will be useful

Can I have my own logo and tag line with this theme and also use the theme with wordpress hosting?

Hello!! You can use your logo as well as everything you see on the demo .. For installation, you need Magenta not wordpress


smpg Purchased

Hi, great theme, but I can’t seem to get the multi language to work… any ideas?

Hello!!! Thanks.. Please creat ticket here http://templines.ticksy.com/

Can you have multiple options for items such as I would like to have different shoe size, colors, etc, Can it have unlimited options for item? I do not own the template, but I am thinking about it. Do you have it available in Wordpress with getshopped.org pluggin?

Hi .. Thank you for your interest Yes, you can specify different sizes, colors .. All magenta default settings are available in the template..

Next week we are preparing release WooCommerce version Butterfly

Can you have multiple options for items such as I would like to have different shoe size, colors, etc, Can it have unlimited options for item? I do not own the template, but I am thinking about it. Do you have it available in Wordpress with getshopped.org pluggin?

Hi.. In a week we will release version WooCommerce Butterfly

Hi, i have a little problem with your template. When i log in i can’t see the log out button, where is? Many thanks.

You have mail. Tnx.


Great looking theme. Do you have this theme available for wordpress?

Thanks!! Yes I have a wordpress version but I do not sell it here now .. If you are interested in Wordpress version you can email me prestamaster@gmail.com

I have a client who is using this theme and they are having problems after adding items to the cart and then proceeding to checkout. After clicking proceed to checkout it says Shopping Cart is Empty.

Based on my research this is caused by session issues or theme problems. Any ideas on what I could or should look at? I’m not that familiar with magento so not sure how to tell which theme version they have.

Check the default template of your website

deleting var/cache solved the problem, wasn’t theme related.



cupple questions:

- Is the theme compatible with magento 1.9 ? - Is there an online documentation to have a look on ? - How can one replace the carousel with a last generation of slider ( multiple kind of animation, multiple layer), is there any module that you propose or you know of ?


Yes Support 1.9

Hello, I would like to know if the support service is close or not ? (http://templines.ticksy.com/ we have a white page).

About responsive, it doesn’t fit perfectly on my iphone, (border, and when we click on a product the little page under “magnifying glass” appear and disappear quickly.

Can you tell me more about this ? is it because of my iphone ? Thanks

Hi. Use this http://templines.com/ Thanks


I am not a technical person. I am planning to sale my research reports and monthly ebooks [ PDF] online. I am looking for a website which can fulfill the following and much more if possible.

1: Excellent Categories, Sub categories for example: Galaxy, Earth, Region, Country, Province, City, Street. Of course it will not be that much deeper but still just to give you an idea.

2: Visitors can read the product description and also related products underneath.

3: Header layouts, Landing pages layouts

4: An excellent blog template, and multiple layouts if possible.

5: Customer Singup and account management

6: Ticket system if possible.

7: Visitors can buy one item or can subscribe to view multiple items per month.

8: Shopping cart and wishlist,

Take an example of a blog website, I want almost the same but my contents will be paid. And a subscriber can view most of the contents after the subscription. Any thing which can add more value. Like walk me throug etc…

Can you please suggest me which of your theme can fulfill these requirements at maximum?

Thank you so much for your kind response/.

Dear I am looking something like a content filled design with smaller height of the header banner. My products are my content reports. I need something where I can put my reports online and let the users read /download it upon a payment or subscription. There will be a blog where the content will be free to read but for the other catagories like entertainment, business, The categories and the contents will be paid. two types: One to pay for a particular PDF file to downlaod and read and one is to pay a monthly fee and read and download a whole category a month for example: Entertainment segment. If you want to read only one particular report, you will pay once and download the report.but if you want to subscribe the whole reports and news within this industry, you will pay the monthly subscription fee.

Please help me to find a theme in magento, wordpress or any other which can meet my requirements. I will be very thankful

I created a ticket, #469275. I will be happy if you reply soon.

can I send you a message from your profile. It will be very helpful

Support system is available for all customers http://templines.freshdesk.com/ Thanks

Can you please check my ticket #289 ButterFly Theme demo database & Quick Installation file