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Hi Shakuni, no it doesn’t automatically generates thumb you, u need to use 2 seperate images(1 for hpmepage-thumb and other for inner page/item page big image ) from admin, you can aslo add text, look preview over here of text http://buythemes.blogspot.com/2009/04/handsome-admin-skin.html

Nice Template Santosh But I desperately need a magazine style.. really like this one. Will wait to see if you’re going to post any such templates.

Great job! Good to find an INDIAN :) Cheers!

Nice work. Can the “Gold WordPress” template be coded for Drupal. I need a five page website that I can have both a blog and foum with posted photos.

Please let me know.

Thank you,


hi scottness2, i didn’t get you which template are you talking about i don’t have any template with the name ” gold wordpress “

btw i can code for drupal plz mail me from my profile page


The “gold wordpress” is the first screen shot in the “BuyThemes Blogger Gallery”. It is in the upper left hand corner.

I will e-mail you from your profile page.

kamad Purchased

I have been looking all over for your email address. Please advise?


Email me from my profile page.

Hi i’m thinking about your nice theme..

I like that rating system on bottom of item box. But i see that it from JS-Kit, which you need to pay for. Am I right or is that raiting ability available for free includet in theme?


I think it need to be free, default rating system comes with the theme.

wish you’ll include in the design the version for text blogging…i’really love this template but…i’ve a text blog!


In the place of images you can write text, there is no need of other version.

Hi Settysantu,

If i buy this template (Buy Themes – Blogger Gallery Template) for 10 dollars will you give me the url for which you have it (http://buythemes.blogspot.com/) i am whiling to pay for that url about 7 dollars more or if you propose a price i would be whiling to compromise. Please i need to have this url please contact me ASAP . BTW Nice Design You have here….


Hi, Firstly this comment area is only for theme related queries, if u have any other queries best thing is email me via my profile page.

So please don’t spam here with unusual and un-related comments.

Thanks Santosh Setty

wpskins Purchased

Hi there, The PSD that is included with the theme is not complete (does not look like the theme in the preview) it is missing many parts.

Can you send me a URL to download the complete PSD ? I am using this for a custom CMS gallery, I need the full PSD …



Hi, there is no full psd. Actually i just made background, logo, menu and other layout stuff . All other elements are directly done through coding.

I would like to get some new template for my site – Tourist Destinations

I am not very happy with the one i have now. I use Blogger and i will probably change it soon so if someone can give an advice or offer.

Regards, Jugoslav

Is this template for blogspot or for wordpress


Was build for blogger.