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Hi, I liked your theme and would like to buy it but I have a couple of questions. I would be using Magento for the first time after buying your theme. So pl;ease consider me a complete newbie. Here are my questions:

Does your theme has - 1. Shipping system according to pincodes/ zip codes to calculate the shipping charge automatically. 2. The product vanishes from the display once it’s sold out or the quantity is 0. 3. We provide multiple offers to our client – How can we achieve the following Buy 2 T-shirts and get 3rd with $30 off Buy pants and get a belt $15 off Buy a coat and get a hat with the 30% discount Add a pair of jeans to the cart and choose any belt you like just for the fixed price of 25$ Buy 2 shirts and get any tie for just $10 Category tier pricing: buy one for 100, two for 90 each! Get any 4 items from category “Accessory” for 50$ Get each 3-rd cheapest (or most expensive) item with 20% discount Get 10% off two most expensive products Buy 3 and get 1 cheapest (or most expensive) free, get 6 and get 2 cheapest (or most expensive) free All contact lens (bags, shirts, etc) for $10 Buy 2 books and get the 3rd one for free (or for 40%, 50% etc. off) Get $5 discount from each $500 spent’

4. Multiple currency support especially INR with its symbol.

Please respond asap so that I can make a purchase. Thanks.

Hello, bravuragraphics.

Thank you for the interest to our theme. But frankly speaking i think that your questions aren’t related to our theme. They are rather related to basic magento software and it defualt functionality. As far as i know – 1) Yes.

2) Yes.

3) Not sure. You should specify on official magento forum.

4) Yes.

Best regards, support team

Hello, Does the buystore work for the new magento Software Version 2.0.2?

I think we need 2-3 months.

Ok nice. U know if i can use a magento version 2.0.0 theme for magento version 2.0.2? I saw another theme here, maybe i can use that one first, the Everything Store Magento 2 theme. That one supports magento version 2.0.0 and i want to use it on 2.0.2

Ask the developers.