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Please i need another help. whenever i share any post in facebook immediately i m facing this errors. sometimes this error goes away and site opens normally. but after some times it shoes this error again. i contacted my hosting authority, they said there is no issue with server or .htaccess file. they adviced me to contact with the developer. here are the screenshots what i m facing:

Safari: https://scontent.fmaa1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/s2048x2048/13122805_10208283775439775_4686900776451128101_o.jpg

Firefox: https://scontent.fmaa1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/13086903_10208283775479776_843064689180220866_o.jpg

Chrome: https://scontent.fmaa1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtl1/t31.0-8/13123159_10208283775359773_5364238334598920930_o.jpg

here are one link which i shared just few hours now and facing this errors: http://www.rifathasan.info/2014/06/21/%E0%A6%B8%E0%A6%82%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%A7%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%A6%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%A7-%E0%A6%9C%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%B8%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%9F%E0%A6%93%E0%A7%9F%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%B0-%E0%A6%93-%E0%A6%85/


may be that, it is not related to any fb share issue.

Maybe some sort of plugin is causing it. Try to deactivate all plugins.

thanks for ur advice. but i have already tried that. no result at all. :)

Hi there, pre sale question: could I have my homepage with the latest posts look like this website: http://personalexcellence.co/. So shorter article previews with a featured image either on the left of the preview or above it with a solid button to read on?

Hi, yes of course. Also I recommend our latest GossipBlog theme http://themeforest.net/item/gossipblog-pure-simple-personal-wordpress-blog/12953860 because it’s more advanced and a lot easier to configure.

Hello Hercules,

When I post an article, the image added on my post is displayed in the excerpt. How can I display it?

Hi, hmm I do not see pictures in the excerps.


oluf_emi Purchased

Thanks for your answer. Is there way to display them? Because i’d like to.

You can go to Theme Options -> Blog -> Enable the full text content posts? set to Yes and then you’ll need to put in your posts <!--more--> tag to decide where the text should be divided and where the Continue button should be placed.

Sagid Purchased

Hi! I was wondering it’s possible to add a new page and assign posts to only that page? If so how do you do that?

Regards, Sagid

Hi, create a new page, then go to Settings-> Reading and set your page as a Static Posts page

In this theme you can switch to masonry 3 columns category layout here: Theme Options -> Enable masonry style on category archive page?


Sagid Purchased

Thank you so much this really helped!


oluf_emi Purchased

Hi Hercules,

I used the parallax for “about me page” but my image doesn’t display completely because it’s too big. I already reduce it twice, but it still the same problem. Can you tell me what’s the recommended size for the image in the parallax shortcode?

Thanks by advance

Hi, hmm if you’ll see the entire picture on height right away, you’ll not have a parallax effect. On our demo page we used 1920×1200 px picture.

Hello. Great theme. I want to create a box with dark background and light text on the homepage, below the menu. I want something like a slider, whith no margins (quite simple, with only background and text). I need to use something like the Slider Revolution or is there a way to do this using only the theme? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you. My blog is: http://entretantoblog.com.br/

Just completing, I have included in the homepage one “comment post” as you can see. If I can change the background color of boxing already be OK. If this is not possible, I install the slider revolution or similar. No problem. Thanks.

Hi, If you would like to change a quote format post bg and text color navigate to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css and paste there the following css code:

.format-quote { background: #000; }

.quote-wrap { color: #fff; }

.format-quote span { color: #999999; }

Hi. It worked perfectly. Thanks.

Hi Hercules,

I’m writing a new post an i just see that the image i use to be “à la une” (i don’t know how to translate it, just the main of the article that we have to choose in the lower right corner of wordpress) isn’t in good quality. I made a test by using an image as the main one and the same just insert in the post below the main and the quality is such different… Can you please help me to change that ?

Thank you very much !!

Hi, hmm could you send some screenshots at support@hercules-design.com ?

Hi, Thx for the nice theme, i bought it 1 year ago and it’s great! I love the look of the archive category (grid with 3 col) and I’d want to do the same for the tag archives (which comes with only one post a a time). How could I do it? Thanks a lot!

Hi, I have information that aurelie_bru has not purchased the item.

I know i don’t understand why!! This is my website… ladelicieuserie.ch

You must write to me from the account from which you made the purchase. Otherwise, I can not help you.