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torianth Purchased

Since one of the last WP updates when I click on Posts it takes me to a page that says Invalid post type. I can’t get to my posts. Any suggestion?

HI, I’m sorry you had to wait. We had a holiday. I hope you understand it.

Is the problem still present?


Thanks for your nice theme! Questions: 1) My blog is in German. How can I Change e.g. “continue reading”, “next post” in German? 2) I wanted to Change the theme’s Background in Theme/Options/General. But there the only Background appearing is the one I’ve allready installed. How can I Change this? Many thanks, BR from Zurich Benjamin

HI, I’m sorry you had to wait. We had a holiday. I hope you understand it.

Method number one:

Install http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/ plugin to edit .po .mo files. Go to Tools -> Localization -> Choose Themes tab and click Add new language. Find on the list de_DE , select it and hit create po-file button. Now from the Action column click Rescan -> scan now button and hit finished button. After that click Edit button search for instance Continue Reading… phrase and from the Action column click Edit button. Perform translation and click Save button. Now on the top click generate mo-file button. Repeat this procedure for every word or phrase.

At the end in wp-config.php make sure you have your language set: ? define (‘WPLANG’, ‘de_DE’);

Method number two:

To change every word or sentence you have to edit includes/locals.php file.

Go to Appearance -> Editor and edit locals.php file. Search phrase for instance: Category Archives and you get something like this: 'category_archives' => __('Category', HS_CURRENT_THEME), and change this on: 'category_archives' => __('Kategorie', HS_CURRENT_THEME),

And repeat this procedure for each word or sentence.

The exception are texts in the comments section. These you have to change directly in the comments.php file.

To change “reply” edit theme-function.php file in the includes/ folder. On line 226 there is a following line : <?php comment_reply_link( array_merge( $args, array( 'reply_text' => __( 'Reply <span><i class="icon-reply" /></span>', HS_CURRENT_THEME ), 'depth' => $depth, 'max_depth' => $args['max_depth'] ) ) ); ?>

If you want to set the image or pattern as a background go to Theme Options -> General -> Body styling and click UPLOAD button. In downloaded “All files & Documentation” package there is a folder named PSD-project-and-Patterns. Inside there is a folder named Patterns. Select a pattern which you like, set for size Full Size option then click Use This Image and Save.


Hope you had a nice holiday. No problem for the delay. Thanks for your input. My issues are solved now. BR from Zurich Benjamin


antanast Purchased

what’s the best way to make the sidebar a bit smaller in width?

Hi, I sent you an email with a solution.


Daza1991 Purchased

Somehow I cant create a sitemap, not even with a plugin. The plugin finds no errors by creating a sitemap but there is an error on the site: http://www.alphainside.de/sitemapindex.xml

I can’t find the reason for this..

Hi, may I ask the optimal image header size should be? Thanks.

Hi, there is no optimum size. Depends on what you want to achieve. On our demo page, we used picture with the following dimensions: 1600×1200

Hi I can’t seem to get my blog post page to go masonry style, I have gone to the theme options and “Enable masonry style on category archive page?” is set to yes, and it just doesn’t seem to do anything the blog still shows as a regular list with a sidebar, Is there a setting somewhere else or is there a bug?

Hi, create a new page . Set for this page the “Filterable Blog 2,3,4 Cols with sidebar” template. If you want to have it as a home page go to Settings -> Reading and set this page as a static front page.

Your live preview isn’t working and my Recent Post widget doesn’t show post thumbnails. I did no modification to default settings for that widget

Hi, yes we noticed and not it works :) As for the recent post widget, are you sure that you are using “hercules – Recent News” widget, Show post thumbnail option is checked and you posts have assigned featured image ?

Hi, I bought your theme last night and am having trouble with the slideshow. I followed your video but the slides are extremely large rather than the same sizing as in your preview. I went back and used the same code you had in the video, but it still is like a huge square rather than the rectangle shape in your preview. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

Hi, It is quite an old video. Try to use the following shortcode: [slideshow num="5" custom_category="" autoplay="5000" blankwindow="true" pagination="true" effect="fadeUp" custom_class=""]

theme preview not working. your domain expired.

Hi, yes we noticed and not it works :)

Hello there, I need help again, I enabled number of comments and post publication date but it won’t show up. Could you help me with this please? Thanks in advance.

Hi, when you are using some kind of cache plugin, make sure to clear the cache.


nrasa Purchased

I’ve sent you an email couple days ago @ info@hercules-design.com, I’ve send the same email again , I hope i’ll get an answer :)

HI, now for the support we are using this email: support@hercules-design.com so please send your message again.


nrasa Purchased

message sent again yesterday :)

I got it and I sent you an email with the answer.


luanneb Purchased

For the Shortcodes Exec PHP plugin, do we need to define the dropcap in the settings? Or do we only need to activate the plugin and check “execute in RSS feed?”

Hi, I just checked this plugin and it works. You just need to clear the browser cache.

Hi, Id like to add the instagram widget to replace the “slideshow” but when I add it as full width the images are blurry. I saw you provided detailed instructions to add it full width to the footer but I’d like the widget to replace the slideshow at the top. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, you don’t have a Purchased badge next to your username so I can’t help you.


nrasa Purchased

Hi, I have a question with the instagram widget, how can I resize the pictures? they are really big on the website. thanks in advance.

www.nickyrasa.com if you want to see my website and the problem itself

Yes that is because this widget was designed to use it in the sidebar area but you can go to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css and paste there the following css: .gallery_item { width: 24.9%;}

If you want to have them in 6 columns and two rows use this css: .gallery_item { width: 16.5%; }


nrasa Purchased

thanks a lot everything been solved ! such a great service from you guys !!

May I ask how to adjust the header graphic banner to not look weird and pixelized in ipad format? Thanks!

Could you send me a link to your website ? I’ll check how it looks on the iPad.

Hi, I was wondering… I am looking for a blog theme and this one looks perfect! I was wondering though, in the future I might want to add a shop/woocommerce. Is this easy to do? Thanks!

HI, if you did it before it’s not difficult :)

Hehe not yet, but I’m a UX designer so I might find my way :-) Thanks for the reply

The web is full of tutorials about it :)

Hello, You don’t have a demo for the full width post – only full width home page. Can it be done? Also, I already have a blog with posts which runs a basic preinstalled free theme. When I install your theme, would I be able to switch automatically my home page to the “full-width” and all my blog post to full width with no side bars? I am hoping it also will not corrupt any of the links/permalinks.

Also, the featured image that shows on the homepage for each blog post – Is that set automatically because it is the 1st image in that post or i can set that image individually and it does not have be the first image in the post?

Also, can I control the number of blog posts on the home page before reader need to press “Older Entries”?

anyone here?

never mind. seems like no support so I bought another theme.