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Hi, I am thinking of buying this theme, however, my is Chinese website

with chinese characters, Google Fonts does not apply.

I like to use the font “Microsoft Jhenghei” , can this be done easily as

I don’t know anything about coding.

Thank you for your time.


HI, this can be done but it requires a custom coding what is not Covered by the Standard support.

Hi, How can I change and edit the text on the bottom of my page.

“This blog is to provide you with daily outfit ideas and share my personal style. This is a super clean and elegant WordPress theme for every bloggers. Theme is perfect for sharing all sorts of media online. Photos, videos, quotes, links… etc.


HI, please go to Appearance -> Widgets and remove the text type widget from the Bottom 1 widget area.

Daza1991 Purchased


I added the Favicon in the theme options a few weeks ago, but it doesn’t show up in the browser. What is wrong? I can’t find any error..


HI, I think the problem is with the cache. If you are using some cache plugin like wp-super cache, clear the cache. Also clear Your Browser’s Cache and delete temporary Internet files.

Please send me at support@hercules-design.com a link to your website I’ll check what is going on.


On my home page, in my main menu, I have a tab that says “series”. Under my “series” tab, I have my categories.

When a category is clicked on, for example, “travel diaries”, I would like all of my posts categorized in “travel diaries” to appear.

What’s the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance.



Hi, Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus

Select the tab for your Primary Navigation menu from the tabs along the top of the main panel.

At bottom left of the main panel, you should now see a sub-panel called, “Categories”. Tick the ones you want to add to the menu and click, “Add to Menu”.


Great! Thanks so much.


This worked perfectly. Thank you!

Another question that stemmed from the previous:

When I click on a category from my menu and it pulls up the appropriate posts, at the top of the page it says the category title, which I want it to show. But underneath of the category title it says “Home / category: travel diaries”. The “home” button is fine with me. But I don’t want it to say the word category and then the category name again. Make sense?

Can I get rid of this?


Hi, I just bought “BuzzBlog” theme, but the package could not be installed because the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Can you help me, please?


Hi, This is a common issue. Probably you are trying to install the theme from All files & documentation package instead of Installable Wordpress File only. Sign in to your ThemeForest account. Go to Downloads section and next to the BuzzBlog theme there will be a green button called “Download ”. Click on it and the menu appears:

All files & documentation

Installable WordPress file only

License certificate & purchase code

Click the second link: Installable WordPress file only and try to install the theme again.

You can also unzip on your computer hard disk previously downloaded package and install the theme from the BUZZBLOG-theme.zip file.


Thank you. I have just installed it! I have another (the last) question: how I have to cut the images for the slideshow?

Ideal picture size will be 1170×427px. You can customize the slides dimensions by editing the following line: add_image_size( 'slideshow', 1170, 427, array( 'center', 'top' ) ); in the includes/theme-init.php file. You can access it via Appearance -> Editor.

When you perform these changes please install regenerate thumbnails plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ and regenerate all of your images.

Hello, I would like to reduce the number of article which appears on the home page, how can i do this? Thank you for this amazing theme !


Hi, go to Settings -> Reading and reduce the “Blog pages show at most posts” value.


Is there a way to remove the meta data from the home page, but keep the date and category on the post itself?

HI, You will have to go in and manually change it in the file. Here’s how you do it. Go to wp-content/themes/BUZZBLOG-theme/includes/post-formats/post-meta.php and wrap the entire div: <div class="meta-space"> ... </div>

with if statement like this:

<?php if(is_singular()) : ?> <div class="meta-space"> ... </div> <?php endif; ?>

Is this something that can be done if I’m not proficient in coding? Can’t seem to find how to do that.

Hello again,

Where do I embed code for a Mailchimp popup onto my site?