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xxsuzexx Purchased

Hi, On my blog page, just above where it says ‘no comments yet’ there are the words ‘some image’ — how do I remove that? Not sure where it came from! Thanks

HI, yes, please sign in to your themeforest account, download BuzzBlog theme once again, activate some default theme like twenty fifteen, delete buzzblog theme and install fixed version.


xxsuzexx Purchased

Perfect, worked great. Thanks!


Daza1991 Purchased

Hey guys, how can I make the quotes look like in the demo? http://themeforest.net/item/buzzblog-clean-personal-wordpress-blog-theme-/full_screen_preview/7424768

When I make

it looks different.

Daza1991 Purchased

Now it looks like this: http://www.alphainside.de/10-motivierende-andrew-carnegie-zitate/

Is there a way to make quotes look like the post format: quote? How can I change the font into “helvetica”?

I don’t know how you did it but paste the following html code to content editor using text mode:

<blockquote> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer posuere erat a ante.</p> <footer>- Andrew Carnegie</footer> </blockquote>

To change font family paste this code

blockquote { font-family: Baskerville,”NewBaskerville”,Times,serif; font-style: italic; color: #888; }

to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css textarea and modify it as you wish.


The page NAV always links back to first page no matter which page I click on. Even if I manually enter the page URL in the browser: e.g http://mysite.com/page/5 it will just go to http://mysite.com. I am running WP 4.4.1 and BuzzBlog 1.7.

It was working before but I don’t know exactly when this broke. Can you please recommend a fix?

Thank you!

Hello, this issue mysteriously went away. Please disregard. Thank you!

Hi, no problem. Sometimes you need to update all permalinks.

Hi, Your theme is great and I am excited to buy and use this, but before installing this theme, I have a question.

can I make a grid layout like http://hamyarwp.com/tutorials ?

Awaiting your reply.

thanks again

Hi, yes of course you can do it :)

Theme is really quality. I want to use this theme my blogs but I have 2 questions.

1 – Homepage is opening too slowly. What can I do to speed up?

2 – Can I add category description?

Thanks :)


1. in my experience always these two plugins works great:

W3 Total Cache, Better WordPress Minify

and configuration is crucial.

2. Yes and here’s a link how it looks : http://www.buzzblog.hercules-design.com/category/photography/


adiba Purchased

hi, how to put social media button (IG, Twitter, Fb) above the logo ?

HI, I’ve sent you an email.

Hi, I just bought your BuzzBlog theme. I’m currently running your John Doe theme. It was the first theme I ever messed with so it’s a pretty sloppy set-up behind the scenes. I just wanted a fresh start now so I figured I’d give your BuzzBlog theme a go!

Anyways, what is the best bet when it comes to switching over themes? I Uploaded both BuzzBlog themes (Parent & Child) as well as all of your dummy data but it transfers over my current website and I’m having a hard time sorting through everything. For instance, the About Page definitely wasn’t the same as yours.

Anyways, I’ve read through your documentation and followed the guidelines but I was wondering if you had any advice on how to make this seamless as possible.

Thanks for a great theme and support.

I just reread this and realized I wasn’t too clear. I basically want to start with your template that you have on your live theme and adjust accordingly. When I uploaded the dummy content, it still had all of my stuff. Hope this makes sense!

Hi, terribly sorry for another comment, haha. But, where can I find the option to place an image in the header. Not like a image logo, but I saw on the live demo I could place an image with a certain level of opacity behind text logo? Am I correct?

Thank you SO much for your assistance. I’m loving this theme.

Nevermind, I’m an idiot.

Hi there! I could use your help so that I don’t throw my computer out the window! :)

A couple of things. I want to use a static page for my home page and then have a posts page for my blog but I’m running into an issue.

I changed the settings inside of the Reading tab. But, Whenever I go to my URL/blog it redirects me to my static home page. Any idea why this would happen? It says my posts page is URL/blog/

I have a Read My Blog button on my static home page but it keeps redirecting me back to the same page despite adding the link URL/blog/

I hope this makes sense.


In the about page I’m using the same Parallax feature that you have on your site but the words “Hi My Name Is Buzz” arent showing up. They are there, but they are invisible. I’m guessing I need to change the color? How do I do that?

And is it possible to have a header image on my home page that differs from header images on my other pages?

Thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to your response! Hope you’re having a great day.

HI, 1. If you want to have the blog page on some other page instead of the home page, create a new page and add it to your main menu. Then go to Settings -> Reading and set this page as a static posts page.

Then your static page set as a static front page.

2. To change color go to Theme options -> Theme styles -> Custom css and paste there the following css code:

.paraphoto-overlay .heading-entrance h1 { font-size: 64px; font-weight: 400; line-height: 56px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #FFF; }

Of course modify it as you wish.

As for the header image, unfortunately You can have only one bg image configured here: Theme options -> Header styling -> Header background image / background color


bigxgh Purchased

Hi when i add the icon class to the menu items, the icons are showed on a new line above the menu instead of being next to the menu items. How do i fix this please? Thanks

Hi, I don’t know how you did it so please send me at support@hercules-design.com your login details to wp-admin panel. I’ll take a look.

Hello. How can I place the slideshow gallery in the bottom of a post. Underneath the text? Thank you.

Hi, You will have to go in and manually change it in the files. Here’s how you do it: Go to includes/theme_shortcodes/ folder and open the file named gallery.php. Full path to the file is: wp-content/themes/BUZZBLOG-theme/includes/post-formats/gallery.php In order to access and make changes in this file you have to connect with your server using FTP, some file manager or cPanel. Now the entire code:

<?php if ($hercules_gallery_type=='slideshow') { ... <?php } ?> cut and paste right above this part of code: <?php get_template_part( 'includes/post-formats/share-buttons' ); ?>


Thank you for your assistance with everything. Your support is such a blessing.

A few things:

1. On my sidebar, where the About Me section is. Is there a way to make the “About Me” text center to the picture below it?

2. How can I change the font to my side bar?

3. How do I remove the menu from a particular page. I removed the Header and Footer, but would also like to remove the menu. Looking for more of a landing page option.

4. How can I change the font of my blog posts.

5. How Can I decrease the size of my drop the size of my drop cap text? It’s just a tad too big.

6. Lastly, is there a way to have different footers on different pages? I’m looking to have a couple of different CTA’s depending on the page that I’m on.

Thank you again for everything. Have a great day.


1. If you would like to center all the widget headings use this css code:

.widget h5 {
If you would like to center only About me heading use this css code:
#text-14 h5 {text-align:center;}

of course you’ll need to find out what is ID of your about me widget, for instance using browser console (shift + ctr + F)

2. Sidebar headings : Theme Options -> General -> h5 heading

For the entire sidebar use this css code:
.sidebar {font-family:Arial;}
3. Go to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css field and paste the following css code:
header, .footer {display:none;}
IF you would like to hide it on a particular page use this css code with page ID:
#page-id-588 header, #page-id-588 .footer {display:none;}

4. Main font you can change here: Theme Options -> General -> Body Text

5. Paste to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css field this code:

.dropcap:first-letter {
        float: left;
font-size: 96px;
padding: 0px;
line-height: 1;
display: block;
text-align: center;
margin-right: 8px;
margin-top: 12px;
and modify it as you wish.

6. You can have a different widgets on different pages. Under every widget there are two options: “Hide on checked pages” and “Show on checked pages” and below check on which page you want or don’t want to see some widgets.

Hello, how can I delete the small post format icons in the upper right corner on the starting site?

Hi, you can go to Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css and paste there the following css code:

.post-formats { display:none; }

perfect, thanks!