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Wow LUV THIS!! Style and Mobile view Functionality RIGHT ON (uh… any chance WP version down the road??) Either way GRT Job ON

Thank you. WP version will come with huge features, this is one of them ;)

Nice work. I like your style.

Thank you. I will add FBar to demo soon ;)

haha :) Thanks you so much! I’ve working on WordPress version of FBar, i hope so you like it to. Good luck with sales.

Great design! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you

Registered for your support forum, but it is a half-ready product where there’s no button for posting a new post, and the thread for Buzz template is empty.

My question is: How do you actually set the countdown amount of the counter? I tried changing it in HTML when testing locally, but it shows completely different numbers in browser than in the code?

Hi Henrik,

You can change the time in js/script.js (targetDate: {...)

I fixed the support forum.

Thank you for your purchasing.

I have changed the data for the Newsletter and the Contact form, but there’s just still standing “Sending” and nothing will happen. What’s wrong? :/

Please post your question to our support forum. If you have demo link, include it too.

Am trying to change the social icon but I can’t locate it pls where can i find it?

Please post your question to our support forum. Our developers will help you locate it

I just tried to sign up for an account on the help forums but I never got the email. I too am having the problem of the button saying “Sending…” and never moving from there. I need help ASAP.

Please make sure that you’re running file in host (or localhost) that support php. If you still see “Sending…”, you can send us an email via our profile & include demo link.

Ah, silly me! Thanks

How do I integrate with Mail Chimp?

Please post your question to our support forum. Our developers will help you.

The sign ups for the forum are not working. I haven’t received my email.

Please send via our profile page, you insert wrong email in our forum.

how to integrate captcha in the contact form ?

Why is doesn’t work in IE8 & IE9?

It’s because js error. Please open js/script.js file, find “console.log(sliderHeight);” (line16) and remove it.

Towards the top there is a fine line, mine as default is red how can I change that to blue?

I solved this, no worries:)

I really like how the pop up appears when you click on notify me, follow us and contact us. Inside the notify me pop up box there is a default dummy text which we can replace with our own content (already done). I was wondering what if I add a text as a link so when you click on it ten another pop up box appears with a text inside it.

I want to add something like ” By submitting my email, I understand the privacy policy.” So user can click on privacy policy and a small useful pop up box appears with a short privacy policy note.


Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thank you

hi, does this template support years too?

No, this count to week only.

Okay. By any chance are you available for hire to modify it? Everything would be the same except it would track the following: Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds. (weeks not needed) If you are, please PM me.

I’m not sure how to PM you, please drop a message here

So countdown does not work in either Chrome, Safari or IE?

It works now, I fixed problem in version 1.1

I cannot get the notify, contact us or follow us button to work, when you click them they do nothing… nothing at all, what am I doing wrong or have I missed a trick

Please post your question here with demo link. Our developers will help you check the site.

Hi there,

Great template!

Can you tell me how to switch the counter to count in days and not weeks please?



You will need custom the countdown plugin, please post your question here, our developers will help you to do it.

this goes for wordpres plugin?


Yes, you can find it here

I’m trying to install it on my wordpress and it’s saying it’s missing the stylesheet? please help

I’m trying to install it on my wordpress and it’s saying it’s missing the stylesheet? please help

Sorry, this is not wordpress theme. It’s HTML template only. Wordpress version is available here as a plugin