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Where can I get the DIN family/font that was used in this package



great so I have to spend money on the font….

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Thanks so much. Segen do you know what I need to add to this to stop the ul nav menu from pushing down in IE8 ?

center_left_top{ width: 158px; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid #eaeaea; background-color: #f0f0f0; text-align: center; overflow: hidden;}

or its in this:

.center_left_top ul{text-align: left; align: top; padding: 25px 0px 0px 0px; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 150px;}

Thank you thank u thank u


Please send a link to your website so I can take a look. Thanks.

live preview don’t work.

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Mate, I get an error message each time I try to send the form

Ivalid e-mail. Please try again. Thank you

I’m imputing a valid email, I don’t know what’s happening.

p.s. It’s “invalid”, by the way


Hi there. You probably have some problems with your server. Please read previous comments about this. Thanks.

Nice theme which I’m going to be using but a bit of advice for any future projects, it would be appriciated if you could stick to fonts that are either available to all or free to download somewhere. Second, when I open up the html files in notepad, all the code is tightly bunched up with no spaces. I’m sure it will be okay if I opened them in dreamweaver but not all web designers use it and prefer hand coding via a text editor. Basically, I have to go through ever HTML file and structure them the way HTML is supposed to be structured.

Did you ever think about implementing lightbox on the images?


Actually, no :) It’s something that everybody can do for themselves I think :)

Looks great. Does the HTML package also include the PSD ?


Yes it does.

From where I can find the icons used in the tabs on the home page?


Web Application Icon Set Free Function Icon set Free Credit Card Icons Free

The link you provided to the updated init.js file doesn’t seem to be working.

To fix side nav “selected” arrow issue, just download and replace the init.js file. You can grab it here: http://bit.ly/XYe1S

Do you have a different link available?


Hi there atlantisnet, the link works just perfectly I downloaded the file this moment. You can’t download it?


It works. I’m so sorry. Apparently I had too many windows open on my system yesterday and missed the fact that the download window opened. This fixed the issue I was having. Thanks for the really great design! Keep up the good work.

I still love this website. It’s SO easy to work with. The only small down side was with one of the fonts I couldn’t get. BTW , I loved this so much I’ve even got the Wordpress version too.

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Wooohoo, congrats!


I am having trouble getting the contact form to work.

On the php version i put my email where it says to, on the html version i changed (action=”“) to (action=”contact.php”)

when i submit the form i get a message show up saying ‘Ivalid e-mail. Please try again. Thank you’ but it is a valid email address.

Any ideas?



You can’t use HTML page, just the .php page. Should send mail and work, never heard of this problem before. I can’t debug this because I don’t know your server setup, sorry :(


Hello, I have had the server engineers look into the scrip and server and they say the error s within the coding.

i changed the email as you said to on on the php page and I’m using the php page to submit the contact form but its still producing an error

any ideas


Hmmm, must double check then. Please can you contact me from my profile page so I can eventually send you new contact script? Thanks.

Hello mate, me again

I’m loving the design!!

I want to out a YouTube video at the top of the site (instead of featured work image)

I would like a image to wrap round the embedded video to look like a tv or monitor (if possible)

Any idea how I can do this? Tried editing your code but it wouldn’t work so reverted back

Thanks in advance Luke


Hi Luke :) To add YT video on top you’d need to remove the header content and add embedded YT video link. Remove everything what’s inside and replace with YT video. You may need to adjust CSS for that as well.

For tha image you want to wrap around the video you need to have two placeholders elements, one for that placeholder image and one for video.

If you’re not very familiar with HTML and CSS please ask some of your friends to help you out with that. I’m currently not offering customization support for this theme.

Thanks for understanding. Cheers, Marko.