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Hello, I’m having trouble with the twitter API, you have to solve this problem?

I do not understand programming, and would be grateful if you could help me. Thank you!


Just replied to your question on the support forum :)


Great template! What are the chances of this becoming a wordpress theme? Thanks!


100%, but you need to wait for about one/two months :)


Doh! I just bought this without reading the fine print. I made an assumption, that this was a wordpress theme, clearly wrong. I knew the price was too good to be true. I guess I should wait and buy the theme – any chance of me being the guinea pig to test it?

Hi TazX,

Sorry for the late reply, I’m sorry if the description isn’t clear enough, but don’t worry the WordPress version will be available at the end of this year :)


Hi, The contact form is not working… Sending of the form – mail function is not working…. it is looping . The message is sent twice, plus the message remains in the form when I select the send button. No message to let user know the form is sent.

Can you help with this??

Hi dneath,

Please open a support thread at the support forum: and write the link to your site there, I’ll help you fix it :)



I’m coming to Wordpress from Wix, where I was able to design a website using a pre-made template and the eay-to-use drag tools that Wix provides.

However, after seeing your awesome looking Parallax template, I’d love to use it for my new site. Do I need to know any CSS and/or coding to apply your theme towards a wordpress site, or is it similar to Wix in that I can drag and create my site using tools that Wordpress or your template provide?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi jl37,

Glad to help, I don’t know about Wix, but if you want to integrate the theme into WordPress, you need an extensive knowledge of PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

It won’t have any drag and drop features because it’s currently only a HTML theme. If you need the WordPress version, just wait until I release the WP version on approx. the end of this year.


Hello, I bought the BzStudio last week hoping that I could use it for Wordpress. Apparently it was not compatible with it. Now, my question is if this will ever become a wordpress theme. By when will it be done? I need this as fast as possible since this is the template that my client has chosen for her website and this is a project. According to one of your comments, you said that this template will become wordpress by the end of this year, which is this month… are you almost done with it? Will we have to re-purchase it or will it be an update?

Sorry for the big amount of questions, it’s just that I really like this template and I need it as soon as possible. Thank you and please reply.

Hi precolumbia,

Thank for for buying and liking the template :) I’m right now working on the WordPress version, you can expect it at the end of this year, hopefully before new year :)


Hi, I was wondering how to remove the ribbon tails?


It’s Ok, got it!


When will this be a WordPress theme. In a previous post you said one/two months…four months ago….any update?

Hi djtko,

I’m sorry, it might be delayed for now.

Thank you!

I am looking to find out if your theme offers any CAPTCHA box? becasue my web hosting informed me of alot of spam coming in. Any ideas?

do you offer the theme in WordPress?

Is akismet just for wordpress because I don’t see it for themes like yours?

Hi, akismet is not only for WordPress. You can also install it on any website. Check their website for more information.



I am getting a lot of automated spam emails from this template specifically. It doesn’t seem to have any spam protection like other templates I have purchased.

Here is a sample of the 20+ spam message I have received today:

“What line of work are you in? order praziquantel prescription (claim) response status code. Each prescription (claim) in the transaction will acyclovir to buy online This is the description of the Financial Reason Code. For example: Third-Party bimatoprost without prescription medications ┬ąPresent zoom angle of view phenergan buy Quebec A compound time charge based on usual and customary dispensing fee”

Do you plane to add any spam protection to this script?

Can you add a honeypot spam trap instead or in addition? Would be better than captcha I think. I would do it myself but I can’t.

I hate captchas actually and Honeypot is a great technique. I didn’t know about it, but will surely add them on all my contact forms from now on!


That’s great

Hi there, fantastic theme, but like a bunch of other, I would instantly buy this one as a Worpress Theme!

So please keep me posted when this WP-theme is available.


Jan Appel.

Hi Jan Appel,

Surely, WP version coming.

Thanks for liking the theme :)

I really need this in WP, lol. Any update on the theme for WP? I contacted you last year and you gave a end of year (2013) date.


I’m sorry but I can’t promise to release it soon :( I’ll have it for sure but I can’t promise dates as I have to redo some of my WP plugins first before implementing it in bzstudio.

Thank you!

Can I pay you to move it into WordPress sooner?

Unfortunately not ;(

Does the zip file include the original PSD file by chance? Thanks in advance! – Larry

Hello azgunfighter,

Yes, the PSD is included :)

Thank you!


metbug Purchased

Love It! Seriously though… where’s the WordPress version??? I’d LOVE TO BUY!

Thanks! WP version will be out sometime, but not shortly :(


Will it work on Wordpress?

If not wordpress then on which Builder will it work?

Please try to reply ASAP.

Thanks, Chetan Rane

Hello Chetan,

No, this is a HTML template. It will not work with any CMS, you have to edit the site yourself manually via the code.

Thank you :)

So is this available for word press yet?


I’m planning to do it soon :)


Great theme! Now I realize it’s not a WordPress theme… do you offer a WordPress version for a little extra donation?

Oh sorry same question as everybody… onlysaw your comment 2 years ago, planning a WordPress version soon.

Hi fantasmo81,

Sorry, WordPress version is still not available ;( I had planned it, but didn’t have the time to develop it.

As for your question with the icons – as long as you use the icons with the template then it’s ok. But do not use it on other projects of you.

Thank you!

Ok, thank you for your reply. Yes will only use the icons with the template. I hope you find the time for the WordPress version, that will surely be a big hit :-)

Sure, hope to release it this year :)

Is it allowed to use the icons that come with the template on a company page (or are they only for private non-commercial work?).

Hello, you can answer my question in the forum…I just didn’t create another account for this little question:

I think I deleted a code snippet. When I click the link to “work1.html” it just links to the page it doesn’t work as an overlay / “lightbox-thing”. Or could it be possible it depends on the php version of my web provider (which may be old)?!